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Modern mankind is now inseparable from technology, gadgets and all sorts of achievements of civilization. In recent years, the pace of technological development has amazed even the imagination of science fiction writers, and invented innovations manage to become obsolete faster than they become known in remote corners of the planet. At the same time, people are looking forward to something new, some unusual and absolutely incredible. Therefore, they want to know what the new technologies of 2020 will be and whether they should try to make use of all the benefits offered.

Expected Information and Consumer Technologies

Now it’s hard to imagine a person who is not involved in the information environment. This area has been developing at an incredible speed in recent years, almost daily striking with new developments and amazing discoveries. Just a few years ago, mobile Internet was distributed only in large cities, now even in many villages there is a quite stable signal. If we talk about large settlements, now this type of Internet is comparable in speed with wired access to the network.

Therefore, the most expected and probable will be the spread of the mobile network with a simultaneous leap in its quality. It is assumed that by the end of 2020, the population will have access to 7G technology, which has an almost instantaneous data transfer rate. The coverage area will almost reach its maximum, and it will take a minimum of time, not minutes, but seconds to download data.

It is assumed that information technology will reach the highest level by the end of the year, leading to the pronounced obsolescence of nowadays relevant smartphones and tablets. Potentially, outdated ones will be new multi-devices in the form of watches. They will be replaced by the latest modest bracelets that can include all the necessary devices.

Interesting to know! There are versions that flat-panel TVs will become as thin and flexible as possible. In the near future they can be stored in the form of a rolled up roll. It is also planned to create home surround image devices that do not require specialized glasses.

Also, many analysts portend the creation of specific sources of information storage. This is not about some special incredibly capacious devices - now there are no problems with this. In 2020, it implies the creation of 5D discs that can record and reproduce not only text, sound and image, but also immerse them in other dimensions of reality. Video from such a disc will be accompanied not only by sound, but also by physical sensations. However, while such a development of events seems incredible fiction.

If we talk about what technologies will be in 2020 in terms of computer intelligence, many predict a sharp jump in the development of existing accounting and similar programs. Economic analysts suggest the widespread introduction of automated systems for accounting, auditing and risk assessment. This will not be fully artificial intelligence, but will become a kind of prototype of a computer thinker of the highest level.

Technologies in the field of transport and logistics

Modern solutions for the delivery of something are to attract transport and human resources. Many expect that in 2020, the issue of small delivery will be addressed through the use of drones. Often cited as an example is the logistics of finished food - rolls, pizza and even dinner from a restaurant can deliver a drone without traffic jams in a few minutes, even in a large city. However, if such a service appears in the coming months, then only in large megacities, but later it can also go to smaller towns.

Also, experts from different areas recall that futuristic cars from the future that do not require a driver exist now. While they perform only parking, having the ability to change the parking space to a more convenient or correct one. Such cars have long been able to move on roads with clear markings, and the on-board computers of modern cars are now equipped with all kinds of assistants and assistants for drivers.

Worth to know! Autopilot driving on Russian roads is officially prohibited by law. Use of the parking assistant function is permitted. When it will be allowed and independent travel of such cars in Russia is unknown.

Separately, it is worth emphasizing that the recently included in the future technology of the volume printer, is gaining more and more popularity. It is assumed that in 2020 the prevalence of such devices will not only be large, but huge, because on such equipment every day they learn to make a lot of different goods and things. This can generally eliminate the need to deliver what you can print yourself.

Also, do not forget about the significant improvements occurring in various equipment responsible for the packaging of goods and their movement. However, not all innovative changes will concern transport, the Internet and various gadgets.

New advances in the medical field

Those who say that drugs cannot be technology-related are wrong. The modern development of medicine already implies the use of the latest technological devices for diagnosing and conducting operations. Next in turn are nanorobots and “miracle capsules” conducting treatment from the inside without the intervention of doctors.

In addition, it should not be discounted that with the help of new medical devices and the improvement of technological processes of research, people can achieve the creation of such important medicines for HIV infection or cancer.

Incredible assumptions! Previously, such things could be published exclusively in science fiction novels, but now technology and medicine have gone so far as to start printing human tissues using a 3D printer. So far, we are not talking about whole organs suitable for transplantation, but there are opinions that this is a matter of the coming years.

In 2020, biotechnology will continue to be studied to create artificial analogues of human organs and body parts. Scientists will also be one step closer to resolving issues of autoimmune and hereditary diseases through genetic engineering.

What will be the new technologies in 2020, people will know in a few months. Changes are definitely worth the wait in different areas, but time will tell how much they will become significant for humanity.

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