Fashion trends fall-winter 2019-2020

Every year, famous designers present updated collections of fashionable clothes for women. Despite the fact that many trends of future seasons are very different from previous ones, in general, a certain trend continues. In the collections for the cold season, there are softer colors and shades, and fabrics for outerwear become heavier. The main trends of fall-winter 2019-2020 fashion will help to choose the most stylish wardrobe details for the cold season.

High fashion offers quite extravagant bows, but they are an excellent basis for creating your own, unique image and style. Given the peculiarity of the trends of the new season, styles, choice of fabrics and color palette, even in winter women will be able to please themselves with a large diverse collection of clothes.

Costumes: stylish and comfortable

One of the main trends of the season are costumes. Comfortable deuces or triples in the office version will look great on any figure. Trouser and skirt suits made of soft fabrics perfectly emphasize the dignity, and hide shape errors.

Lovers of trouser ensembles will be able to diversify their everyday wardrobe with costumes of a complex cut. Also in the trend will be loose pants of any style. Fashionistas will like the business style, slightly animated by original trousers such as a palazzo and a jacket from the same fabric.

The main trend of the autumn and winter season in suits will be free style. For business ladies, an ensemble made up of a strict elegant fitted jacket and pipe trousers is perfect. For those who prefer a street style, it will be possible to add to the wardrobe several different trouser suits of a sports style, culottes and an oversized jacket.

The most popular colors for choosing fabrics will be all shades of brown, beige, gray and pale pink. Classic colors remain in fashion: red and black. From fabrics for a comfortable and stylish suit, you can choose: from a large velvet and jeans to sophisticated velvet.

Leather clothes

Leading designers of the world did not disregard the skin. Fashion trends are presented not only for outerwear and shoes, but also for wardrobe details for every day. Stylish and effective clothes made of matte, twisted and patent leather will help to create a unique image not only for lovers of outrageous, but also for more conservative fashionistas.

Leather things are presented in various styles, from skirts of asymmetric cut to fitted leather jackets. The trend will be leather jackets, leather jackets, formal jackets and trousers, both wide and fitted silhouette. In the fall, fashionable raincoats of green, burgundy and brown will look great. Bright colors or accessories will add color.

Denim clothing

Considering the main trends of women's clothing, it should be noted the main principle of choosing a wardrobe for the cold season. Women's fashion 2019-2020 in the autumn-winter period, according to leading designers, should correspond to three components: comfortable, warm and stylish.

The list of the main trends of the year includes jeans that meet all the requirements of high fashion. This fall, you can replenish your wardrobe not only with free jeans, but also with stylish comfortable skirts, dresses, jackets and overalls.

Fashionistas will appreciate the possibility of free choice of color. This season, you can pick up jeans not only in the classic blue color, but also experiment with other shades. An excellent choice will be yellow, green and burgundy colors, which can be combined with bright blouses and sweaters from summer collections.

Denim is in perfect harmony with another total trend of the season - leather. Leather and suede inserts will look perfect in any combination. Street fashion will delight you with an abundance of colors and styles that can be combined with each other in the most incredible combinations. To create an original image, you can combine different fabrics and materials.

Knitten things

A special trend in fashion is knitted clothes. Practical and comfortable things open up for fashionistas a whole world of not only colors and shades, but also various images and styles. In the autumn-winter season, warm sweaters and tunics of large knitting that work perfectly with jeans are ideal. They can be used to create onions in companies with any materials and fabric. Knitted pullover is suitable for skirts or shorts.

This season, designers do not limit fashionistas either in length or in styles. Knitted dresses, raincoats and sweaters will occupy a worthy place in the wardrobe of women of any age group. Due to the variety of models, the length and shape of the sleeves, you can create the most unusual images. Asymmetry and layering, decor, ornaments, embroidery and applique - all this will help to create a unique stylish image even in the cold season.

Outerwear - choose warmth and comfort

Representatives of all model houses almost unanimously recommend this season to give preference to comfortable and warm things. Outerwear should not only be fashionable and stylish, but also fulfill its main function - to warm even in the most severe frost. This allowed designers and fashion designers to create a series of autumn-winter trends that will appeal to even the most selective fashionistas.

When preparing for the cold weather, do not deny yourself the pleasure of replenishing your wardrobe with a comfortable sports jacket or a puffy down jacket. Luxurious fur coats and warm sheepskin coats are still trending. Coats of various colors and bright prints of volumetric silhouettes will look great with jeans and knitted clothes.

Winter will please fashionistas not only with a wide variety of forms, but also with styles. Lovers of country, cowboy style and military will find many surprises. Autumn colors will be brighter if you add a few sports and insulated things to your wardrobe - these can be pajama pants, and overalls with fur inserts.

