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In 2009, the premiere of the director James Cameron, entitled "Avatar," was released on large screens. More than 8 years have passed, but fans not only remember what the plot of the film is about, but also regularly watch it, waiting with great impatience for its continuation. The fact that there will be a continuation of the saga was discussed back in 2013, when the shooting of the second part was planned to begin and end by the end of 2014. However, in 2013, the filming continued did not begin, and every year the cinemas “fed” fans with only promises. However, this did happen, the shooting of Avatar 2 began in September 25, 2017, and is actively continuing. This means that soon fans will be able to see the continuation of the film, and learn all the latest news from the latest material.

When the second Avatar comes out

Avatar is a James Cameron movie that, after reaching the big screens, has raised more than $ 2.7 billion. This film has become one of the highest grossing films of all time, and therefore not only the fans, but also the cinemas themselves did not doubt the continuation of the saga. Avatar-2 to be, and, moreover, these are not just words, but information from the creator of the film, James Cameron, who stated that the removers of the second part are already underway. And this was stated not only by Cameron, but also the main actor of the picture Sam Worthington, better known as Jake Sally in the movie Avatar 1.

The first part of the Avatar not only collected large fees, but also was awarded prizes such as Golden Globe and Oscar, and not in a single amount. However, fans are interested in completely different news, and the most important of them is when the second part comes out.

Everyone already remembered the Avatar, its plot and characters, so it's time to tell the latest news about the continuation of the film. So, Avatar 2 is a 2020 film, the shooting of which is already in full swing. The release date for the continuation of the sensational sequel about the invented planet Pandora and its inhabitants is scheduled for the end of 2020, or rather, the premiere will be held on December 18, 2020.

In addition to the continuation of the Avatar, it also became known that the saga will not end in the second part, and it will be followed by a third, then fourth and even fifth, but already final part. Well, since there is still a lot of time before the premiere, we recommend that you find out the latest news about the plot of the future picture and actually about everything that became known about the filming and continuation.

Avatar 2 will be released at the end of 2020? Why wait so long?

Indeed, when you think of the first part of the Avatar, a smile appears on your face, and the film has a desire to review it again. Moreover, more than 8 years have passed since the premiere of the first part, so everyone wants to remember once again what the film is about. Whoever has not watched Avatar, you still have time to enjoy not only the plot of the film, but also the bewitching beautiful scenery of Pandora Island.

It is interesting! James Cameron was able to achieve bewitching landscapes not at the expense of computer graphics, but through the acquisition of space in New Zealand for $ 16 million. And as it turned out, such an acquisition played an important role in the film.

The first question that worries fans is the release date of the second part of the Avatar. Knowing when the second part of the Avatar will be released, the second question arises - why wait so long? If filming began in 2017, then why did it take so long? The reasons for this are the following factors:

  1. James Cameron said that he would take up the shooting only after the stage of design of creatures and equipment ended, not only for the second part, but also for the subsequent sagas about Pandora. In the next picture Avatar 2 will be presented to the viewer new corners of the island of Pandora, which the viewer has not yet seen.
  2. The second reason is that James demanded that all the scripts be prepared, and only after that the shooting of the saga about the “blue people” will begin.
  3. The third reason for this “pause” is that Cameron studied animal behavioral factors for a long time in order to display them in his new paintings.

Looking ahead, it is also worth noting that in the second part of the Avatar, the viewer will get to know not only the fascinating landscapes of Pandora in the air, but also under water. For realism and the transmission of landscapes of nature, it is planned, as before, to use real nature, which will only be slightly improved by computer graphics.

What is Avatar 1 movie about

For those who have not had time to get to know the Avatar, it is recommended to do this for a year before the premiere of the second part, which will make it possible to understand what this film is about and whether it is worth watching the sequel. Watching the sequel is undoubtedly necessary, because this film not only displays the mesmerizing landscapes of the fictional Pandora, but also has a unique and interesting plot. If you didn’t remember what the film was about, then we will return to 2009 and plunge into its plot.

