Kitchen Design 2019-2020

Equipping the kitchen, every housewife wants to make it a functional and comfortable corner for cooking and family meals. The times when the kitchen was managed by several cabinets and stools are long gone. New technical and design developments allow us to make the room very stylish, harmonious and cozy - a real focus of family well-being. The design of the kitchen 2019-2020 is a combination of conciseness and practicality with elements of eclecticism, the latest technical developments and competently built lighting. This thematic collection is called to get fresh ideas for repair and be inspired by ready-made interior options.

Black and white interior

Pure white cuisines have long lost their popularity. They were replaced by more stylish furniture options, which combines two contrasting colors - light and dark. The most win-win solution in the design of a black-and-white kitchen is to arrange the shades horizontally - a black top and a white bottom, or vice versa - a white top and a black bottom. The kitchen interior looks elegant with white furniture and a black apron. It is complemented by decorative inserts, LED backlighting or spotlights.

Do not chase the complex forms of new items - the color contrast should be simple and concise, close to the classical or minimalist styles. Interesting candlesticks, ceiling lamps, window decor, floor tiles and even multi-colored jars for bulk products are used as bright strokes.

Fashionable Loft

Loft is the industrial style of the kitchen, which has a kind of masculine character. It is characterized by deliberate negligence, the use of rough finishing materials and the almost complete absence of traditional decor. The walls of kitchens in the loft style are imitated under brick or concrete - decorative brick and embossed plaster cope with this task. The floor is most often plank - from a parquet board or laminate for wood. Sometimes they use ceramic floor tiles or leave a bare concrete surface.

Furniture should be rough, made of metal or wood. Wall cabinets are replaced with open shelves, and at the bottom there are capacious tiers and monolithic panels for storing kitchen utensils. The best decorative elements for industrial decor are beams, pipes, rough metal products, lamps of non-trivial geometry.

Bright kitchen

According to French designers, fashionable kitchens should be pleasing to the eye and dilute the gray interior with their cheerful catchy appearance. The main tint load will be borne by furniture - fortunately, there are a huge number of options for the palette of furnishings. White color is perfectly combined with any bright shade - combinations with green, turquoise, orange, lilac, pink and yellow will be elegant. In principle, the color of the kitchen can be any, the main thing is not to overdo it with the number of shades - there should be no more than 3-4.

Bright kitchen sets look very fashionable, the facade of which has a glossy finish. With proper care, such a kitchen will please the eye for many years. What other colors can be considered for the interior of the kitchen:

  • orange - a warm and cheerful color is able to daily improve mood, it goes well with white and gray walls, can be used as catchy spots;
  • lilac - creates a magnificent appearance in composition with pistachio elements, a milk, blue and yellow palette;
  • burgundy - expressive, but at the same time a calming shade will look good in any kitchen, it is best combined with black, white, gray and beige;
  • green - a popular shade for the kitchen in a modern style, a bright solid color palette is welcome.

The design of a small kitchen is recommended to be decorated in pastel colors, which visually expands the space. Natural light shades are especially good - light yellow, sky blue, beige, cream, light olive. If the main emphasis in design is placed on a bright headset, the walls, ceiling, apron and floor of the room should be discreet, preferably monophonic, referring to the same color scheme.

Light design

The bright interior design will be the antithesis of a bright kitchen - this is the choice of conservatives, adherents of the classics in the design of interior decoration. A kitchen in a bright palette always looks neat, spacious, airy. Muted colors can successfully mask the imperfections of the room, hide the unevenness of the walls and floor. But the main advantage of a bright kitchen is the ability to create an interior in any style, whether it be magnificent baroque or laconic Scandinavia. The selection of shades will not be difficult - they are perfectly combined with each other and do not create sloppiness.

The most popular palette for bright kitchens:

  • white
  • pale green;
  • Ivory;
  • sand;
  • pale pink;
  • cappuccino;
  • pearl;
  • light blue.

So that the room does not seem boring and monotonous, it is imperative to use bright accents - textiles, upholstery on chairs, tablecloths and pillows. A good solution would be a colored work apron or an entire wall that will play in contrasts with the general environment.

Neoclassical style

Neoclassical cuisine involves the use of furniture and interior elements of an aristocratic nature. But, unlike the usual classics, there will be less relief and decorative details, bulky and majestic furniture. The interior of the kitchen should include light sets and sets of the natural spectrum - gray, milk, sand, white. Refined impregnation will be details with silver and pearl modulations, creating a unique combination of nobleness with ivory. This combination is implemented on all surfaces - furniture facades, curtains, wallpaper and textile accessories.

To decorate the walls and floor, they certainly use expensive, preferably natural materials - parquet or terrace boards, ceramic or artificial stone, granite, marble, textile or paper wallpapers. And all this in a neutral, discreet palette.

