New Year holidays in 2020

New Year's holidays in Russia are always looking forward not only to children, but also to the adult population. The Christmas and New Year celebrations are the longest vacations of the year. This time you can spend with your family, celebrate a magnificent celebration and relax, or go on a short trip. To plan your leisure for the New Year holidays in 2020, it is very important to know the number of days off in January. This will make it possible to draw up a plan of events and trips in order not only to have time to relax, but also to prepare for a new work schedule.

The production calendar 2019-2020 contains detailed information on how many days in each calendar month will be working or days off, as well as the transfer of holidays. Information is compiled in advance, so each resident of the country can draw up the most optimal vacation plan for their families. Dates and days of the New Year holidays in January 2020 are marked with special icons (usually red or additional icons). Thanks to this, using the production calendar is simple and convenient.

How many New Year holidays are waiting for Russians in 2020?

Formally, the holidays begin at the end of 2019, December 31. Weekends according to the Labor Code of the Russian Federation begin on January 1 and continue until the 8th. An exact determination of how long the New Year holidays last is given taking into account the calendar. If holidays fall on Saturday or Sunday, for the convenience of citizens, a transfer is scheduled for the coming days.

Calculate how we relax and how we work in January 2020, using the table. Continuous vacations last from Wednesday January 1 to January 8. Thus, most Russians will go to work on the morning of January 9th.

Please note that some companies may make changes to the work schedule. If the charter of the enterprise allows, the management of the company or organization can add another two days off. Continuous rest may drag on until January 9 and 10 due to the transfer of working days to other dates throughout the calendar year.

When planning a long vacation, it is important to know about all the possible changes in the work schedule. You should also consider how many New Year's holidays are official holidays, and which of them are unofficial. In total, in January 2020 there will be 2 public holidays: New Year and Christmas. To keep the holidays uninterrupted, an official transfer is carried out on January 4 and 5.

How do we work and how much rest in January?

New Year holidays in 2020 fall on the first week of January, from the 1st to the 8th. According to official figures, out of 31 calendar days: 17 are considered workers, 14 are spent on weekends, including Saturdays and Sundays. Holidays and transfers (taking into account the 5 day working week) will be 8 full days. Thanks to the long holidays, you will have a wonderful opportunity to spend several days with your closest people.

Important! Accounting for working time is made in accordance with the Labor Code of the Russian Federation. Under the condition of an irregular work schedule, the number of days off can be increased by 1-2 days.

Church calendar

Since during the New Year holidays another public holiday will fall, one should also take into account how Russia rests on Christmas days. According to the Church calendar, Christmas has a fixed celebration date. In Catholic countries, the holiday falls on New Year's Eve and is celebrated on December 25. In the Russian Federation, the date of the Orthodox holiday every year falls on January 7th.

Thus, taking into account the production and Orthodox calendars, it is not difficult to calculate the number of days off in the first ten days of January. If January 7 falls on the weekend, an additional transfer of holidays is allowed. In 2020, Christmas will be celebrated on Tuesday, so additional transfers, except for 4 and 5 numbers, are not provided.

If you determine officially how we walk in January, you should adhere to the production calendar. However, informal celebrations that take place in January should also be considered. These days are not days off, unless they fall on Saturday or Sunday, however, for many Orthodox citizens of Russia they also have special significance.

  • January 14th. The Church celebrates the Circumcision of the Lord. On this day, the little savior passed the obligatory religious rite and received his earthly name Jesus.
  • January 19. Epiphany or Baptism of the Lord. The holiday was established in honor of the baptism of young Jesus and his acceptance of faith. It is believed that on this day holy water flows in all reservoirs. One of the most famous traditions of the celebration is swimming in the baptismal waters.

January holidays are the most beloved celebrations among the people. During the first month of the new year, several religious and secular holidays are celebrated. In addition to the New Year, Christmas and Epiphany, Tatyana Day is a special love for the people on January 25th. This holiday is dedicated to Russian students and is celebrated everywhere.

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