March 2020 in Russia: calendar, holidays, weekends

March is the first spring month. His coming means that it is not very long now to wait for the real warmth and awakening of nature. But this month, only residents of the southern regions can see the warmth, the rest will have to wait longer, and in the meantime, you can go to warmer climes or fill your life with festive events. To find out how best to plan this time, the most prudent people are already interested in the calendar for March 2020. This will allow you to find out for which periods the holidays will fall and how the inhabitants of Russia will work and rest.

The periods of work and rest occur in accordance with the production calendar, which at the end of 2019 can theoretically be amended and modified, but, as a rule, this does not happen.

Work days

The current calendar of Russia has become a single standard in terms of organizing work time accounting for all regions, therefore, the schedule for March 2020 will be drawn up on its basis, including periods of rest and work.

In terms of working days, March will be the average month, since the number of working days in it will be 21. This point is important for those who plan to take a full vacation or a part of it during this period. Four working weeks will be full, and another two days will capture the beginning of the fifth week, after which April will come.

In total there will be 31 days in March, and the end of this month traditionally becomes a busy time in many organizations, since this month is a period of quarterly reporting not only in state but also in many other types of institutions.

In the production calendar there are three main types of working week, depending on the number of working hours (slave / hour). Depending on the length of the working week, the amount of time worked in March 2020 per worker will look like this:

40 hour week168 slave / hour
36 hour week151.2 slave / hour
24 hour week100.8 slave / hour

Based on these data will calculate and accrue vacation or sick leave in the event of the provision of the relevant newsletter for March.


In March 2020, the official public holiday, as always this month, will be March 8th. If initially this day marked a struggle for the rights and equal opportunities of women, now it has transformed into a holiday when everyone congratulates friends of the fair sex, mothers, wives, etc.

In 2020, this holiday falls on a day off - Sunday. Traditionally, work teams congratulate colleagues on the eve of this date, so most teams will hold congratulations on March 6 - on Friday before the weekend.

Under current law, a weekend that coincides with a public holiday is postponed the next day, so after March 8, March 9 (Monday), it will also become a weekend.

For people working in shifts, according to Russian legislation, payment for hours worked, which is an official day off, is made at other rates reduced to a correction factor, therefore, wages for the month will slightly change upwards.


Even those who love their job very much look forward to the weekend. In March 2020 it will be possible to rest for 10 days, among which there will be both a standard weekend and a long three-day after a public holiday. It is precisely to this period that many Russians are trying to partially or fully add their vacation in order to relax even more. Over the long weekend, the largest number of trips to other cities and tourist trips to other countries are always observed.

Thus, the weekend will be the following dates in March 2020:

  • 1st number (Sunday);
  • three days off - 7, 8 and 9 numbers (Saturday, Sunday and Monday);
  • 14 and 15 number (Saturday and Sunday);
  • 21 and 22 number (Saturday and Sunday)
  • 28 and 29 number (Saturday and Sunday).

The second week of March will be shortened for those who work on a standard five-day schedule. It will include only four days, after which again the standard rest period will begin.

Unofficial holidays

In addition to the official holiday, which is celebrated throughout Russia, in March there will be many more reasons to congratulate colleagues, relatives or acquaintances. Such occasions include professional holidays.

In March, you can congratulate representatives of such fields and professions:

  • 1.03. - forensic experts and hosting providers;
  • 2.03. - theater cashiers;
  • 3.03. - writers of various genres and directions;
  • 6.03. - Dentists and dentists;
  • 8.03. - cartographers and surveyors;
  • 9.03. - DJs;
  • 10.03. - archives workers;
  • 03.03. - employees of drug control authorities and security guards;
  • 03/12. - representatives of the Ministry of Justice;
  • 03/15. - specialists in household services and workers of housing and communal services;
  • 03/19. - submariners;
  • March 20 - astrologers;
  • 03/21 - doll making masters

  • 03/22. - taxi drivers;
  • 03/23. - meteorologists;
  • 03/24. - navigators of the Air Force;
  • 03.03. - workers of culture and education;
  • 03/27. - theater workers.

Based on all this information, one can understand how the Russians will work and rest in March 2020.

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