Poems Happy New Year 2020

New Year is a wonderful magical holiday, which is looking forward not only to the little one, but also to us, adults. What does each of us associate this period with? Of course, with the smell of fresh needles, tangerines and champagne, as well as with a laid table, on which there is an iron olivier, herring under a fur coat and red caviar. Be sure to have sparklers, a luminous garland on the Christmas tree and festive fireworks. The anticipation of miracles, the feeling of something unusual, the expectation of fulfillment of desires, secret aspirations, hopes for happiness, the twist of something magical, even mystical and unknown, are what happens to us before this wonderful and long-awaited holiday. Soon the year of the Pig will end, which brought us a lot of good, and the year of the metal Rat will come. According to astrologers, this year will be successful for many of us. So we will meet him with dignity, as befits a Russian people, with a table crumbling from dishes, ditties, jokes and congratulations in verse.

Beautiful congratulations in the year of the Rat

Congratulations -
New Year is coming to us,
Peace, joy, luck,
A sweet life without worries

May good luck
Fall like a snowball
New home, car, cottage,
And health is in full swing.

So that misfortunes forget you
Fulfilled dreams
Children to be healthy
And in the shower flowers bloomed.

And let them be with you
Inspiration and Love
Life is full of miracles -
Gives happiness again and again.

Happy New Year
Relatives, acquaintances and friends.
I wish you all happiness for a long time,
Get plenty of clear, bright days.

Let the sun shine in my soul
The ether is filled with peace,
But the heart of sorrows does not know
And there will be peace on the planet.

In the year of the Rat, desires will come true,
What they dreamed, let it come
Did not know the disappointment
And let happiness find you.

The Year of the Pig is on the decline
The rat is waiting at the gate:
“Bring us profit,
And in career a sharp rise

There’s more money in the wallet,
The new Lexus in the garage,
In health, live longer
And so that the world reigned in the soul.

So that luck will not forget
To us, by chance,
Well, life was beating less often,
And there was a blossoming paradise at home. "

Happiness, joy, smiles
May Rats give a year,
Will protect from evil from mistakes,
And in the hearts of Love will light.

Happy New Year,
May good luck come to you
And joy without end and end
And what worried - will pass.
Let all dreams come true
Mouse waving its tail,
Fill to the brim with happiness
Blinking with a black eye.
Let the angel keep from grief
Sadness and sadness will go away
Will bring smiles to the sea
Rat to your joy let.

The magic time is winter,
Full of miracles and joys,
A snowstorm is playing
To us Rat invites.

And in this bright winter hour
I want to congratulate you soon -
Let all dreams come true
With luck you will be on “you”

Let your home always be waiting for you,
And happiness will find shelter in him.
Live long, don't be sick
Overcome all difficulties.

Let them be lucky
There won’t be any worries,
Mouse will bring health -
Let the year be generally cool.

Short poems

May the New Year
All the alarms go away
Waiting for happiness, luck,
Family comfort
Welcome and smiles
Warmth and luck
May it be beautiful
Always in the mood.

Let the family abide
And at work - prosperity,
And let him celebrate the New Year
Your cherished desire.

I wish you in the New Year
Get rid of worries
Forget about troubles and bad weather
And just go crazy with happiness!

I wish you a dream come true
And certainly vivid impressions,
May life be quiet, without fuss,
And Rats a year will pass without worries.

How wonderful life is! Take a look!
The rat comes to us from afar,
Quickly wipe the sorrow from your face -
Be happy today and always!

Funny greetings in verses

Congratulations on the year of the Rat I, my friend, from the bottom of my heart,
And I wish there were pennies in your wallet
So that desire and opportunity are on the same wavelength,
And the beloved would finally invite you on a tour.

At work, so that the boss often gives a prize,
All men to be beaten by beauty on the spot,
Without sorrows and misfortunes, your life flowed peacefully,
And also, Rodnul I wish that you lived in a fairy tale.

Candles, Christmas tree, New Year,
Congratulations and recognition,
Rat brings us joy
Fulfillment of dreams.

Chiming clock, candlelight,
Younger one is on the verge:
“Shustra Mouse, wait and see
Flush your cheeks.

Happiness is full of chests
Bring us soon
Make tight wallets
Well, life is more fun.

May us next year
Do not concern anxiety,
We will be in harmony with life,
And the arms and legs are healthy. "

We’ll meet the rat at the gate
Make a wish again
May the year be lucky
Without adversity and without suffering.

A sensation of wonder again
The New Year brings us
Flashes of bright salute,
Olivier, caviar and brut.

