How to relax in June 2020 in Russia

No matter how many holidays and weekends the working population has, they will still want more. Only permanent rest is available to a very small group of people in working age. The rest have to carefully follow the calendar to find out when and how much they will be able to relax. It is especially interesting to find out how we relax in June 2020 in Russia, because this summer month does not spoil the working people with holiday dates.

Duration of the month and the number of working days

The beginning of June in 2020 coincides with the first day of the week. There are 30 dates in a month. The end of the month falls on Tuesday. Because Since the month begins and ends on weekdays, this leads to a not very good location for June Saturdays and Sundays. Weekends in June 2020 in Russia are not as numerous as many would like. The standard calendar dates in the first summer month are only 8 days.

A month has almost the maximum number of working days precisely because of the peculiarities of the location this year of the beginning and end of June. Elementary calculations minus holiday dates from the total duration of June give 22 working days. Only this is not so - in June there is also one state-level holiday giving the right to an official day off. In addition, on the eve of this date, a shortened working day should be provided to the population.

List of June holidays in 2020

When calculating how many days off in June falls on the calendar, you need to consider the availability of holiday dates. There are few such days at the beginning of summer, although one date can be called extremely significant. This is June 12, which is the day of Russia. At the same time, the holiday is located very well - it falls on Friday, forming a long three-day weekend.

Among public holidays giving the right to an official day off, Russia’s day is the only June date that has federal significance. There are no other all-Russian holidays with an additional holiday date in June. However, there are other holidays that do not give a day off, but are celebrated after work or even in the work team in the case of a professional date.

The most famous is the "Children's Day", celebrated in many countries around the world on the first day of summer. Not so long ago, starting in 2012, another family date was added to the children's holiday. The UN General Assembly assigned June 1 not only to children, but also to parents. Those. on this day is celebrated and "World Parents Day." In addition to this, on June 1, 2 other international holidays are celebrated. This is “International Milk Day” and “World Water Day.” There are other significant holidays celebrated on the first day of summer, which are already of all-Russian significance. Only international and national dates are enough on other days of June.

Among them are the following:

  1. All-Russian Day of Healthy Eating - 2nd.
  2. Cyclist World Date - 3rd.
  3. Russian crane operator day - 4th.
  4. The world date for child victims of aggression is June 4.
  5. International Ecologist Day - 5th.
  6. World Oceans Day - June 8th.
  7. National Day of Social Worker in the Russian Federation - 8th.
  8. World donor and blogger dates are June 14th.
  9. International Day Against Drought - June 17th.
  10. The world dates for yoga, hydrography and skateboarding are June 21st.
  11. The international day dedicated to the Olympic Games is the 23rd.
  12. World Maritime Date - June 25th.
  13. World Drug Control Day - 26th.
  14. National Youth Day in the Russian Federation - June 27.
  15. The Russian day of the innovator and inventor is June 29.

In addition, in June, Australia’s Foundation Day, Father’s Day in Lithuania, and Denmark’s Constitution Day are celebrated, and sometimes Ramadan falls on the summer month. At the end of the month, on the 30th, a holiday with a cosmic bias is also celebrated. This is World Asteroid Day. Although this date, and all of the above, do not give rise to additional relaxation. They are all celebrated in the evening after work.

Days of transfer with exact dates

The official weekends in June are not very numerous. Even taking into account one holiday date for a full-time holiday, only 9 days are planned. Because the holiday falls on Friday, they will not postpone it, the date itself has settled down so that a long weekend has formed. Therefore, there are no days of rest break, therefore, from other months of the transfer of days off is not expected.

Weekends, working days and rescheduled days in June 2020
The total number of days of the monthWeekend DatesProbable Transfer DatesNumber of working days at full weekThe total number of days of rest, taking into account the calendar weekend


May 12th holiday




11th day shortened day

If a particular person has a 24-hour working day, then for him such a number of days off is irrelevant. Firstly, there will be more vacation dates, and secondly, often even an important holiday date with a shift schedule does not give the right to a day off, but simply has to be paid at a special rate.

Upon learning how to relax in June 2020, citizens can plan an event or a trip to visit. The first month of summer does not spoil the number of holidays, and this year the beginning of June coincided with Monday, which reduced the number of calendar days off. Nevertheless, there is a nice bonus - the good location of the state holiday led to the appearance of a long weekend for 3 days, giving the opportunity to get out into the countryside and just relax.

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