Champions League 2019/2020

The main European club tournament, the Champions League, is about to start. The 2019/2020 season will be the 65th trophy of honor. But to be more precise, it’s the 28th since the tournament was renamed the Champions League (the former name is the European Champions Cup).

In total, 80 teams from 54 football associations are taking part in the 19/20 season. At the group stage 32 clubs will start. Of these, 26 teams got their seats based on the results of home championships. The largest quota are England, Spain, Germany, Italy (4 representatives each). The remaining places are allocated according to the UEFA rating. Do not forget that Liverpool (Champions League triumph) and Chelsea (winner of the Europa League) automatically entered the main tournament.

Qualification Champions League consists of four rounds. There is also a division into two ways: champion (4 places in the group stage) and representatives of leagues (2 places). As a result, six places are awarded to clubs that have won the playoff qualification round. Unfortunately, for Russian fans, Krasnodar was not among them (the Greek Olympiakos became the evil genius of our Champions League debutant).

Group Round Draw

Immediately after the last participants of the Champions League 2019/2020 were determined on August 29, a draw was held in Monaco. Clubs were divided into four baskets. The winners of the Champions League, Champions League, six country champions (the first six places of the UEFA rating) were in the first basket. Here was the St. Petersburg Zenith. Another Russian club Lokomotiv was in the fourth basket. The draw was carried out by Wesley Sneijder and Peter Cech.

Champions League standings 2019/2020

Given the significant difference in the class of teams from the first, second baskets from clubs from the third, fourth baskets in some groups, two teams can be distinguished, which by status must qualify for the first two lines. There are quartets where the draw brought equal rivals and a serious fight is expected to enter the play-off Champions League.

1. PSG000000
2. Real Madrid000000
3. Bruges000000
4. Galatasaray000000
1. Bavaria000000
2. Tottenham Hotspur000000
3. Olympiacos000000
4. Red Star000000
1. Manchester City000000
2. Miner000000
3. Dynamo Zagreb000000
4. Atalanta000000
1. Juventus000000
2. Atletico M000000
3. Bayer 04000000
4. Locomotive000000
1. Liverpool000000
2. Napoli000000
3. Salzburg000000
4. Genk000000
1. Barcelona000000
2. Borussia D000000
3. Inter000000
4. Slavia P000000
1. Zenith000000
2. Benfica000000
3. Lyon000000
4. Salzburg000000
1. Chelsea000000
2. Ajax000000
3. Valencia000000
4. Lille000000

UEFA Champions League 2019/2020 fixtures and scores

Champions League - a fleeting tournament. The maximum number of games that the team (finalists) can play is 13. Group stage matches are played from September to December on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Often, Champions League games affect the calendar of games of national championships.

1st round

17.09 19:55InterSlavia P
17.09 19:55LyonZenith
17.09 22:00NapoliLiverpool
17.09 22:00SalzburgGenk
17.09 22:00Borussia DBarcelona
17.09 22:00BenficaLeipzig
17.09 22:00AjaxLil
17.09 22:00ChelseaValencia
18.09 19:55BrugesGalatasaray
18.09 19:55OlympiacosTottenham Hotspur
18.09 22:00PSGRealMadrid
18.09 22:00BavariaCrvena Star
18.09 22:00MinerManchester city
18.09 22:00Dynamo ZagrebAtalanta
18.09 22:00Bayer 04Locomotive
18.09 22:00Atletico MJuventus

2 round

01.10 19:55RealMadridBruges
01.10 19:55AtalantaMiner
01.10 22:00GalatasarayPSG
01.10 22:00Tottenham HotspurBavaria
01.10 22:00Crvena StarOlympiacos
01.10 22:00Manchester cityDynamo Zagreb
01.10 22:00JuventusBayer 04
01.10 22:00LocomotiveAtletico M
02.10 19:55GenkNapoli
02.10 19:55Slavia PBorussia D
02.10 22:00LiverpoolSalzburg
02.10 22:00BarcelonaInter
02.10 22:00ZenithBenfica
02.10 22:00LeipzigLyon
02.10 22:00LilChelsea
02.10 22:00ValenciaAjax

