The standings of the Russian football championship 2019/2020

While Europe is just getting ready for the new season, the Russian Premier League is already gaining momentum. The first rounds were played, which presented several surprises, unexpected results.

But no matter how the new championship starts, some trends are confirmed from year to year:

  • The first rounds of the Czech Republic Moscow Spartak looks completely disassembled, although it underwent full pre-season training. Last years, the head coach often changed at the start of the championship. This season, the leadership of the red and white started a change of composition. The players of the “past” basis are gone. Acquisitions are made during the season.
  • Teams that entered the European Cups following the results of the last championship fail the start of the new season (Tula Arsenal).
  • Newbie RFPL shows poor results (FC Sochi).
  • A team that does not belong to the clear favorites shoots at the beginning of the championship (Rostov).

At the beginning of the season, most teams do not pay much attention to the lost points. However, at the finish it is these points that significantly affect the position in the table. At the moment, the standings of the Russian football championship 2019/2020 are as follows:

1. Zenith43107-210
2. CSKA43014-39
3. Rostov42209-78
4. Locomotive42115-47
5. Ruby42113-27
6. Krasnodar42117-47
7. Ural42118-67
8. Arsenal42117-67
9. Akhmat42023-56
10. Dynamo41213-25
11. Spartak41213-45
12. Ufa41126-74
13. Wings of the Soviets41036-73
14. Tambov41034-53
15. Sochi40130-61
16. Orenburg40043-80

Team Prediction

The RPL Intermediate Table confirms Zenith’s desire to defend the title. Three victories have been obtained. These were two newcomers to the top division (Tambov, Sochi) and Orenburg. But in the first game with a strong club RFPL Krasnodar allowed a loss of points. A draw was recorded at Gazprom Arena. It's a shame, but not catastrophic. This misfire will only spur the St. Petersburg club. On the eve of the match, the most expensive and prominent Premier League transfer 2019-2020 was carried out: Brazilian Malkom moved from Barcelona to Zenit for an amount of about 40 million. Such a legionnaire is obliged to help Zenith not only stay on top in the Russian championship, but also to adequately play in the Champions League.

Club Yuri Galitsky located in fifth place. It is impossible to clearly explain the reason for the defeat from Akhmat in the first round. Further Krasnodar steadily takes points. Strengthening the team is also serious: Remy Cabella, Tonnie Vilena, Marcus Berg. A place in the top three, and even gold medals look an achievable goal.

CSKA and Lokomotiv started the championship in normal operating mode: second and seventh places, respectively. The teams have already had a face-to-face meeting in which CSKA victory was recorded. But the army team unexpectedly lost in the first round away to the Wings of the Soviets.

Between Zenit, CSKA, Lokomotiv and Krasnodar, a struggle will unfold for the pedestal. How the seats are allocated is still unknown. It must be remembered that there are three places allocated for the Premier League in the Champions League. Two teams will go directly to the group stage, one will start the fight in qualification. For RPL clubs, participation in the Champions League brings significant funds to the budget. Not a single team would like to stay away from UEFA payments.

It would not be hard to realize for Spartak fans, but their team this season will be difficult to break into the medalists. Fourth, fifth place looks the limit for the club. What can dream of a club that builds a team during the season. Obviously, Kononov is not a specialist who can quickly organize a game.

The second echelon in the place in the Europa League will roll Rostov, Rubin, Dynamo, Arsenal, maybe Akhmat. The Kazan club started well: two wins and a draw, an acceptable eighth place. Rubin would like to finish in the same position, but there are too many competitors.

Of all this cohort of teams, Rostov stands out. The team under the leadership of Valery Karpin is noticeably progressing in the game plan. The composition is staffed with quality performers: Roman Eremenko, Ivelin Popov, Alexey Ionov, Matias Normann, Eldor Shomurodov. Last year’s ninth place looks unworthy for such a team. Rostov has the right to count on getting into European competitions at the end of the season.

The middle of the table will be divided among themselves Dynamo, Akhmat, Arsenal, Ural, Rubin. Clubs are able to avoid the struggle for survival and not get into the zone of butt matches. This inheritance will be divided by the Wings of the Soviets, Ufa, Orenburg, Tambov and Sochi. At the moment, the basement of the standings is FC Sochi. It is very difficult to find a game for a team that is actually re-equipped after exiting the FNL. Players show decent football, but inferior in moments where teamwork is important.

Tambov was marked by a significant victory over the national team of Moscow Spartak, but lost three more times. If defeats from Zenit and Loko look natural, then losing to the Tula Arsenal indicates a team weakness. Wings of the Soviets and Orenburg gave a bad start: three defeats each.

It is difficult to make any predictions at the start of the championship. The situation may change after each round.

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