2020 what animal according to the horoscope

The tradition of giving the coming year the name of one of the 12 animals of the eastern zodiac calendar, predicting its course, based on similarities with the nature and habits of these living creatures, originated in China several millennia ago.

Knowing which animal will become the patron saint of the coming year, gives astrologers a basis for conclusions about what events (positive or tragic) it will be filled with.

According to the laws of numerology, 2020 will be full of many interesting and vibrant events that affect the fate of individuals and entire nations, and of humanity as a whole. The unique combination of the two twenty that make up this number, on the one hand, portends a series of negative incidents that will be observed throughout the year, and on the other, a no less long series of epoch-making events that can influence the fate of each individual person.

Astrological characteristic of 2020

The coming year 2020 will be the year of the white Metal (or Iron) Rat, which will take over on January 25 and resign from February 11, 2021. This incredibly smart and enterprising animal, opening the 12-year cycle of the Chinese zodiac calendar, is one of its most respected signs.

Being an extremely cunning and secretive animal, endowed with the qualities of an excellent strategist and tactic, helping to easily cope with most of life's problems, the Rat was able to get ahead of all her rivals at one time, having arrived at the celebration of Buddha riding a buffalo. In any case, this is precisely how one of the legends explains its primacy in a series of other zodiac animals.

The patronizing element of 2020 will be metal - an unusually durable material that is the embodiment of determination, strength and hardness. It is in this circumstance that many astrologers see the reason for alarm, since the Rat, chained in "armor", in 2020 will be unusually strong and ready to the last to defend its well-being and the right to exist for itself and its offspring.

In other words, the year of the Metal Rat promises to be quite dangerous, complex and completely unpredictable. In full accordance with the canons of the Chinese horoscope, the color of 2020 is presented in silver or white, which is a symbol of purity, impeccable perfection and wisdom.

Characteristics of people born in the year of the Iron Rat

People who were born this year, as a rule, are owners of a strong will and a keen mind. Endowed with the ability to make decisions in a matter of minutes, they have an inexhaustible supply of energy that allows them to take up several important things at once.

Thanks to their extraordinary eloquence, they are able to easily defend their opinion in any dispute and discussion. However, the complete lack of flexibility and incredible stubbornness lead to the fact that the decision they make most often becomes final and irrevocable.

Representatives of this sign are characterized by extreme sensitivity and the ability to get angry, and they usually do not share their emotions with anyone.

Thanks to the patronage of an enterprising and prudent Rat, distinguished by caution and a sharp mind, they are often accompanied by luck in financial transactions. People born in the year of the Rat are often endowed with a phenomenal instinct that extends to the business sector, thanks to which they easily make any commercial transactions and become very successful businessmen and financiers. Among famous politicians and journalists there are also many people born under this sign.

People who were born in the year of the Iron Rat, at first glance, may seem narcissistic and very confident in themselves, but in most cases, shy and subtle natures put on a mask of a strong person, often doubting the correctness of their own choice and carefully hiding it.

Being incredibly charming and attractive to themselves, the Rats are famous for their ability to create a truly comfortable atmosphere around themselves and receive guests, while being in the center of general attention. This does not prevent them from defending their own interests, if necessary, while showing a certain amount of aggression.

People born in the year of the Rat are extremely energetic, they are not peculiar to the search for easy ways. Having set a goal, they go towards it, despite the many obstacles that stand in their way.

Before starting to solve the problems that have arisen, people of this sign think over a strategy of actions for a long time, calculating possible options, and only after that they begin to act, coping equally well with business problems and personal issues.

The presence of innate intuition allows the Rats to avoid most critical situations, and they cope with any life hardship thanks to their outstanding intelligence, cunning, stamina and unlimited patience.

The extreme caution inherent in the people of this sign allows them to calculate the situation, taking into account the most insignificant details, so it is almost impossible to catch the Rats by surprise.

To an outside observer, the greed of the Rats may seem excessive, but this is just a superficial point of view. In fact, Rats' passion for creating strategic reserves is the other side of the desire to protect themselves from probable failures. If any of the relatives have financial difficulties, the Rats will immediately come to their aid, without the slightest regret, having parted with the accumulated good.

Loving representatives of this sign are capable of committing any recklessness, expecting from the object of their passion no less strong feelings and emotions.

What can we expect in 2020?

The beginning of 2020 promises to be difficult for representatives of all the signs of the eastern zodiac calendar, since its patroness - the Iron Rat - must be taken to him. Only owners of creative thinking who can show activity and a non-trivial approach to any undertaking will succeed in doing this.

Astrologers say that the coming year will be marked by love and understanding. Despite the fact that 2020 is a leap year, it is unusually favorable not only for the establishment of friendly and love relationships, but also for the conclusion of marriage ties.

According to the forecast, the main tests await us at the very beginning of the year and throughout the winter. The spring months will be marked by change: many have to change their place of residence or outlook on life, find a new job.

Summer, most likely, will pass without much upheaval, so everyone who has worked hard and actively up to this point can have a decent rest. The most favorable time for completing the work begun will be the autumn period.