3 round

22.10 19:55MinerDynamo Zagreb
22.10 19:55Atletico MBayer 04
22.10 22:00BrugesPSG
22.10 22:00GalatasarayRealMadrid
22.10 22:00Tottenham HotspurCrvena Star
22.10 22:00OlympiacosBavaria
22.10 22:00Manchester cityAtalanta
22.10 22:00JuventusLocomotive
23.10 19:55AjaxChelsea
23.10 19:55LeipzigZenith
23.10 22:00GenkLiverpool
23.10 22:00SalzburgNapoli
23.10 22:00Slavia PBarcelona
23.10 22:00InterBorussia D
23.10 22:00BenficaLyon
23.10 22:00LilValencia

Group Forecast

The results of the group rounds of the last seasons of the Champions League accustomed to the fact that surprises are rare. The gap between the leading clubs of the elite championships (Premier League, La Liga, Serie A, Bundesliga) and the rest of Europe in the game and financial terms has grown too much. The same Belgrade Red Star, having qualified in a beautiful style (defeated by Copenhagen, Young Boys), fell into a group with Bavaria and Tottenham. Talking about the chances of the Serbs about leaving the group is basically meaningless. The maximum that the club can count on is a ticket to the 1/16 final of the LE from third place. And here in Olympiacos rivals there are also not enough stars from the sky. This situation is obtained in group B.

Group A

The main intrigue will be connected with who will take the first line: PSG or Real Madrid. After the summer transfer window between the clubs, a new level of relations ensued. Goalkeeper Kaylor Navas (three-time Champions League winner) went to Paris. With Madrid, rumors connected Neymar, whom Florentino Perez persistently wanted to see in the camp of his team. The transition did not take place. Now the Brazilian will come to Bernabeu to win with PSG. Galatasaray and Bruges will compete for third place. To provide adequate resistance to PSG and Real Madrid is unrealistic.

Group C

The company to Manchester City were Miner, Dynamo Zagreb, Atalanta. The winner of the group is obvious, Pep Guardiola will not let his wards relax and underestimate the rivals. Regarding Man City, one can only guess with what goal difference the team will end the group stage.

Shakhtar, Dynamo Zagreb and Atalanta look like equal rivals. The outcome of the fight and the position in the standings will mainly depend on the results of the home matches of each team.

Group D

Moscow Lokomotiv will play in a group with Juventus, Liverkusen Bayer, Atlético Madrid. In the 18/19 season, Loco did not leave the group where he played with Schalke, Galatasaray, Porto. In this draw, the situation looks even worse. Of particular note is the confrontation between Juve and Atlético. Keep track of the schedule so as not to miss it. Last year, in the 1/8 final of the Champions League, they gave a furious two-round standoff with the winning hat-trick KriRo.

Group E

The quartet is composed of Liverpool, Napoli, Salzburg, Genk. The past few years, Liverpool and Napoli often fall into the same group. The Neapolitans Champions League has been offending recently. The team shows a bright game, scores 9-10 points, but does not leave the group. A breakthrough is bound to happen this season: Napoli will leave the group for a couple with Liverpool. Salzburg and Genk do not look like the teams that can wedge themselves into the struggle.

Group F

The strong composition of the group ensured Inter's low rating. Over the past five years, Neradzurri practically did not prove themselves in the European arena. As a result, a place in the third basket at the draw, which would be nice to send Barcelona, ​​Borussia Dortmund, Inter, Slavia to one group. Barcelona is a favorite, Slavia is an outsider. Inter invited Antonio Conte, who has a push for results. It is possible to compete with Borussia and pat the nerves of Barca.

Group G

The attention of Russian fans will be tied to Group G, which included Zenit St. Petersburg. The composition of the quartet is pretty even:

  • Benfica
  • Olympic Lyon;
  • RB Leipzig.

All teams love to play attacking football. Of decisive importance will be the results of away matches. I'd like to see Zenit in European competition next spring.

Group H

It will be interesting to observe what success the semi-finalist of the Champions League 18/19 Amsterdam Ajax will achieve. Exiting the group is an achievable task. Chelsea, Valencia, Lille will try to prevent Ajax. Chelsea, although at the stage of restructuring (new coach, line-up), is the second main contender for a ticket to the playoffs.

Each team that fell into the group stage makes plans for a long campaign in the Champions League. Dreams to get to the finals. The venue for the final match of the 2019/2020 season is Ataturk Olympic Stadium in Istanbul. The one on which the English Liverpool made the brightest comeback in the history of the Champions League final (KETCH).

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