AIP of the city of Moscow for 2018-2020

The targeted investment program began in December 2011. Then they decided to distribute the money in advance for the facilities that the city needed. Now AIP 2018 - 2020 is in effect, which will spend about one and a half trillion rubles.

Why planning is needed

AIP is essentially a targeted distribution of funds. Pre-determine the objects that will allocate money from the budget of Moscow, the amount of investment. She works independently or becomes part of more global projects. For example, there is a government project, Safe City. He must make the life of the townspeople calm, protect them from offenders, save them during technological disasters. As part of the project, an information network is being developed that integrates data from the police, doctors, and firefighters. Allows them to respond instantly to calls. AIP of the city of Moscow for 2018 - 2020, which will be used to build fire stations, administrative buildings, became part of the SE "Safe City".

The program helps to place orders for goods or services that the city needs. It becomes the basis for signing agreements with legal entities, allocation of money from the city budget. You can get acquainted with the results of past AIPs, see the new one, on the official portal

We offer to download the full program in pdf format and get acquainted with it:

How much and what they spend

Money AIP Moscow 2018 - 2020 are distributed in approximately equal parts:

  • almost 523 billion rubles were allocated for 2018;
  • for 2019 - 480 billion;
  • for 2020 - 511 billion rubles.

About 70% of the sums the Moscow leadership plans to spend on improving the situation with transport, solving the problem of parking and traffic jams. The rest will go to housing, schools and hospitals, museums and theaters, stadiums and entertainment centers.


The project of new roads for the city became part of the large-scale state program "Development of the transport system". It is planned to build:

  • 300 kilometers of roads;
  • 80 artificial structures (interchanges, overpasses, etc.);
  • 40 pedestrian crossings.

About a third of the plan is planned to be built in New Moscow. The second wind will get an environmentally friendly mode of transport - tram. The new line will connect East Biryulyovo with the Prague metro station. For a new depot, 150 modern wagons will be purchased, an overpass will be made over the tracks. The length of the branch will be slightly more than five kilometers.

To unload the capital from trucks and transit transport, they will continue the construction of the South Rokada, the North-East and North-West Chords. New access roads, Southern and Northern understudies will be built for Kutuzovsky Prospekt.

They plan to carry out reconstruction of three Moscow embankments: Simonovskaya, Krutitskaya and Karamyshevskaya. They will develop the transport framework of New Moscow.


Within three years, they plan to build more than fifty metro stations for Muscovites, more than eighty kilometers of new lines. The program will complete the construction of five lines:

  • "Razkazovka" - "Petrovsky Park";
  • "Nekrasovka" - "Aviamotornaya";
  • "Stolbovo" - "Sevastopol Avenue";
  • "Salaryevo" - "Stolbovo";
  • "Seligerskaya" - "Dmitrovskoe highway".

With its help, they plan to unload the roads of Moscow from personal vehicles at rush hours. They will make five new Transport hubs, where residents of the near Moscow region can leave their cars and come to work by metro. Finish the construction of the station "Belomorskaya". Uninterrupted operation of the subway will provide six new depots.

Housing and social facilities

The city government will not slow down the pace of housing construction for Muscovites in need. In the 2018-2010 FIIP, 478.5 billion rubles were allocated for the construction of almost 3 million square meters of housing. In addition, they will build:

  • 57 schools and 31 kindergartens;
  • About 52 different healthcare facilities (hospitals, clinics, ambulances).

To co-finance, they will actively attract private investors. New objects will appear in 90 districts of the city. A huge medical cluster will be erected in Skolkovo.

Sport, culture and leisure

The authors of the program took care of the leisure of the townspeople: the first sign of the AIP was the large-scale reconstruction of the Luzhniki stadium. It is planned to build further:

  • amusement park "Island of Dreams" and 4 more leisure facilities;
  • 19 sports facilities, including 2 swimming pools.

Zaryadye Park, which began operating last year, complemented the concert hall, which received its first listeners in September this year. Museum workers will receive five new buildings, the same will be transferred to theater artists.

Targeted construction allows you to purposefully allocate funds to problem areas, while it is transport. Moscow is suffocating in traffic jams and the lion's share of the money has to be spent on the construction of expensive transport hubs. Over time, when the situation changes, the capital’s government plans to change priorities, direct more money to housing, social facilities.

Latest news

In the summer of 2019, they plan to comprehensively improve the courtyard on Goncharova Street in the Butyrsky district of Moscow, namely, to update the appearance of the courtyards between buildings 1, 2, 3 and 4 of building No. 17. The arrangement and updating will also affect buildings 1 and 2 of building 13/12 at Rustaveli street.

In addition, in the spring of 2019, 19 thousand new shrubs of various varieties began to be planted in the capital: on Lesnaya Street, near Gorky Park from Leninsky Prospekt, at the Ulitsa 1905 goda metro station, in front of the main entrance to VDNH and in the alleys of Kitai Gorod.

Among the bushes: spirea, girl's grapes. cotoneaster, derain, roses, hydrangea, lilac, hawthorn, berry apple tree, etc.

Watch the video: Welcome to Russia. AIP - Internships with a Purpose (April 2020).

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