What do designers recommend?

To create autumn and winter bows, fashion designers offered not only all kinds of new products and innovations, but also gave women the opportunity to independently participate in creating the original image. Not only layering and free forms, but also a number of already familiar stylistic trends will be in fashion. This season, fashionistas will have a great opportunity to experiment in creating a look in retro style, boho chic or modern. The kit can be made for any romantic look.

Fashion designers do not refuse classical collections, which will continue to be one of the main trends. However, this season, designers give complete freedom in the combination of not only materials, but also styles. Depending on the image and preferences, the use of shapelessness and asymmetric details in any style is allowed. To create an original style, you can use graphic drawings or abstract prints.

An interesting image will help create ethnic motifs. Using a folk ornament and a combination of different textures of clothes will help to remove a dull mood in cold and cloudy weather. As a bright accent, you can use any accessory. The contrasts of materials and styles perfectly emphasize the elegance of forms: fashion designers recommend replenishing the wardrobe with various scarves, hats and bags.

The main trend of the season will be layering. Creating a comfortable look, you can use several warm things at the same time. The main condition when choosing clothes is convenience. Choosing various combinations, it is important not to limit, and not to restrain freedom of movement. Photos of fashion shows once again demonstrate that there are not many things.

Trendy colors and shades

In the new season, natural warm colors will come into fashion. Multilayer clothes of bright warming colors will open up not only wide opportunities for creating a fashionable image, but also add grace to a free silhouette. The trend will be all shades of red, as well as calmer tones - gray, beige and coral. Do not leave the wardrobe and the classic colors: red, white and black. They can be used both independently and in the form of inserts. More about the choice of color for this season was expressed by fashion designers of leading fashion houses.

At the peak of popularity there will be an ashen, steel shade. He, along with black and red, in recent years has already firmly taken a leading position. Ash and gray color will look great not only in the home look, but will also help to add grace to a more austere, business style. Designers paid gray enough attention. In the collections of leading fashion designers you can find not only sweaters and sweatshirts, but also outerwear.

Classic red, almost scarlet, will look great on a coat, tunic or cardigan. All things from dense fabrics will warm all kinds of shades of this color. Scarlet garnet and mahogany will look very stylish - these tones are perfect for embroidery and ornament on outerwear. Decorate denim clothes and jackets with an oriental theme. A bright scarf will add effect to a strict trouser suit made of gray fabric.

In the autumn wardrobe must be present things in watercolor shades. Sweaters and tunics of indigo or turquoise color will look most advantageous. The same colors will harmoniously fit into an elegant evening look in the form of a cocktail dress.

It is impossible to imagine the autumn palette of colors without black. He will continue to occupy one of the main places in creating the classic image. It is also suitable for accessories that will help to make a more casual free casual outfit more elegant. Black color and all its shades perfectly emphasize the mysterious nature, especially when used in thin delicate materials. It will also be irreplaceable for outerwear - a warm sheepskin coat or coat with a fur collar will instantly attract enthusiastic looks.

Fashion trends for shoes

Fashionable clothes are the basis of a stylish image that will be incomplete if the shoes are not chosen correctly. It is she who is the final touch that completes the fashion kit. This season, fashion designers are advised to pay special attention to the choice of warm, but comfortable shoes. It should be made of quality materials.

The most relevant solution will be leather and suede shoes. For street style, you can use more economical options: rubber boots or a quality substitute. A comfortable image will help to create graceful high boots or wedge boots with wedges. For special occasions, elegant ankle boots or stiletto heel boots are suitable.

Since outerwear will be more loose, layered, slender legs will help to maintain the grace of the image. In order not to look too bulky, you can pick up comfortable ankle boots with a stable heel. For everyday wear, you can wear stylish uggs or bright cowboy boots under a jacket, a down jacket or a sheepskin coat.

Winter shoe designers advise adding a twist to your look in the form of lacing. Such shoes are not only comfortable in that they allow you to adjust the volume of the shaft, but also in that it looks quite impressive. Wedge shoes will also suit comfortable jeans and add a twist to a stylish evening outfit. The main trend of this season is that shoes should be comfortable, so neither winter sneakers, but elegant stiletto ankle boots will be redundant in the wardrobe.

Decor Elements and Accessories

To create a unique fashionable bow, you should not give up additional details. Decorative elements will make the thing truly unique. Accessories will not only revitalize familiar clothes, but also add warm shades on a cold gloomy day.

A stylish scarf, a charming hat with decor or a wide belt will make even the most simple way sparkle with new colors. A small detail should become the main focus of the image, then the same clothes will always look different. A hat with an ornament or applique, a large bag or bright lacing in boots will help to beat the image, and make it truly unique.

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