DIY decorations for the New Year 2020

Creating jewelry for the New Year 2020 with our own hands, we become the owners of unique gizmos, which can not be purchased in any store. Thanks to them, the house decorated for the holiday is fantastically transformed, and the family budget is practically not affected.

The basic rules for decorating a house before the meeting of the Year of the Rat

Preparing for the 2020 meeting, which, according to the eastern calendar, will be the year of the white metal Rat, you should plan the decoration of the house based on the preferences of this smart little animal.

  • Since the Rat is a big fan of food, you can decorate rooms and the Christmas tree with something edible and very tasty: glazed gingerbread cookies, sweets, gilded nuts and homemade cookies.
  • An outgoing little animal who likes to spend time in the company of his brothers will really like it if miniature rodent figures made of various materials, but always in bright colors, are used in the interior decoration.
  • The White Metal Rat will be delighted with the abundance of sparkling and mysteriously flickering elements in the festive decoration of the room. Decorating a Christmas tree, it is necessary to use New Year's rain, shiny toys and tinsel made of mirror foil. The rooms can be decorated with sparkling lanterns, elegant pendants made of paper snowflakes and sparkling stars, streaming silver ribbons and small coniferous wreaths decorated with natural materials and cheese slices.
  • The owner of the coming year, who appreciates hard work and creativity, will like it if most of the New Year’s decor used to decorate the house is done by the hands of the people living in it.

Decorate windows

Window decoration is an important element of the New Year's decoration of each house. If you don’t want to paint glass with intricate patterns using a brush and toothpaste, you can design a window opening with a handmade stretching made of pine cones.

Such a garland is not only exquisitely beautiful, but also safe, as it is made of natural material.

To make it, you need to stock up:

  • A large number of cones (both pine and spruce are suitable).
  • A jar of acrylic paint (white).
  • A sheet of thick cardboard.
  • Cord or braid of green, red or white. You can use a cord woven from two threads (white and red); in this case, its color will resemble a New Year's candy.

Working process:

  • Having poured a small amount of acrylic paint on a sheet of cardboard, we roll the cones in it so that it only paints the very tips of the scales, creating the illusion of snow.
  • We leave the painted cones for several hours (best of all - for the night), giving them the opportunity to dry well.
  • Each cone is tightly tied with a cord, hiding nodules under the scales. The optimal distance between adjacent cones is 10 cm (both a larger and a smaller gap will look equally ugly).

The length of the garland can be any. In addition to window openings, it can be used to decorate walls, doors, lamps, as well as to decorate the local area. A home-made stretch goes well with a garland of light bulbs: the cozy light of bright lights illuminating the cones will create a festive mood in the house.

New Year's vytyanka

Very popular in Russia and many European countries are the so-called “vytyanka” - patterns or figures, skillfully cut from white paper and used to decorate windows on New Year's Eve.

To make them we need:

  • stencil;
  • sharp scissors;
  • White paper.

Today, stencils for ejections are most often printed using a printer. If it is not, you can do the following:

  • Having chosen the template you like on the Internet, you can transfer it to a sheet of paper directly from the monitor of your computer. To do this, you need to increase the image you like to the required size using the Ctrl system key.
  • After that, by putting paper on the monitor, you need to draw a sketch around the outline with a simple pencil (not clicking too hard on it). By putting paper on the table, you can make the lines sharper. After that, the stencil is ready for use.
  • Having cut out the image with the help of manicure scissors, it remains only to glue it to the glass using a solution of toilet soap.

Decorate a Christmas tree

Christmas tree decorations can be easily made with your own hands. We offer several options for homemade garlands, the manufacture of which can be handled even by an inexperienced craftswoman.

  • To make a garland of pasta (for example, in the form of bows), it is enough to color them with acrylic paints, dry them thoroughly, and then dress them with a thick thread, twine or braid.

  • The garland, the elements of which are made of pieces of bright felt, looks best on the Christmas tree. They can be shaped like bells, Christmas trees, stars or funny snowmen. Finished elements can be strung on a stern thread, tied to a beautiful cord or sewn on a sewing machine (in this case, even a tie thread is not required - we get a garland with no spaces between the elements).
  • From paper you can make, for example, just such a spectacular garland of fans.

The manufacturing process of each fan is unusually simple.

Taking a sheet of paper, bend a strip 1 cm wide. Focusing on this strip, we fold the entire sheet with an accordion, bending it in one direction or the other.

We bend the finished "accordion" in half.

Fasten the inner edges with double-sided tape.

Having made a large number of blanks, we combine them into one large stretch.

Garlands can be used not only to decorate the Christmas tree: they can be used to decorate doorways or window openings, hang them from a stream, or use them as extensions that cross the room in different directions.

Room Decoration Options

What if the room in which the New Year is planned is so small that there is no room for a Christmas tree? We offer witty ideas for creating a Christmas tree right on the wall or door:

  • The easiest way is to take a ready-made artificial tree and, having made one barrel flat, attach it to the wall. In a similar way, you can use a live Christmas tree by cutting branches on one side. Sawn branches can be used to make the crown thicker and more beautiful. You can dress such a tree in the traditional way, using garlands, Christmas toys and tinsel. Without taking up much space, it, nevertheless, will create the illusion of the presence of a full-fledged Christmas tree.

  • Fans of minimalism will like the Christmas tree, for the manufacture of which you will need several power buttons, studs, a skein of thick yarn and a set of Christmas balls. Having created the contour of the Christmas tree using the buttons, wrap it with threads (as in the photo) and decorate with silver balls.