Kitchen-living room

Combining the kitchen with the living room is a reasonable solution for apartments that differ in modest dimensions. The combined area is characterized by multifunctionality - they prepare dishes, arrange dinners and receive guests. In some cases, even a corridor is subject to unification, therefore, a special role is assigned to the preparation of a competent design project. To distinguish between functional areas, several methods are used:

  • kitchen island - a separate table for cooking and eating;
  • difference in textures and shades of floor and ceiling coatings;
  • bar counter as an element of zoning;
  • hanging rack;
  • module with lockers;
  • screens and partitions.

Multi-level lighting can become a zoning element - for each site you should consider your own constructive. Used spotlights, strip and combined lighting, ceiling lamps. Floor lamps and sconces will help to draw an invisible border between the kitchen and the dining room, and in the working area you can mount the backlight of the lower part of the mounted modules.

Corner kitchen

The main advantage of the L-shaped layout is the ability to use two working walls at once, leaving a platform for installing a dining table between them. Corner kitchens allow you to ergonomically place a sink, stove and refrigerator, and in return receive maximum space for convenient work.

The interior can be the most diverse - it is selected in accordance with the area of ​​the premises and the tastes of the owners. The corner kitchen is so spacious that it is possible to refuse even hanging cabinets. They are replaced by retractable carousels and open shelves, special socles in the tube for drawers.

Built-in appliances and the use of window sills as mini-countertops leave even more room for maneuvers in the kitchen. In one part of the room you can place a tall pencil case. It is used not only for storing small items and utensils, but also as a module for embedding a refrigerator, microwave, oven.

Scandinavian style

Recently, the Scandinavian style in the interior conquered everyone by the simplicity of its geometric shapes, the purity of the palette and excellent combinatoriality. It is applicable in kitchens of any size, including those combined with the dining room and living room. Unlike absolutely strict hi-tech, the Scandinavia style brings more comfort and warmth, even if the palette is dominated by cold shades.

Distinctive features of the Scandinavian-style kitchen interior:

  • light colors;
  • a large number of light sources - both natural and artificial;
  • strict forms of all elements of the situation;
  • minimum decorative elements;
  • maximum free space;
  • high functionality of every thing.

These features are designed to create a harmony of light and color in the room. The mood of the Scandinavian countries is also conveyed by fresh flowers arranged on shelves or in the windowsill, high floor jugs and photo frames on the wall.

Built-in kitchen

Built-in kitchens are called, the design and constructive of which is developed on an individual project. Modern ideas and developments make it possible to hide almost all household appliances behind furniture facades - from the refrigerator and dishwasher to the hood and microwave. When developing an individual project, the location of communications - water supply, sewer pipes, ventilation ducts and electrical wiring must be taken into account.

The built-in kitchen should be quite spacious to accommodate not only appliances, but also cabinets with shelves and drawers. Furniture companies offer an interesting solution for built-in refrigerators. Their front side (door) looks like an ordinary cabinet door, and is no different from the facade of the rest of the headset. Thus, the entire front panel looks as a whole.

Island kitchen

The most spectacular option for organizing the kitchen space is the installation of the so-called island, the role of which is the table-stand with built-in sink, cooking and cutting surfaces. Only owners of large apartments can afford island cuisine, but recently there have been options for organizing small islands that simultaneously serve as a dining table or bar. In such constructions, only a stove is built in, and the sink is placed against the wall where communications allow. A good addition to the island will be bar stools or ordinary kitchen chairs with high backs, powerful hoods above the table and low lamps descending from the ceiling.

Mandatory attributes of modern cuisine

Basic kitchen interior styles wander from season to season, slightly transforming over time. But every year new trends appear that allow you to modernize the design, make it more fashionable and presentable.

Chrome elements. It is not only about communications (taps, faucets, sinks), but also about decor items. Countertops, flower stands, shelves and elegant little tables with chrome legs perfectly fit into the modern styles.

Bar counter. It can perform both a traditional function and additional ones - as an alternative to a dining table and an additional work surface. The bar counter is also used for zoning and placement of kitchen appliances.

Fancy Countertops. Brilliant quartz, fundamental granite and graceful glass options are now at the peak of popularity. Counters of unusual geometry with flowing fantasy outlines find their fans.

Lighting. Black lamps, low bronze fixtures, wire and lace lampshades - this will be fashionable in the 2019-2020 season. Attractive lighting is created by an LED strip in an aluminum or plastic profile - its color is selected in accordance with the general style and palette of the room.

Matt furniture. Haze is in demand today in everything, including in the kitchen setting. Matte furniture facades always look stylish and attractive, and in the near future do not plan to go out of fashion.

Minimalistic range hood. This indispensable technology in the kitchen promises to displace bulky hoods, and its lightweight sophisticated design fits perfectly into the sleek, fashionable interiors.

The modern design of the kitchen is diverse and often combines the features of several styles at once. It is not for nothing that designers, when developing kitchen projects, focus on eclecticism - mixing fashionable ideas makes it possible to achieve interesting and unique interior options for every taste.

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