2020 for the Pig

People born in the Year of the Pig, 2020 will help to free themselves from all sorts of prohibitions and restrictions that prevented them in the previous year. As a result, most representatives of this sign will manifest a ton of all kinds of talents and hidden abilities. By the end of the year, many of them will be able to achieve excellent business results or the highest levels of career growth. In order not to lose self-control from surging success and financial opportunities due to the extremely successful influence of the planets, this year Pigs will more than ever need reliable partnerships and wise advice of loved ones.

2020 Forecast for Dogs

For people born under this sign, the first half of 2020 will be extremely dynamic, characterized by an almost daily change of situations and events. The best time for active action will come in the second half of the year, since it is during this period that the representatives of the Dog sign will expect success in everything: from participation in creative projects to adventures in the love field. Thanks to developed intuition, Dogs will be able to ensure the growth of their material well-being and achieve success in all their endeavors. In general, the year of the Rat (especially the second half) for the Dogs will turn out well, bringing them good luck and many positive aspects.

Horoscope for the Rooster

Year of the Rat for representatives of the sign of the Rooster will open previously unknown abilities and new horizons in his career. To achieve the desired result during the first half of the year they will have to work hard (fortunately, that the stars will favor this), but in the second half of the year, luck will literally pursue Petukhov in any field of activity, and without much effort on their part. Having shown perseverance and using their ability to convince, Roosters can not only increase their social status, but also significantly strengthen their financial situation, they just need to not miss the period favorable for establishing business, business and family relations.

What will be 2020 for the Monkey

The first 6 months of 2020 will not be easy for the Monkeys, since many of them will not be able to quickly adapt to new life realities and more than ever will need moral support from people close to them in spirit. The financial situation of Monkeys (especially those engaged in individual entrepreneurship) during this period will also not be stable. Fortunately, after the first half of the year, the period of failure will end, giving way to a wide streak of solid luck. The financial situation of most Monkeys will improve markedly. Things at work will be no less successful, and relations in the family will be improved.

2020 for the Goat

Unusually successful will be the first half of the year of the Rat for representatives of the sign of the Goat. Inborn resourcefulness and cunning will help them achieve excellent performance both in the creative field and in professional activities. In the second half of the year, fate will continue to favor Kozam, but to get the expected effect, they will have to spend much more effort than at the very beginning. Goats' determination and professionalism, as well as the favorable location of the stars will help them achieve significant achievements in 2020.

Forecast for the Horse

2020 for people born under the sign of the Horse will be very difficult, but with active and focused work throughout this period, they will not only be able to reach the heights of financial success, but also solve a lot of problems that have accumulated over several years. The Year of the Rat will be filled with many interesting offers and events (both positive and negative), but in order to get the most out of them, Horses must acquire new business connections and abandon old methods of work.

East horoscope for the Dragon

Astrologers say that in 2020, many Dragons will radically redefine their life priorities. The need for such a reassessment is due to the fact that the usual things that were given to them before without any work in the year of the Rat will require certain efforts, perseverance and perseverance. During the first half of the year, the Dragons will be in a depressed state, since the efforts expended by them will not be crowned with success, but after a while the situation will radically change, bringing them luck in almost all areas of life.

Forecast for the Snake

The year of the Iron Rat is not easy for all representatives of the sign of the Snake. The first half of the year will bring them a lot of love experiences, family showdowns and trouble at work, but over the next six months the situation will change, returning to the Snakes luck, financial success and stability in love relationships.

What to expect Rabbits?

Rabbits in the year of the Metal Rat will experience conflicting feelings, since throughout its entire course positive events will alternate with negative ones. Relations with business partners will be quite unstable, therefore, problems associated with last year's debts and unfulfilled obligations are possible during the first half of the year. The rest of the year will be much more successful for the Rabbits, because in the process of solving old problems they will not only show character, but will also learn to really assess their own abilities. All their efforts will lead to the strengthening of the material situation. The most stubborn representatives of this sign will receive an impressive income. At the end of 2020, many Rabbits will be able to make a trip abroad that can bring a lot of positive impressions and creative ideas.

The forecast for the Tiger

For the Tigers, 2020 heralds a positive change in the state of their finances. During the first six months, many of them expect significant career growth. People with extraordinary thinking can be offered the post of leader. The second half of the year will be no less successful for the Tigers. Thanks to the justifiable risk, some of them will be able to strengthen their financial situation, while others will succeed in their careers. Even if the situation requires the Tiger to change his place of work, this change will only contribute to further improvement of his material well-being, since the year of the Rat for him is a time of new prospects and opportunities.

Horoscope for the Bull

At the very beginning of 2020, Bulls are required to use caution in monetary operations, since at this time their financial condition can be very unstable. In the first half of the year, serious troubles in the workplace are likely to provoke the need for a change in occupation. In the second half of the year, Bykov expects many positive changes: they will have the opportunity not only to work on the shortcomings made in the first months of the year, but also to make real friends and very reliable business partners. As a result, their financial situation and moral well-being will improve significantly, but in order to reach such heights, the Bulls will need to make a little more effort than in the previous year.

Chinese horoscope for representatives of the Rat sign

Everyone who was born in the year of the Rat will need a lot of patience in 2020 to solve old problems and overcome many contradictions and limitations. Difficulties will haunt them throughout the first half of the year. Starting from the second half of the year, the situation will improve: many Rats will be able to strengthen not only their financial position, but also their business positions, making a leap in their careers. It is likely to include them in a very profitable project.

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