  • How to make a Christmas tree of thin birch logs (5-6 pieces are required)? Having taken 5-6 pieces of wood, we saw them off so that a triangle can be folded from the resulting blanks. Connecting the logs with strong twine and making a reliable loop at the top, we hang the Christmas tree from the wall (on a hook or carnation). Decorate with toys and light bulbs.

  • To decorate the room, you can make a Christmas tree from scraps of polypropylene pipes. In order not to spoil the wallpaper, the design will have to be attached not to the wall, but to a sheet of thin plywood. After cutting the pipes in rings, glue them to the plywood with a glue gun, giving the crown a triangular shape. To decorate such a Christmas tree, balls and other decorative elements are enough to place inside the plastic rings.

  • A very simple and - nevertheless - spectacular Christmas tree can be obtained from an ordinary electric garland. You just need to attach it to the wall with pieces of colorless tape and decorate with stars cut out of white paper.
  • Similarly, the contour of a Christmas tree can be made of fluffy tinsel (preferably green), and fill the middle with balls and toys.

  • Parents of a growing baby can make for him a "developing" Christmas tree made of scraps of colored felt. The highlight of such a Christmas tree is that the figures decorating it, equipped with eyelets, are attached to the tree with the help of large buttons. The kid can repeatedly remove them and suspend them from the tree at his discretion, while improving the motor skills of small muscles.

Decorate the stairs

The decoration of the stairs gives the festive decoration of the house a special cosiness and completeness. You can do this with:

  • spruce branches (artificial or natural);
  • New Year's tinsel;
  • artificial poinsettia flowers;
  • wide satin ribbons and bows;
  • Christmas toys;
  • dry twigs;
  • holiday wreaths;
  • boots or socks for Christmas gifts;
  • improvised garlands.

Decor with spruce branches

This type of decor, which makes stair railings unusually spectacular, is the most popular.

Fir paws can be both natural and artificial. The advantage of artificial twigs is that they can be used for many years, and stored in cardboard boxes. Natural branches will fill the house with a unique aroma of fresh needles.

  • Having measured the length of the stair railing with a tape measure, we first lay out a path of coniferous paws on the floor.
  • Bandaging the branches with twine or thick fishing line, we get a garland of the required length.
  • Having laid the finished garland on the railing, we fix it in some places using fishing line, thin wire or elegant ribbons.

Use of tinsel

There are several ways to decorate the stairs with Christmas tinsel:

  • The easiest option - taking tinsel (preferably the most magnificent), the color of which is in harmony with other elements of the festive decor, wrap it with stair handrails.
  • A more pronounced effect can be achieved if several tinsel strings intertwined are used at once to wrap the railing.
  • The tinsel hanging from the railing with smooth arches looks very elegant. To do this carefully, one end of the sparkling thread must be tied to the very edge of the handrail. Then, having visually found the center of the handrail, it is necessary to attach the center of tinsel to it with a deflection, and fix its second end (with the same deflection) at the opposite end of the handrail.

Wreath Decor

New Year's wreaths used to decorate the stairs can be made with your own hands. Having cut the ring out of thick cardboard, with a glue gun we attach spruce branches to it and decorate them with beads, toys, cinnamon sticks and slices of dried tangerines.

Having tied bright satin ribbons to the finished wreaths, we will throw them over the railing handrails and tie them with spectacular bows. In order not to overload the composition, no more than three such wreaths should be used to decorate one staircase.

Decorate the stairs with New Year's boots

To decorate the flight of stairs with elegant socks or boots (lovers of homework can make them on their own), it is enough to sew a bright ribbon to each of them, with which they will be attached to the railing.

Suspended boots can be filled with gilded cones, sweets in shiny wrappers and acrylic snowflakes. Small soft toys and beautifully wrapped gift boxes will look very appropriate in them.

Decoration with dry branches

Those who choose this version of staircase decor should be aware that the compositions should be identical, and the branches used should be as straight as possible, without strong branching.

The process of creating a composition is quite simple:

  • Taking a dry branch, add a few spruce paws to it, and on top we put a twig strewn with bright berries (hawthorn or mountain ash will do).
  • We will tie the finished bouquet with fishing line, to which several Christmas balls are attached.

To attach the compositions to the stair railing, we use wide satin ribbons, tying them with lush bows.

We decorate the stairs with bows

Bows can be used not only as auxiliary elements (as, for example, in the case of decorating compositions from branches), but also as a completely independent and full-fledged decor.

There are two ways to decorate stairs with bows: they are either immediately tied to the railing, or they are first made from a wide satin ribbon and only after that they are attached in certain places of the flight of stairs.

We use Christmas balls

The simplest version of the staircase decor. To transform the ladder, it’s enough to tie beautiful ribbons or fishing line to the balls and attach them to the railing. The more balls - the more elegant the stairs.

Snowflake Decor

Snowflakes used to decorate the stairs can be both purchased and homemade. They can be:

  • hang from the railing using jute twine, fishing line or satin ribbons;
  • use to decorate wreaths and garlands of fir branches;
  • attach to the crate using double-sided tape.

Unconventional decor

To decorate the stairs, you can use the most unexpected objects related to the history of the family and closest friends. If you decorate it with old toys, family photos or memorabilia, you can create an unusually warm atmosphere in the house, allowing you to recall the happiest and most significant moments of past years.

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