Fireworks for the New Year 2020 in Moscow

New Year's holidays in the main city of the country are held not only by local residents, but also by numerous guests. Fireworks for the New Year 2020 in Moscow is an unusually beautiful and colorful spectacle, which can be admired from different parts of the capital.

The start of the pyrotechnic show is usually scheduled in the first minutes after midnight. Immediately after the President’s New Year’s greetings, the night sky is lit up with thousands of lights. Specialized venues where it will be more comfortable or safe to watch fireworks, traditionally open several hours before the start of an entertainment show. To admire the festive fireworks, it is advisable to pre-plan a New Year's event.

Pyrotechnic show start time

On New Year's Eve 2020, from December 31 to January 1, the first salvos of the festive salute will thunder. According to the Moscow Department website, the planned time, what time the fireworks will be, depends on the sites. The first volleys are launched by tradition in the Victory Park on Poklonnaya Hill and on Moskvoretskaya Street in the first minutes of the coming year. Fireworks will continue for several minutes, starting from 00:00 on January 1.

At other venues in the city, festive fireworks will begin at 1:00. The difference in the beginning of the salute is due to the fact that by this time in 2020 the New Year will fall in all regions of the country. A bright and colorful show usually lasts for 5 minutes, at other venues, fireworks can go on much longer.

Landscaped areas

New Year volleys will thunder in all city circles, so you can watch the show from almost anywhere in the capitals. In total, more than 30 landscaped sites will be involved in Moscow, where it will be possible to watch the festive fireworks absolutely free and safe.

Launch points will be located in 19 largest parks and other places in the city. High-altitude fireworks from artillery will be made at 13 points in urban districts.

Where will the New Year salute be:

  • ENEA.

    All major holidays and public events take place on the territory of the exhibition. The fireworks will be accompanied by mass celebrations and other festive entertainments until the very morning.

    The platform is suitable for all fans to spend holidays outdoors and parents with children. The launch point will be located in the Ostankino district on the Cosmonauts Alley. The best viewing point at the Rocket Rink located on Sq. Industry. The number of places to go to the rink is limited, so it is recommended to purchase entrance tickets in advance.

  • Moskvoretsky bridge.

    The landscaped area is located in the Tver region, so you can come here after the celebration in the main square of the country.

  • Museum-estate "Tsaritsyno".

    Convenient comfortable platform in the southern part of Moscow. During the New Year holidays and on the night of January 1, recreational activities will be held in the open air: skiing, theatrical performances, and a concert. New Year's fireworks and a pyrotechnic show will be clearly visible here, and festivities will continue until the morning.

  • Garden them. Bauman.

    Another festive fireworks appetizer will be located on the street. Old Basmannaya 15. Near the tennis court you can enjoy a wonderful sight in the night sky, and have a great time. By tradition, performances and street festivities begin at 8-9 pm.

  • Sparrow Hills.

    One of the most popular venues in the center of Moscow. Here, guests and residents of the capital will enjoy not only an excellent panoramic view, but also a rich holiday program. Starting from 9 pm New Year's concerts, theatrical performances and competitions will be held on the site. At 1:00 a.m., the sky will illuminate with a fantastic colorful show, which will last from 3 to 5 minutes.

  • Poklonnaya Gora.

    In the evening, on a well-maintained platform, you can spend pleasant time in the fresh air, and at night admire the colorful fireworks. The salute launch points are located in two places, so the stunning fireworks will be clearly visible from different angles. On Poklonnaya Gora there will be a decorated elegant Christmas tree, near which animators and entertainers will work, entertaining the guests.

  • CPKiO them. Gorky.

    Powerful volleys thunder on Krymsky Val, thanks to which the show is clearly visible from all sides and recreation areas of the city park. In addition to the fireworks, a large festive program awaits guests: an open-air disco, kite flying, ice skating, skiing and dog sledding.

After the main fireworks on Red Square, it will be possible to go to other venues in the city, where an colorful pyrotechnic show will continue in an hour. For those wishing to see the New Year's fireworks, more than 100 additional venues will be equipped.

At popular places and recreation areas of citizens, their platforms and courts will be located, so you can choose a place closer to home.

Where it will be possible to independently arrange fireworks

Every year, city authorities provide an opportunity for residents and guests of the capital to independently launch fireworks. However, it is important to remember that even during the holidays fire safety should be observed. The use of pyrotechnics is allowed only on special platforms. Safe areas will be organized in the microdistricts of Moscow.

In total, 112 points located in all microdistricts will be opened to launch pyrotechnics. All are equipped and comply with fire safety regulations. In the center, such sites will be located in Tagansky and Krasnaya Presnya parks. Here you can also join mass events and watch the fireworks. Most self-launch sites will be equipped in the southern district.

In total, 30 sites will be opened for outdoor recreation, where more than 7 thousand people can comfortably spend time. The most popular places for celebrating the new year are:

  • on the even side of Orekhovy Boulevard;
  • on the right bank of the river. Gorodni.

For residents of the Eastern Circle, 20 sites are being equipped for various events, including the launch of pyrotechnics. Residents of the south-west were picked up 10 comfortable places, in other districts 4-6 sites, designed for 150-200 people each.

In total, on New Year's Eve on January 1, 2020, more than 10 types of city fireworks and pyrotechnic shows will be launched in Moscow. All of them will be visible in specially equipped recreation places for citizens.

The extensive entertainment program includes contests and theatrical performances, light shows and other entertainment for every taste. In public places and recreation areas of Moscow, special platforms for mass celebrations will be organized.

In the GUM, all visitors will see another theatrical performance with the participation of animators and actors. It is advisable to take care of tickets in advance, as the number of seats is limited.

Colorful shows and a rich entertainment program will be prepared for guests absolutely free of charge in all microdistricts, squares, parks and other recreation areas. Here, every resident and guest of the capital will find entertainment to their liking. Colorful fireworks and iridescent illumination on the streets of the city will remain in memory for many years.

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