Pictures of the Rat - the symbol of 2020

In 2020, according to the eastern horoscope, the White Metal Rat will rule the planet. The totemic rodent was privileged to open a small cycle of the Chinese calendar, spanning a full 12 years. To appease the capricious and wayward animal will help thematic decoration of the house in gray, white and silver colors, figurines of a rodent and various pictures of the Rat - a symbol of 2020. They can be used as a screensaver of a smartphone, wallpaper on a computer desktop, ideas for Christmas crafts, toys and wall newspapers. And you can simply print bright, cool pictures, put in beautiful frames and hang around the room. So you can win the favor of a rodent and at the same time cheer yourself up. In this collection you will find several dozen pictures of the symbol of 2020. By the way, to attract good luck, images not only of rats, but also of mice, which also acts as a fun patron of the next twelve months, are suitable.

The beginning of the new year is accompanied by noisy and cheerful holidays - with champagne, fragrant needles and bright tinsel.

These cute New Year's rats have already prepared for a magical night, wearing fun holiday caps.

A photo of a gray rat surrounded by shiny pine cones - why not a decoration for a fabulous holiday!

And this cute rodent even decided to take a sip of a little apple calvados - to walk so walk!

What a holiday without a bright outfit ?! And a funny dressed up rat is proof of this. By the way, the green palette along with white and silver is considered lucky for 2020.

And this rodent is dressed much more modestly - just a warm knitted scarf that perfectly warms up in the winter cold.

A colorful neutral picture of very good quality is suitable as a wallpaper for a laptop or computer. Keep the image on your desktop for a year - the rodent will attract happiness and fortune.

Among the mice, there are also music lovers - and it doesn’t matter that the headphones are “slightly” too big.

And this tailed one is not averse not only to listen to music, but also to try to play a melody on the piano.

The Hidden Gray Rat is a classic of the genre. The neutral image is suitable for children and adults for any occasion.

The epic picture - the rat king, climbing on the back of the cat, goes to hunt dragons.

A sweet trio of rodents will not leave indifferent even those who are afraid of tailed animals.

The tasty bait threatens the symbol of 2020 with major troubles - caution is above all!

The fearful white mouse hid in a green tea cup.

His gray brother decided to follow the same path, only chose a white porcelain jar.

Hygienic procedures are not alien even to our smaller brothers - a white rat cleans the paws with a toothbrush.

The mouse walks with its summer “prey” - an armful of herbs and flowers.

The premiere of the cartoon "Ratatouille" took place in 2007 - on the eve of the previous year, Rat. The main character of the picture was the character of Remy - rats with a unique culinary taste. Quite by chance, Remy enters the kitchen of a chic restaurant, where his exciting adventures begin. Images of the talented rat “Ratatouille” you can safely use as a symbol of the coming year.

Here are the best pictures from the cartoon that everyone loves, which you can download for free:

In the last image, Remy is in the company of his tailed congener.

With the onset of spring, it's time to take some cute photos with a fragrant bouquet of lilacs.

A sweet and very delicate picture in white colors on a spring theme.

A well-fed domestic rat is trying to get out of captivity - a forged metal cage.

Curiosity is not alien to tailed rodents - they strive to stick their nose into any business.

Two mouse voles decided to talk on ears of ripe wheat - take a photo on the summer desktop.

Funny little mouse eats stocks on a smart miniature armchair.

Funny hand-drawn picture - the mouse was stunned with happiness when he saw a huge piece of fragrant fresh cheese.

The white rat sat down to bask in the gentle sun, squinting his eyes in pleasure.

It turns out that rodents also like to feast on ripe strawberries.

A surprise in the box is a two-color thrifty animal and a teddy bear toy.

Further, some interesting creative ideas “involving” the symbol of the year. They are useful to those who like to do needlework for the joy of themselves and others. A toy rat or mouse will be a great New Year souvenir, a pleasant sign of attention for friends and relatives.

A couple of newlyweds - gray rats and his lover in a white veil and with a bouquet of pink roses. The product is made using the soft toy technique with knitting elements.

Gray mice made of soft felt. A cute and relatively simple craft that can decorate the Christmas tree.

Cool plush toy in the form of a voracious rat with a whole bag of supplies.

The rodent is preparing for the meeting of its first birthday - a cozy craft using the technique of felting.

Matilda is an elegant rat in a cap, a gray dress with lace and a mini bag with a handle of pearls.

Autumn has come - it's time to stockpile. Rodent with a whole bucket of ripe red apples.

An interesting thematic picture for Halloween is four mice in a pumpkin house on a pillow of yellow leaves.

A field mouse looks for a wintering place among a pile of fallen yellow foliage.

What could be more comfortable on a cold evening than a cup of hot tea and a fascinating romance.

Funny mice made of wool warm and uplift their appearance.

Rodent on a computer keyboard - a high-resolution image can be used as a screensaver on the desktop.

Drawn animals with a decanter of lemonade are suitable for the manufacture of paper, cardboard crafts or the design of a New Year's poster.

There are no hopeless situations - and even from such a glass trap with goodies you can get out.

The rat likes to stock up not only edible - coins are also useful. Print this picture and hang it in the room. The “money symbol” will attract luck in the financial sector for the whole year.

A funny decorative rat with a long mustache examines everyone with curiosity.

Hand-drawn mouse - clipart for a children's collage or crafts for kindergarten.

This mouse touches with its appearance and charges with an excellent mood.

A sweet couple of rodents, a box with shiny pomegranate seeds on a bright burgundy background.

Just a cool hand-drawn animal to create a comic greeting card or interesting creative application.

And finally - an example of full understanding of such different, but such friendly brothers of our lesser.

Despite the unsightly appearance, an inquisitive rat is one of the most revered signs of the eastern calendar. Let the cute animal bring you good luck in the coming year, and its images and figures become a kind of portal to a well-fed and happy life.

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