What to see on New Year 2020

Each of us wants to spend New Year and Christmas holidays to our pleasure. Someone goes on a visit to friends and relatives, some on an exciting journey, while others prefer to spend their free time actively, taking up their favorite sport. But no family holiday can do without entertaining television programs, beloved by all animated and feature films. We know that to watch the New Year 2020 in a movie theater, on TV and on a computer online.

What to see in the cinema

Traditionally, the studio’s most “delicious” movie premieres are reserved specifically for the winter holidays, so in December 2019, moviegoers expect several multi-genre novelties for every taste.

Jumanji: A New Level. In the sequel to the super-successful blockbuster, four friends again have to get involved in a dangerous computer game to save one of his friends. But the rules have changed, and now the heroes will have to go to the most mysterious and unexplored corners of the planet.

Policeman from Rublevka-2. Not alone not at home. In the second full-length part of the series that TNT loved by many, viewers will meet with both old and new heroes. The details of the plot of the New Year comedy are still kept secret, but judging by the trailer, Grisha Izmailov will have to fight with aliens who landed on the territory of Barvikha.

In Wonderland. Filmmakers have prepared a great New Year's gift for fans of Japanese anime. Spectators will be able to go on a fabulous journey together with the main character of the film - the young shy girl Akane. According to the mysterious stranger from the antique shop, only Akane is able to save another world, which is in great danger.

Mosley's secret power. The cartoon events unfold in a magical land, the inhabitants of which are the triphants - amazing creatures who, by the will of fate, were enslaved to people. One fine day, the triphant Mosley decides to throw off the yoke and go in search of truth in order to free his brothers from slavery and give his children freedom.

Star Wars: Skywalker. Sunrise. The most anticipated premiere of the outgoing year, which ends with the incredible story of the Skywalker family. The film promises to provide answers to the riddles of previous episodes with the grand finale of the fantastic saga.

Black christmas. Fans of thrillers are waiting for a remake of the horror film of the same name in 1974. The plot describes the events that occurred at Hawthorne College during the Christmas holidays. A serial killer appears on the women's campus, destroying students one after another. The surviving girls are not going to put up with such a fate and find a way to fend for themselves.

Wedding year. Photographer from Los Angeles. Mara rejects family relations in every possible way, convincing everyone that marriage is a relic of the past. And even getting to know a serious attractive guy is not able to convince her. But when she receives 15 wedding invitations in one year, her attitude changes dramatically.

Salvation Union. The Russian film from the screenwriter Nikita Vysotsky will tell about the uprising of 1825. This is the story of young guards officers - members of the first secret political society of the Decembrists. Having defeated the French troops and occupied Paris, they are confident in the onset of equality and freedom here and now. But reality dictates its conditions ...

Fixies against works. Familiar to all funny little men will have to face elusive creatures with works that threaten to reveal the secret of fixics. How tiny craftsmen will cope with ill-wishers, and who will come to their aid, you will learn in the cinema from December 26.

Ivan Tsarevich and the Gray Wolf-4. In the Thirteenth Kingdom, an annual all-fairy-tale song contest is planned, which, according to the law of the genre, can not do without your favorite characters. The scientist Kot was entrusted to represent the country, and the whole honest company, headed by the Gray Wolf and Ivan Tsarevich, went to the competition as support. The premiere of the cartoon about the "fabulous" show business is scheduled for December 26.

Shaun the Sheep: Farmageddon. The cartoon tells the story of an alien lamb, Le-Le, who crashes near Sean's farm. Fascinated by the cute creation of the flock, she decides to come to the aid of an alien guest and find her ship. But they don’t know that the ominous alien hunting agency is already breathing in the back of the head ...

Invasion. On January 1, 2020, the premiere of the science fiction film Fyodor Bondarchuk was announced. According to the plot, after contact with extraterrestrial civilization, the ordinary girl Julia becomes the object of research in a secret laboratory. In the course of the experiments, scientists find out that the forces acquired by her carry a threat of universal proportions ...

Our kids. In the circus performance, the fate of two girls - Katya from the orphanage and Sonya, the daughter of a candy magnate, magically intertwines. Will Sonya want to swap places with her destitute peer for the sake of the happiness of her own family? Details - in the family film, which will be released on January 2.

Cats. The music lovers decided to pamper the new exciting musical. You will be taken to an annual ball that collects selected cats from all over the planet. At the celebration, each feline should talk about their exclusivity and prove their "chosenness."

Camouflage and espionage. A fantastic cartoon introduces us to super spy Lance Sterling. To make the agent inconspicuous, the inventor turns him into an ordinary pigeon, but Lance does not like this camouflage.

Buy tickets for New Year's premieres, stock up on popcorn and go to the movies with your children or your loved one.

What to watch on TV

The tradition of meeting the new year on the TV screen has its own charm, because the viewer has the opportunity to plunge into the bright New Year’s atmosphere without leaving home. And each channel tries to make every effort so that the feeling of a holiday does not leave us throughout the winter holidays.