Congratulations - wishes
Happiness, peace and goodness,
Fulfillment of dreams,
To be sober in the morning.

To adversity and problems
Passed by
A tricky dilemma
Separated by themselves.

Let champagne by the river
It flows on a festive night
Come to us only good,
And the bad fuck away.

Children's verses with the year of the Rat

Outside the window snowflakes
Fun flash
Christmas tree, tangerines,
The lights are blinking.

Santa Claus gifts
Carries us in a bag
Very very sweet
New Year holiday.

We are spinning in a round dance
We sing songs
Make friends with the mouse,
We will call on a visit:

“Little White Mouse,
Come to us soon
Bring us books
And stuffed animals

You will please us.
Goodbye, Pig!
Mouse - good afternoon! "

Snow sparkles, silvering
Invites you to ride
They took the sled, and go!
Soon, soon New Year!

Santa Claus is about to enter:
"Oh! My legs are tired!
For a long time I got to you,
Deer ride

Walked through the thicket
In the wilds the dark wandered
The bear came out of the den
He pointed the way, the road.

Finally this hour has come -
I am very glad to see you!
Here is the bag, and there are gifts in it,
I see that it will be hot!

Swoop down, take apart
But first guess:
“Winter, Christmas tree, refreshments,
Tangerines and cookies,

The mood is just class!
Santa Claus meets you
With a Snow Maiden a round dance,
What a holiday? ... New Year! ”

Congratulations you guys
My lovely rabbits.
I love you all very much
And I give you toys.

Let the fun last a long time
And the tree sparkles brightly,
Laughter, full smile
Glorious New Year holiday!

Sadness and boredom, go away
Not up to you right now
Joy with a miracle come in -
The hour has come!

Confetti, lights, crackers,
Around the Christmas tree round dance,
Poems, songs and ditties -
Ah, how happy the New Year is!

Santa Claus brings presents,
In a hurry to please everyone
The lights on the tree are bright
The rat runs to visit us!

Congratulations to adults

My dear girlfriend
I hasten to congratulate you,
In the year of the Rat, bloom with a rose,
On the wings of happiness fly

Live without boredom and hassle
May the New Year be good,
Good luck and success will come
And your cheerful laugh is pouring.

Let you get lucky in everything
And the house will be a full bowl,
Well, and you, dear,
I wish great love.

My love, I congratulate you
Let the Rat bring joy only
With all my heart, dear, I wish you
Receive bounty from life,

Let your eyes sparkle with happiness
And only Love abides in the heart,
Avoid all bad weather
And passion boils, stirring blood in the veins.

New Year is around the corner,
I hasten to congratulate you, friends!
Accelerated chimes move -
The Pig is leaving us.

To replace the Rat she goes,
Let's open the doors
The mouse will bring us good,
And let evil burn with fire.

I wish you live in abundance
I forgot poverty so that the way to you
The trouble is not to know and not to grieve,
In the Dominican Republic to relax.

Let the way be at work,
Often give a bonus
Let the contribution grow on the book,
And in the house - happiness and comfort.

Mommy is dear, my dear,
I hasten to congratulate you on the holiday
May your sorrow and sorrow forget your home
And let only happiness abide in it.

Joy, health for many years
I wish you in the heat and cold.
You, my dear, take care of yourself,
Know that I love you very much.

Funny poems

New Year, New Year,
Is this someone coming to us?
A coat in a fur coat,
In honor of her and the feast of the mountain.

Pour cognac -
Beats the tap of the heels,
Pour tango with vodka,
And we forget everything with wine.

Where is the salad, where is the salad
The floor is covered with sweets
The roast dog eats up,
Mineral drink.

And in the morning step-foxtrot,
To the toilet - full speed,
And hugging the toilet
We are entering the New Year.

Hello hello, how are you?
We walk until morning
We dance until you drop
Under the fun "cheers."

All the champagne is drunk
And the wine is already spilled
Just the bottles chime
And the window is wide open.

Snow flies in the window
A cat is hanging on a garland
The kitchen is shattered
How was the bombing on it.

Tired of fun
And overslept until the evening,
Then “something” knocked on the door -
We’ll start over again.

White rat, throw up
You are lucky for the whole year
And besides you in addition
Start running with luck
And multi-colored currencies
Throw us in our pockets
And may 2020 be the year
Every month will be May.

The year of the Rat is drawing near. Within a few days, the calendar will begin its countdown from scratch. So let's decorate this sheet of our life in the New Year only with bright colors. Let all the bad go away, and his place will be taken by bright and joyful moments. Happy New Year to you, friends! Be happy and loved!

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