Guardians of the Galaxy Part 3 - 2020 movie

  • World premiere: 2021
  • Premiere in Russia: 2021
  • Original name: Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3
  • Country of Origin: USA
  • Genre: fantasy adventure
  • Cast: Chris Pratt, Elizabeth Debicki, Dave Batishta, Pom Klementieff, Sean Gann

Part 3 of Guardians of the Galaxy is expected to be released in 2020 or 2021, although filming has not even begun.

The plot of the first two parts

The famous Marvel cinematic universe is not the first time to go beyond Earth. This time, a strange five should save the world, led by the thieving rogue Peter Quill with the pathos pseudonym Star Lord. Everything begins with him: he abducts one of the spheres for which the villain Ronan has long been hunting. To confront him, Quill is forced to team up with four outcasts, including a charming beauty with a green face, a raccoon killer nicknamed "Rocket", a tree-like creature Groot and the stern strongman Drax. In 2 parts, the main enemy of the heroes becomes another interdimensional monster.

The Adventures of the Guardians of the Galaxy is a solid action movie intertwined with humor. Fans of the film predict the glory of Avengers, but the creators of the film themselves assure that they are still far from them. Perhaps, the third part of the film “Guardians of the Galaxy” will still be released in 2020 and will become the decisive trump card that will cover the popularity of the film “Avengers. War of Infinity” (2018).

The sequels of the sensational blockbusters rarely go out one by one. And this is logical: because first you need to evaluate the success of the recently released picture and track the number of fees and positive reviews, and only then start shooting the next film. The premiere of the 2nd part of Guardians of the Galaxy took place in 2017, and the first in 2014, so you can’t count on the 3rd part earlier than by 2020. There is no trailer or even a teaser yet.

Scenario and Assumptions

The ideas for 3 parts came from the director of the first two films, James Gunn, back in 2014. But the draft script was presented only in 2017. Gann hinted that Quill in 3 parts will become the only person among all other humanoids and animal-like creatures. As for baby Groot, James specified that this is the son of Groot the elder, and not a newborn character.

And the director said that the plot of the new "Guardians of the Galaxy" will be intertwined with the history of the latest "Avengers". Perhaps in the picture there will also be characters from The Infinity War. But whether the Marvel studio leaves the script the same or remakes it is not clear. Although Gann’s ideas are very curious and have a right to exist.

In one of the interviews, Gann admits that he loved too much Raccoon, Gamora, Lord, Drax and other characters. And this love gives him inspiration for new ideas. "I feel that there are still many adventures in this scary universe," James says. He also planned to make the “Guardians” a trilogy, so part 3 will be the final one. It has to give answers to all the questions left over from the first two parts.

Director and actors

In May 2018, James Gunn, who directed the first two parts of Guardians of the Galaxy, was fired for abusive social media behavior. But then he made a public apology and re-occupied the director's chair. But Gann managed to do a lot for the 3 parts of the blockbuster: in addition to the draft scripts and preliminary work on the plot and the characters, James had been picking up music for almost a year. By July 2017, he personally had selected more than 150 songs, which, in his opinion, would be perfect for the new Guardians. This is also a considerable contribution to the creation of the continuation of the film, because the success of any blockbuster is made up of details.

James gunn

Part of the actors 3 parts of the film "Guardians of the Galaxy" will remain. Chris Pratt has a contract, so without the Star Lord, nowhere. Aisha’s return is planned, so fans of Elizabeth Debika can also rejoice. It is promised that Mantis (actress Pom Klementieff) will definitely return. But the deceased in 2 parts of Yondu do not want to reincarnate, so Michael Ruker in 3 parts will not. Dave Batishta was also upset by the death of his character. On his page on the social network, he told fans that he had no idea how Drax could be returned, but he really wanted it.

And, since Batista is officially listed in the caste of the film, the hero will return to the screens again.

Sean Gunn will appear in the image of Kraglin, Rocket on the set.


Preparation for filming began in 2018 in Atlanta, Georgia, but everything was stopped after Gann's dismissal. The film crew was dismissed without the possibility of returning (apparently, the anger at the former director was too great). Chris Pratt let slip that filming should resume at the beginning of 2019, but the director is still not there. In the studios of Disney and Marvel, there was talk of returning Gann, but this did not lead to anything.

The audience is in a panic: they expect the picture to be released by 2020, but if the shooting starts in 2019, the creators are unlikely to have time to mount the film so quickly. And the question of directing a picture hanging in the air does not give fans peace. Indeed, the creators of the 3rd part of Guardians of the Galaxy are faced with a difficult task. They should make the film equally interesting for fans of this story, and for those who will watch the blockbuster for the first time. This should be an independent picture, but taking into account all the events that happened in the two previous parts. This is not easy to do, so it is hard to say for sure whether to expect the premiere in 2020.

What can be removed the third part of the Guardians of the Galaxy: video

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