How to decorate the house for the New Year 2020

The celebration of the new year is the most long-awaited event, which both adults and children are looking forward to. There are many interesting and simple ways to decorate the house for the New Year 2020 with your own hands. To create a festive atmosphere, it is not necessary to use expensive and exclusive jewelry. You can always use improvised materials and inexpensive accessories that will become the basis of New Year's decor.

The main condition that you must adhere to, the thematic decoration of an apartment or a private house should be liked by all residents and harmoniously fit into the overall interior. Professional advice from designers will help you choose the best option for New Year's decor. Top of the most original ideas with photos, how to simply, beautifully and inexpensively design rooms according to fashion trends for every taste.

Style Tips

Before you start decorating the apartment, you need to make a clear plan. The style is taken depending on the number and size of rooms, the nature of the residents and their preferences.

It is important to consider the purpose of the rooms. The design of the hall for a mass event should be in a more restrained style - European motives or Scandinavian style will do. You should also determine where the celebration will take place and where the tree will stand.

In 2020, simple unpretentious housing options will be relevant, since the Mouse is a pet that, although it prefers comfort, does not like excessive piling up of objects.

Russian or rustic style

This option is suitable for use in the same room where there will be a festive table. In other rooms, it is enough to adhere to neutral classics. A simple and cozy interior is decorated with antique household utensils, textiles, items made from natural materials.

In a country house, this style will be most relevant, especially with a stove. In the apartment you can make an image, draw a stove on a poster or on the wall. Decorative socks, which are traditionally hung for Christmas gifts, will help to decorate it.

Feng Shui Decor

Universal so that is suitable for home decoration at any time of the year. On New Year's holidays, you will need to adhere to simple rules for decorating a room:

  • to attract wealth and prosperity throughout the house, you need to arrange small figures;
  • coins can be used as decoration for the Christmas tree;
  • in the central part there should be a living tree, a bouquet of twigs or a vase of flowers.

It should also be remembered that the basis of Eastern teachings is fire - a symbol of warmth, well-being and health. If the house does not have a fireplace, put hot candles on the table.

Christmas tree decoration

Christmas tree or pine - the main element of New Year's decor. Christmas tree can be artificial, decorative or lively, it depends on personal preferences. The Christmas tree can be placed in the center of the room, or decorate the holiday table with it. There are many options for decorating the Christmas tree using toys, garlands or homemade crafts.

The Christmas symbol in the year of the White Metal Mouse is best decorated in light silver shades. White snowflakes and small mouse figures will complement a simple decoration, and will be a great talisman that will bring happiness and prosperity in the new year.

In order for the tree to become the central element of the New Year's decor, it needs to be decorated brightly and catchy so that it immediately attracts attention. But you do not need to overload it with a large number of toys, just hang 1-2 pieces on each twig.

A decorative fir-tree made of cones will look original. For decoration, they can be painted with a special white or silver paint with sparkles, dipped in a strong saline solution and dried, or glued pieces of cotton wool simulating a snowball. New Year's accessories will be an additional decoration: candles, balls, shiny rain and bright ribbons.

If there is no Christmas tree, you can make it yourself from improvised materials. Colored garlands or spruce branches that can be attached to a wall, door or window are perfect. Do not forget to leave a little space for souvenirs and gifts under the base of the tree.

New Year's decor

The Year of the White Mouse opens a twelve-year cycle, so white, gray and silver metallic shades must be present in the decor. If the general style of the interior is made in other colors, it is not necessary to radically change it. You just need to place small decorative ornaments throughout the room that will perfectly refresh and add an elegant metallic luster.

White and silver decorations, New Year's compositions and just small themed souvenirs - all this can be a great addition to the design. The mouse is a symbol of 2020, a pet, so the rustic style will be the best choice.

The use of natural and decorative materials in the decor will make the room more comfortable and warm. Throughout the room you can arrange small vases and baskets with refreshments. Use wicker napkins and decorative rugs, original soft pillows and ottomans in the decor.

DIY garlands and toys

There are many different ways to decorate the room with homemade toys and garlands. Almost any materials are suitable for manufacturing: paper, fabrics, white polystyrene foam, plastic and wooden parts. Making jewelry must be done in advance in order to have time to decorate the room for the meeting of the new 2020.

Thematic paper crafts:

  • stars
  • snowflakes;
  • fairy lights;
  • multi-colored lanterns.

It is very simple to make these decorations - take a diagram, make a pattern and fasten the parts with clerical glue, PVA or a stapler

Toys for children in the form of figures of Santa Claus, the Snow Maiden, the Snowman or the Christmas tree are suitable for the room’s children. Sheets of white paper or pieces of wallpaper will come in handy. At the request of the toy, it will be possible to paint with varnish and decorate with New Year's tinsel.

Fabrics are also excellent material for New Year's crafts. You can fasten plastic rolls with pieces of colored cuts, giving them almost any shape: vases for sweets, supplies for spruce branches, etc.

There are many interesting ideas for lovers of sewing or knitting. You can sew soft decorative pillows by filling them with cotton and decorating with bead or bead embroidery, or applique. From the old doll you can make Santa Claus or the Snow Maiden, and for the garland you can use ordinary plastic balls that can be painted in different colors, and pulled them on a strong thread.

Decoration of doors and windows

Entrance and interior doors are traditionally decorated with spruce Christmas wreaths, bows from bright ribbons and flowers. You can use any decorative elements that are at hand.

To make an original wreath with your own hands, you need to make the frame base from wire or cardboard. It remains only to make a wreath of fir cones, flowers, balls and garlands. You can even use ripe fruits and berries, a large bell looks great, tied to a bright red or silver bow.

