How to relax in January 2020 in Russia

The time of conditional stability has long passed, when people knew exactly the dates of official holidays, mandatory for the whole country. After the introduction of the New Year holidays and the emergence of specific transfer rules, some citizens began to get confused about the holiday dates. In addition, annually a wave of vague information about the abolition of "winter holidays" is gaining momentum in the network. Therefore, many now want to know how to relax in January 2020 in Russia, so as not to experience unnecessary disappointments.

Information about canceling New Year's adult holidays

New Year's holidays in Russia are regularly “canceled” by popular efforts. Long before the holidays themselves, information appears on the Internet about the abolition of a long January holiday. This news travels at the speed of light, people frantically looking for a paper calendar to see the dates there marked with a red background indicating the weekend.

At the same time, holidays in Russia are officially fixed in the past year, so even if the situation with the abolition of long winter vacations is real, people will be informed the day before, in November or December. Everything else is speculation, because there is no real bill, decree or order, but only someone else's reckless statements.

Duration of the month and the number of working days

The total number of days in January never changes. Every year, the first month contains 31 days. Only a single number of days in a month and the exact boundaries of the presidential New Year holidays do not promise the "sameness" of the current and all subsequent January.

The difference is connected with the calendar arrangement of the days off, each time falling out differently. In addition, official holidays can be postponed to different dates in order to avoid a break in rest on other significant days of the year. Moreover, the duration of the rest is affected not by how many holidays in a particular month, but by the calendar arrangement of the beginning of the month relative to Saturday and Sunday.

January 2020 will be like this in days of work and rest:

  1. Holiday and weekend - 14 days
  2. Calendar working dates - 17 days.

In fact, rest this month is almost half of it. Moreover, this approach is acceptable for municipal organizations and companies that fully comply with the labor code. Only even government agencies sometimes work without taking into account the New Year holidays. Among such workers are doctors, rescuers, police officers, etc. Also, individuals with a shift work schedule stand out separately, which makes it impossible to take into account public holidays. Therefore, they simply will not have so much rest at the beginning of the year.

The list of holidays in January in 2020

Holidays and weekends in January have already become familiar, therefore, although there are still dissatisfied citizens, people are waiting for the New Year holidays. At the same time, not everyone understood the principle of forming the duration of such a holiday, because in one year the holidays go until the 10th, and in the other until January 8 or 9. The rules are simple - from the first to the 8th day there is legal rest, all the rest are days of transfer or falling out on a calendar weekend.

In January 2020, everything is simple - rest lasts on the 8th day inclusively. Next comes 2 business days and a calendar weekend. Those. This year no extended New Year holidays are planned. At the same time, there are only 2 official holiday dates in January - these are the 1st and 7th. The first is celebrated by the New Year itself, and January 7 is the Nativity of Christ, which is a public holiday. The remaining dates of the New Year holidays are only days off.

Holidays in Russia can also be postponed, but most often this applies to cases of falling out of such a date on a day off. In such situations, the holiday for this holiday is moved to Monday or even to another month, where there is a gap of one day between some official date and the upcoming or past weekend.

Days of transfer with exact dates

Specifically, in January there are 2 holidays that fall on the weekend. According to the rules, these dates must be rescheduled. Moreover, in some years, such "spare" days are moved immediately after the previous holiday dates. In 2020, the calendar weekend falls on January 4 and 5. These dates could be moved to the 9th and 10th day of the same month, but now the days will move more than 120 days. The nuances of the January holiday are easier to see in the table.

Weekends, working days and rescheduled days in January 2020
Dates of the "New Year holidays"Weekend DatesTransfer DatesNumber of working days at full weekThe total number of days of rest, taking into account the calendar weekend
From 1 to 8, including 2 public holidays





From Saturday January 4 to Monday May 4.

From Sunday January 5th to Tuesday May 12th.


Knowing how to relax in January 2020 in Russia, we can plan our leisure time in full. However, unpredictability is typical for Russia, therefore it will be possible to say exactly what official holidays are expected during the year only on the eve of its onset. Shortly before the coming year, the president of the country signs a decree containing the approved holidays and all dates of the transfer. The remaining options are preliminary, among those that are most likely to be implemented in 2020. Often, this is exactly how people subsequently relax, although for maximum confidence they will have to wait until the signing of official documents at the end of 2019.

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