Where to go on New Year's holidays 2020 in Moscow

Not only children, but also adults are looking forward to the New Year holidays. For several days off you can not only have plenty of rest, but also have fun. On the eve of the main winter holiday, the capital is wonderfully transformed, dressing up in colorful bright lights. However, many interesting events await residents and guests of Moscow.

There are many options for spending leisure time on New Year's days: you can go with the whole family to the rink, or visit the most interesting exhibition in the museum, go to a club or out of town, or spend all the holidays with friends. There are plenty of places to go to the New Year holidays 2020 in Moscow. Everyone will be able to choose the most suitable - depending on their own interests and wallet. To leave a long weekend in your memory a lot of positive emotions and pleasant memories, make a plan for the holidays in advance.

City Celebrations

In the capital, New Year's preparations begin long before the onset of the holidays - the city is being transformed, decorated with illumination, and hundreds of cultural workers are preparing holiday events. New Year's performances are held at all major venues in the city, in parks and squares of Moscow, so you can not only walk around the elegant capital, but also participate in the festival for free.

From mid-December to January 13-15, concerts, show programs and other city events will be held in Moscow. The organizers of the holiday will make sure that not only local residents, but also guests of the capital are interested in spending the New Year holidays.

On the streets of the city you can spend not only a festive night, but also January 1 - the first day of the year. In the daytime, you can walk with children on Red Square and the Arbat, or visit the numerous fairs. During all holidays, theatrical performances, contests and Christmas trees will be held in parks and shopping centers of the city, which will be of interest not only to children, but also to adults.


Traditionally, the largest shopping complex in the country is becoming one of the most important places visited by thousands of local residents and guests of the capital during the winter holidays. On New Year's Eve, GUM turns into a special unique island of the holiday, where the amazing atmosphere of the approaching celebration reigns. Here you can not only buy souvenirs and gifts for relatives and friends, but also have a great time. The fair will run annually from 10 a.m. to 11 p.m. Thanks to such a schedule, anyone can visit the GUM.

On the territory of GUM, numerous cafes and shops will open, where you can taste dishes and snacks of traditional Russian cuisine. Visitors with children will be entertained by animators, artists and musicians who prepare special performances and concert programs. Ice skating enthusiasts will enjoy spending time at the rink, which is located near the main square of the country. You can come here with a girl or friends to have fun.

Gorky Park

In the city park, traditional festivities are held, where everyone will find entertainment to their taste. Here you can spend inexpensively not only any day of vacation, but also New Year's Eve. The organizers of the holiday will prepare concerts and theatrical performances for their guests, and for the kids rides and entertainments with the participation of actors and animators will work.

You can come here for a walk in the fresh air, skating on the rink or admire the New Year's fireworks. The program of events will be eventful, so each visitor will find an interesting lesson for himself.


One of the most popular places in Moscow, where during the New Year holidays everyone will find entertainment to their liking. With the advent of cold weather, the largest metropolitan ice rinks are flooded here, where you can go ice skating and have plenty of fun.

Every year, exhibitions are held on the territory of VDNH, where original expositions of the largest museums of Russia are displayed. The program of events includes theatrical performances and performances for children and adults, competitions and concerts with the participation of domestic pop stars.

Here you can admire the colorful fireworks on New Year's Eve, and then warm up in one of the cozy cafes. Every year, Christmas markets operate on the territory of VDNH, where you can not only buy souvenirs for all friends, but also take part in master classes. Festivities will take place throughout the holidays from morning to late evening.

Free activities for kids

During the New Year holidays in Moscow there will be a lot of interesting places where you can go with the whole family, and have a good time. All major shopping centers offer a large selection of holiday programs for young visitors. Entertainment is designed for children of all ages - this is round dances near the Christmas tree with Santa Claus and the Snow Maiden, and funny contests, and holiday performances.

When planning visits to places where to go with a child, do not ignore city parks. At all venues, colorful performances, performances and concerts for kids will be held. Children's events will delight young residents of the capital until mid-January 2021.

Adult Activities

Each new year in the capital is a real event that will be remembered for a long time. Adult residents and visitors to the city organizers of the holiday to prepare many surprises. For those who love entertainment, it will be interesting to attend events that will be held on Red Square. No less exciting performances can be seen on Poklonnaya Gora and Sparrow Hills.

Celebratory programs and concerts will be held in all corners of Moscow, so everyone can find entertainment to their taste. When walking around the capital, do not forget to look at the exhibition centers, shopping centers and cafes. During the New Year holidays, entertainment programs will be carried out not only on large, but also on small venues.