The main character of the film is marine Jake Sally, who was injured during the next operation. From now on, Jake can’t walk, which means that he will have to say goodbye to the infantryman’s career. Jack has the opportunity to continue his military career, but only in a different look and through a special capsule, through which a person turns into a clone hybrid of the Navi tribe. Through this capsule, Jake could control an avatar that also looks like a local aborigine. With the embodiment of Jake in the form of a blue man, he now merges into his character and lives him. However, this is only a temporary mission for Jake, after which he will leave the capsule and return to his life.

Jake's mission is to squeeze into the confidence of local Aborigines (blue men), and to convince them to leave the island and relocate to another place. However, during the infusion into the team, Jake realizes that the mission entrusted to him is a way of capturing someone else’s territory, which is the desire of the mission leader Miles Quoritch.

Jake in the course of the assignment realizes that he will not be able to cope with him, so he goes over to the side of local Aboriginal people, and now he will defend Pandora along with its indigenous people. With each subsequent infusion of locals into the collective, Jake spends more and more time in the form of an avatar, weaning from real life. As a result, he falls in love with the local native, and together with the indigenous people he has to fight with his captain, defending Pandora.

The end of the armed confrontation of the crazy-headed captain, who strives to seize foreign territories, and the indigenous inhabitants of the Navi tribe, can be found when viewing the first part of the Avatar.

What will Avatar 2 be about

In addition to the fact that the exact release date of the next part of the saga is known, in the near future it will also be possible to watch the trailer in Russian, which many are waiting for even more than the premiere itself. There is also news about the plot of the second part of the Avatar. Although the plot of the film is kept in the strictest confidence, however, some information nevertheless fell into public view.

Jake Sally, who was transferred to the image of an avatar not only morally, became the head of the Navi clan along with his wife Neytiri. Neytiri gave birth to Jake three children, who in 8 years of absence have already managed to grow up pretty much. In the next part of the Avatar, teens will play on a par with their parents, and indeed, Avatar 2 is a family saga in which confrontation and protection of their land will also be presented. As before, the main opponent of Jake will be his former captain Miles Quaritch, who will have to fight more than one part of the film.

It is interesting! Filmmakers working on the second part of the saga declare that each subsequent part will have its own story, as well as a corresponding ending that will not be cut off in order to continue shooting. Each part has its own story and its end, and together all 5 films will go down in history as the most not only box-office, but also interesting films.

In the plot of the second part of the Avatar, the main characters will also meet with the Metcain clan, whose life is associated with spearfishing. We will find out how the further plot will develop, and how the actual development of events will take place, in December 18, 2020, during the premiere.

About actors and their roles

James Cameron will lead not only the second part of the continuation of the saga, but also all subsequent parts. Preparing the viewer for the release of the next part of the saga is quite normal, as the more the audience expects, the more the desire to watch the new part of the film increases. We will find out which actors and roles will be played in the next part of the saga after a long pause.
The cast, despite such a long break, will not change much, except for the new characters in the face of the children of Jake Sally and Neytiri. The main character Jake will play Sam Worthington, who fell in love with everyone in the face of a blue man. His wife Neytiri - Zoe Saldana, as well as faithful girlfriend Jake (Sigourney Weaver), who was constantly with him, a man throughout the first part. An aging adversary of Jake Miles Quaritch, played by Stephen Lang.
In the second part, we will also see Dr. Norm Spellman, played by Joel Moore. Whether such actresses as Michelle Rodriguez and Giovanni Ribisi will take part in the second part is unknown. However, among the newcomers who will replenish the cast of the Avatar-2 saga, there will be Jamie Fletters. Obviously, he will play one of the sons of the protagonist, who will also defend his native lands of Pandora.
Already now, the shooting of the continuation of the Avatar continues in all, not only the second, but also the third, and also the fourth parts. If Avatar 2 is released in December 2020, then Avatar 3 is scheduled for December 2021, Avatar 4 for 2024, and Avatar 5 for 2025. All parts will be released in December, if the shooting continues according to the planned schedule. Images from the movie "Avatar" can be seen on the video. We are waiting and remember the plot of the first part of the Avatar together.

Video about the movie Avatar 2

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