Windows occupy a large area in the room, so they can be used to decorate the interior. It is best to decorate them in a general thematic style: hang small garlands of snowflakes or stick them directly on the glass.

On the stencil, you can draw New Year's paintings by adding decoration from fir branches and New Year's tinsel. Gouache or watercolor drawings are best applied to windows located in the center of the room. They can also decorate the glass of interior doors.

Decorate the ceiling

Garlands of rain and shiny snowflakes are suitable for decorating the ceiling and doorways. It is very simple to make them using colored paper, bows and threads. You can fix the pendants on the frame for curtains, or arrange them with a chandelier. If the room has suspended ceilings, balloons decorated with sparkles are suitable as decorations. Around the perimeter of the ceiling pull a garland with openwork snowflakes.

When decorating a chandelier, its size should be considered. Large ones are designed in the same way as a tree, and small lamps are enough to wrap at the base with New Year's rain. For decoration, a wide variety of elements are used that will create a special festive atmosphere.

Festive wall decoration

The walls are decorated with thematic paintings and posters. On them you can place a stylized Christmas tree, drawn or created from small details. Wall decoration should be in the same color scheme; do not use more than 3 primary colors. All shades of white, gray and silver are best suited. Too bright walls will distract attention from the main attributes of the holiday - a table and a New Year tree.

Furniture decoration

A country house can be decorated in a rustic style, but in a city apartment Scandinavian will be more relevant. This style of decor is also simple, but there is some elegance in it, giving even a simple interior a special sophistication.

In 2020, white and metallic shades will be fashionable colors, so the scandy style will be quite appropriate. Furniture of any design can be decorated with additional elements that will create the very magical atmosphere of an approaching New Year miracle.

Lay soft toys and pillows made of yarn and other natural materials on sofas and armchairs. Place a decorative Christmas tree of shiny silver rain on a table or fireplace. Do not forget about the details - arrange small vases, souvenirs and figures throughout the room.

New Year's table and chairs

The festive table is the main element of the interior on New Year's Eve. Decorate it with a themed tablecloth and place decorated dishes. As decorative elements, use beautiful candlesticks and figures of the symbol of the year, add small New Year's compositions from fir branches.

Table setting for the New Year's Eve should be slightly brighter than the main color of the decoration of the room. The central place where all the guests will gather must be combined with the overall design, but at the same time stand out and attract attention.

An invariable element of table decoration are beautiful candles. Put them in the original candlesticks in the center - they emphasize the cozy family atmosphere of the holiday. Nearby place festively decorated cutlery, next to which you can put embroidered napkins. In the central part you can put a small wreath with a spruce branch, decorate to your taste.


One of the main Christmas symbols is a cozy fireplace. According to a long tradition, socks and gift baskets are hung on its shelves.

There are several simple ways to decorate a fireplace:

  1. Garlands and twigs made of natural spruce twigs. If there are small figures of deer, snowmen and other fairy-tale characters, they can also be put on the top shelf.
  2. Snowflakes and garlands of paper lanterns. Nearby you can put homemade toys made of papier-mâché, polystyrene or sewn from fabric.
  3. Soft toys, decorative bouquets of flowers and pine twigs. Between them put vases and candlesticks. Do not forget to hang socks or boots decorated with themed Christmas applique or embroidery. In them in the morning of the new 2020, gifts will certainly appear.

Room decoration

The corridor and rooms can be decorated in different styles, depending on their purpose. Living room - the main room in the house where guests are welcomed and family events are held. In the central room you can place a festive table, and the remaining rooms are decorated to the taste of its main inhabitants.

The main rooms of the house can be decorated in various styles or delimit the space into certain thematic zones. Decorate your door and window furniture with tinsel and unbreakable Christmas balls, bright colored garland and other decorative elements.

Children's room

Children at any age believe in miracles and fairy tales, so they look forward to the New Year holidays. Children's room is a special world in which the child lives. That is why it is desirable to attract the main inhabitants of the home to the design of this room.

Show your imagination and choose different options for decorating children's space. It can be arranged in the theme of your favorite fairy tale or New Year's celebration. On the windows and windowsills, place soft toys, figures of Santa Claus, as well as small figures of the symbol of the year of the White Mouse.

Decorate a sofa or bed with decorative pillows and patterned bedspreads. If space permits, put your own Christmas tree for your baby. All empty surfaces can be decorated with napkins or bedspreads with New Year's patterns. For very small Christmas trees can be drawn or made of paper.

On the ceiling, you can stick luminous curly stars and snowflakes. They can also be used to decorate walls and doors. Decorate the window with garlands of snowflakes that can be cut out of paper with the child.


The bedroom is the most comfortable and cozy place in the house where you rest after a hard day. In this room, more calm colors and shades should prevail than in other rooms. The relaxation room is often small in size, so it will be very easy to arrange it for the holiday.

The main elements of the decor will be textiles and New Year's accessories. Fir branches can make a vase on the bedside table or window sill, and hang a Christmas wreath on the door. Put candles on the window and add a small bowl of fruit to complete the picture.

On glass surfaces, silver patterns will look good, which can be drawn independently using an ordinary stencil. To create an atmosphere of mystery and approaching magic will help decorative candles on the dresser.

A bedroom in a country style is an excellent option for those who prefer peace, tranquility and comfort. Decorate the room with themed curtains, cover the bed with a soft blanket with applique or New Year's print. On the floor you can lay a wicker rug, and hang on the windowsill several gift socks of red or blue color with drawings of snowflakes.

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