New year poster

The capital of Russia is a leader in organizing New Year's entertainment for every taste. A rich program of events will appeal to everyone who wants to have a nice vacation and unforgettably celebrate the New Year. Starting in mid-December, the capital will host several hundred theatrical performances, performances and Christmas trees for children.

Since thousands of tourists come to Moscow every year to take part in the celebrations, tickets should be taken care of in advance. Today and tomorrow it will be difficult to find an invitation ticket, so order online, or purchase them at the box office a few days before the planned visit.

Show at Moskvarium

During the winter holidays, it will be very interesting to visit the water show, which will be presented by artists and trainers of the Moskvarium. The New Year's fairy tale will surprise not only children of all ages, but also their parents. Spectators will plunge into the world of magic and miracle, which during the holidays can become a real reality.

The original show, decorated with exclusive scenery and accompanied by 5D effects, will leave an unforgettable experience. Visitors will find an interesting adventure, in which together with the audience sea inhabitants will go: dolphins, walruses and even killer whales. The price of tickets for the New Year’s performance is from 1 to 5 thousand rubles.

Crocus City Hall

The best concert hall in Russia annually prepares New Year's performances for adults and children. On any day of the holidays, you will be able to visit a unique performance specially prepared for the celebration of the new year. The Christmas tree in Crocus City is an amazing theatrical performance that will give joyful emotions and a boost of energy for the whole next year.

Festive performances will be held daily, starting from December 22 to January 7. Since the organizers made a convenient schedule, everyone will be able to attend the event.

Moscow Christmas trees

New Year's performances will be held in all theaters of the city. Christmas trees for children of all ages are waiting for children to congratulate them on the most long-awaited holiday. Theatrical performances with the participation of Moscow artists will give children and their parents a real fairy tale.

The most popular Christmas trees in Moscow will be held in the Kremlin Palace, in the Cathedral of Christ the Savior and in circuses. Scenarios for performances and performances were created by the most professional and tinned artists of the country. For all the kids, Moscow Christmas trees are a long-awaited event that will be filled for many years.

Parents should take care of tickets in advance, because kids from all over Russia want to get to the show. The cost of tickets is designed for a different budget, but it is recommended to purchase them 1-2 weeks before the date of visit.

  • The main Christmas trees of the country will wait for children in the Kremlin Palace and the columned hall of the House of Unions.
  • Ice shows and musicals are always a vivid and effective performance that can not leave any spectator indifferent. During the New Year holidays, the most interesting ice trees will be held at the Olimpiysky Sports Complex and the Luzhniki Sports Palace.
  • Many are looking forward to the start of New Year's performances in the circus. Christmas trees with animals, as well as magicians and funny clowns - all this awaits kids in the main circuses of the capital.

No less interesting events will be held in the theaters of the city. If the kids love unusual Christmas trees, it will be interesting for them to visit the program at the Sokolniki Exhibition and Convention Center, the Multimedia Art Museum or performances at the Cosmonautics Museum.

The cultural program

During the holidays in Moscow, all theaters and museums will work. For those who wish to diversify their leisure activities with a cultural program, the most suitable time is New Year's holidays. Museums prepare special expositions that will be interesting to visitors of any age. Thematic exhibitions will pleasantly surprise even regulars.

In the museum of A. S. Pushkin, a New Year's ball will be held, where it will be possible to have a good time with the whole family. To visit, you will need to prepare in advance, and choose a festive outfit. The museum of music is always a lot of interesting, but on New Year's Eve, guests will find an unforgettable show. New Year's performances and performances will be held in museums to them. Tchaikovsky and Russian impressionism. The organizers are preparing not only the original exhibition, but also a rich program with master classes.

Restaurants, cafes and clubs

New Year is considered a family celebration, which I want to celebrate in the circle of the closest people. However, it is not necessary to spend a holiday at home - you can go together to a club, cafe or restaurant. Moscow establishments will prepare for their guests a lot of unforgettable surprises that will make your holiday truly magical.

Restaurant "Attic"

One of the most popular places in Moscow where you can spend your family time comfortably and cheerfully. On a festive night, the owners of the establishment will prepare a special program for all guests, which will definitely include New Year's treats from the chef, as well as entertainment with Santa Claus and the Snow Maiden. Also, on New Year's Eve, guests will be entertained by live music and popular metropolitan artists.

Shishas bar

If you prefer fun parties, you can have a great time in one of the network bars. Reasonable prices, a rich program and a delicious New Year's menu - this is only part of what awaits you on a festive night. Here you can enjoy the original show, specially prepared for the holiday. After a delicious dinner and a few cocktails, you can have fun from the heart until the morning. A large comfortable dance floor, music and top DJs, as well as many fun contests with prizes and gifts - for all guests.

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