As the experience of past years shows, the leading television channels will certainly include films of the Soviet era, which are so loved by the older generation. And young people are not averse to imbued with the atmosphere of Soviet cinema - warm and friendly. Themed paintings such as these are deservedly popular and loved by viewers:

  • “Zigzag of luck”;
  • "Carnival Night";
  • "Irony of Fate or Enjoy Your Bath!";
  • “Frost”;
  • “Wizards”;
  • "The Snow Queen";
  • “Moonshiners”, etc.

The broadcast is not complete without movies, the plot of which is not related to the winter theme:

  • “Operation“ Y ”and other Shurik adventures”;
  • “Caucasian captive”;
  • "Love affair at work";
  • “Where is Nofelet”;
  • “Ivan Vasilievich is changing the profession;
  • "Love and pigeons".

Closer to midnight on December 31, various entertainment shows with musical and humorous numbers will start. According to tradition, on Channel One it is “New Year's Eve”, which every time surprises with creative directorial finds.

“Blue Light” has “settled” on the Rossiya channel several years ago, and since then it has been annually pleasing its fans on New Year's Eve. In 2020, a surprise was prepared for the audience - they can not only enjoy a vivid show on stage, but also go backstage to their favorite show.

The rock version of Blue Light is presented by the producers of the REN-TV channel. The first time the show came out under the name “Blue Light”, and from 2018 - “Extraordinary Light”. As part of the television program, an interesting idea of ​​mixing styles is realized, when rock stars perform pop songs, and “pop singers” - famous tracks in rock style.

New Year’s versions of such popular programs await us on winter holidays:

  • “Kings of laughter”;
  • Comedy Club;
  • Comedy woman;
  • "Ural dumplings";
  • "Exactly the same";
  • "Big difference";
  • "Field of Dreams";
  • "Guess the melody";
  • "The fight of extrasensories";
  • “Retro FM Stars”;
  • “Disco of the 80s”;
  • "Glacial period";
  • "Vote";
  • “Dancing with the Stars”, etc.

Even if you rarely watch TV, the New Year’s television repertoire will come in handy. It will create a warm homely atmosphere and serve as a fun backdrop for the holiday fuss.

Films and cartoons

The young generation is not used to “waiting for mercy” from the TV channels, but is engaged in the search for interesting videos on its own. A large number of virtual cinemas, hosting and YouTube channels allows you to watch any cartoons, movies and shows in high resolution online.

Children can be fascinated by watching funny cartoons on a holiday theme:

  • “Winter in Prostokvashino”;
  • “The Adventures of the Lolo Penguin”;
  • "The Snow Queen";
  • "Twelve months";
  • “Nico: The Way to the Stars”;
  • “Snowman-mailer”;
  • “Moomin Trolls and the Winter's Tale”;
  • “Pip and Alba”;
  • "Puss in Boots".

Older children will be able to captivate full-length cartoons with a twisted plot:

  • "Elliot";
  • "Cold heart";
  • “Rapunzel”;
  • “Snow Battle”;
  • “Save Santa”;
  • "Polar Express";
  • "Guiding star";
  • "Glacial period";
  • “Princess Swan: Christmas”;
  • "Rise of the Guardians";
  • “Kung Fu Panda: Holiday Edition”;
  • "Ivan Tsarevich and the Grey Wolf".

The domestic animation cycle about heroes deserves attention. The premiere of the Russian franchise took place in 2004, and still the collection is replenished with new adventures of epic heroes:

  • “Alyosha Popovich and Tugarin Snake”;
  • “Ilya Muromets and Nightingale the Robber”;
  • "Three Warriors on distant shores".

In general, Russian film factories have recently been pleased with fascinating paintings dedicated to the holiday theme:

  • Franchise "Fir-trees";
  • “New Year’s tariff”;
  • “Moms”;
  • “Aunties”;
  • "Corporate";
  • “Santa Claus always rings ... three times!”;
  • "Friends of friends".

You can spend a cozy evening in the circle of your home watching family films that will be interesting to both adults and children:

  • "Alone at home";
  • “Family for rent”;
  • "Curly Sue";
  • “Journey to the Christmas Star”;
  • "Peter Pan";
  • “Christmas substitution”;
  • “Love Coopers”;
  • “Santa and company”;
  • "Mr. Popper's penguins";
  • “Wholesale is cheaper”;
  • “Beethoven”;
  • “101 Dalmatians”;
  • “Lost Christmas”;
  • “A miracle on 34th street;
  • "Elf" and others.

Here is a list of fun comedies and films that create a romantic mood:

  • "Real love";
  • “Frozen from Miami”;
  • “What else are men talking about”;
  • “Very bad mummies”;
  • “Boyfriend for Christmas”;
  • "Snow angel";
  • "Frenchman";
  • “There would be no happiness ...”;
  • “Exchange Holidays”;
  • “Bad Santa”;
  • “Love through time”;
  • “Christmas at Beverly Hills.”

A sincere movie evening will help you get close with friends and family, laugh heartily and engage in discussion of characters after watching. Let this holiday selection help you quickly decide on a suitable option for leisure and creating a magical winter atmosphere.

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