Salaries of civil servants in 2020

For many Russians, the issue of wages for civil servants is a burning topic. Especially if it is at least to a small extent about raising their income. For people working for the state, this topic is especially relevant. The salary of civil servants in 2020 should logically be increased, although recently even indexation was unavailable for parts of such employees.

The current situation with the income of civil servants

Employees themselves and ordinary citizens speak on a regular basis about increasing salaries to civil servants. The former are waiting for their salaries to be raised; the latter, I think, do not need to increase their salaries. The reasons for the dissatisfaction of ordinary citizens of the country are partially justified - many sincerely believe that all persons engaged in public service receive 100 or more thousand rubles.

In reality, the situation is different - the smaller the municipal entity, the lower the salary in the state structure. The only exceptions are small towns located in the north of the country. There, even civil servants holding even the lowest positions have a good salary. This is not due to the special love of the authorities, but to the northern factors, which sometimes double the salary.

IntIt is interesting to know! Some ordinary citizens will be greatly surprised to learn that some officials and their assistants receive quite modest salaries of up to 30 tr.

The latest news in terms of increasing salaries for employees is more like a subsection of science fiction stories. A randomly expressed idea regarding the need to increase the income of state employees by 200%, after a while the efforts of Internet portals turned into news, backed up by some imaginary arguments, links to statements by famous officials, etc.

In fact, the desire to raise salaries to such values ​​is only an idea, and not an official bill approved at the very top. Back in 2018, Kudrin clarified these statements regarding 200%, stating the unrealistic fulfillment of such indicators at the moment. Now it’s not even clear what will happen to inflation compensation, because indexation to officials and a number of other public servants in the last year has not been carried out due to a budget deficit.

Expected Salary Indexation

The recent major economic crisis negatively affected the next plans of the government aimed at increasing wages for various categories of workers. Civil servants were no exception - rising incomes to inflation are not a real increase. This is only compensation for rising prices, not giving an actual change in salary, i.e. her purchasing power.

At the same time, it is not known whether such an increase will be carried out, since some of the workers from various government sectors have recently been deprived even of indexation, not to mention a real increase in income. It is assumed that in 2020 the situation will change, and the salary will be increased in actual terms.

So far, this is a preliminary increase in income by 10%. This is not an exact official statement, but only the most likely event. Neither when they raise their salaries, neither the exact size of the growth in income, nor other nuances are yet known. It is unclear whether this will be done for all employees or whether they will choose some of the most vulnerable from a financial point of view.

Many government officials often read the latest news regarding their revenue growth. This is due not to total greed, but to a really low salary. We are not talking about all public sector employees, although they often mean officials and employees of various departments. In addition, citizens think that all civil servants receive salaries as deputies in the capital.

Differences between Moscow and regional income

It is unlikely for anyone to be a secret higher salaries accrued by the capital civil servant. At the same time, residents of the regions forget about the factor of a high level of Moscow prices, even for the most ordinary food products. The same difference in the price of milk or bread with the same salary will be felt by a significant regular expenditure. This was taken into account in the minimum wage calculated in the capital institutions.

The same situation with the difference in prices for essential goods was taken into account in the northern regions. Banal tomatoes, standing in the south several tens of rubles, in the same Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug (Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug) even in the summer period can reach a couple of hundred. Consequently, for the northerners there is compensation for the difference in prices due to the coefficients, although higher salaries are generally set due to harsher living conditions. However, one can roughly imagine the average variation in the size of salaries of public servants.

The average income of civil servants on the example of several areas
RegionThe average boundaries of remuneration
Moscow and Mo45000-53000
St. Petersburg37000-42000
Lipetsk and Ryazan regions34000-39000
Belgorod region35000-37000
Krasnodar region38000-42000
Chelyabinsk region33000-40000
Tomsk region36000-42000
Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Area56000-70000
Republic of Mari El and Khakassia26000-29000

Do not forget about the factor of average indicators. High-ranking civil servants receive a salary significantly higher than average. At the same time, those who work in more "simple places" noticeably do not reach the indicated figures in total.

Obviously, in Moscow, in addition to the State Duma, there are other officials. It is they who receive not the highest salaries, only slightly exceeding the regional salaries in numbers, although the average data still looks too modest for the capital. At the same time, the authorities have already thought about changing the principle of payroll, but so far the expected innovations are only potential changes, and not an action plan announced at the official level.

Possible changes in the payroll plan

At the moment, the average salary of officials is much higher than that of teachers, doctors and other employees of state enterprises. Moreover, in relation to the same doctors and teachers, this situation is clearly unfair. People of these professions bring more benefits to society, but have a low income. However, a higher income can be attributed to attempts by the authorities to minimize local corruption and other reasons.

Only for some unknown factor do they want for civil servants to make the reverse pyramid of payroll. This is expressed in excess of the salary over the stimulating part. In fact, even if an official worked very poorly, he would still receive 60% of his standard salary. The remaining 40% include not only incentive co-payments, but also other allowances. As a result, the employee’s salary for no bonus will be about 70-80% of the declared maximum in the absence of any productivity of his work. This situation is absurd, changes are required. Innovations have already been planned, but to many they are unpleasant.

The situation with various salary supplements remains the same for the time being - various salary bonuses will benefit from an increase in the basic rate. Only now much will change - it is planned to introduce new duties in the post due to a general decrease in the number of employees.

Expected reductions and their relationship with the income of civil servants

Ms. Nesterenko, who is the Deputy Minister of Finance of the Russian Federation, has already announced the need for cuts among public servants as part of the process of working and financial optimization. Duplication of functions in the absence of a high-quality organization of labor, but with a forced payment for the activities of several employees, is illogical. It is necessary to change the approach to the work responsibilities of civil servants, combining labor activity, creating a full load, and not its visibility.

In this situation, the salaries of those who transferred their duties to other employees can be used to increase the size of salaries. Moreover, the number of people to be reduced is quite large - over the next 2 years, 15% of employees are going to reduce from the territorial bodies, and the central office will "lose weight" by 10 percent.

Worth to know! It is important not to forget about legislative challenges to avoid reduction, as well as about the very procedure for dismissal of this nature. In the first case, it will turn out to remain in the service, and in the second to receive full compensation.

It is also necessary to remember that in the plans of the authorities not only to dismiss part of the employees, but also to delegate their authority to the remaining employees. At the same time, wages should increase due to a decrease in the number of employees while maintaining the previous budget allocated to salaries to employees of the public sphere.

Salaries of civil servants in 2020 should increase due to changes in the principle of accrual and optimization of personnel. At the same time, the situation has not yet begun to develop, and the implementation of the actual increase in salaries may be delayed in time. In such a situation, civil servants will have to rely only on basic indexation, covering only the level of inflation.

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