What animal year 2020

People tend to look into the future, so many want to know what the next period of time will bring. According to the eastern calendar, totem animals have special characteristics that affect the life of mankind. It is their temperament, in conjunction with color, element, planet, etc., that is able to control not only an individual person, but also entire nations. To find out a possible scenario of events in the world and personal life, it is necessary to clarify the year of which animal 2020 according to the Chinese calendar.

As you know, every year of the eastern calendar is under the auspices of some representative of the animal world. It defines the year and gives it some of its features. Horoscope is a kind of guide. It helps to avoid some mistakes. Thanks to him, we can not commit rash acts and wrong actions.

What will be remarkable in 2020

Tatem largely determines the nature of the year. It can be both positive and negative. Knowing who will dominate the eastern calendar in a particular year, one can roughly guess what it will be.

The laws of numerology also play an important role. For example, two twenty in 2020 means that the year will be full of important events and unusual compared to the previous period. It will even be to some extent fatal, since repeated numbers indicate the unpredictability of events and their extreme importance. It can be assumed that many people are waiting for fateful events that will completely change their lives. Two repeating pairs of numbers speak of the magic of this year and emphasize its mysticism.

2020 will be held under the auspices of the White Metal Rat. According to the horoscope, this is the first animal that begins a twelve-year cycle. According to Chinese mythology, it was this animal that first came to Buddha. The rat will dominate the metal element. That is why the name of the year has white color and metal.

Astrologers claim that the presence of metal means that the mistress of the year is protected by armor from the dangers that are possible during this period. The rat is ready at any moment to rush into battle to keep the peace of next year. In general, this means that 2020 will be a dangerous and unpredictable year. It is no coincidence that this animal in the eastern horoscope is associated with unexpected changes and undesirable events. In general, 2020 will pass in constant tension.

The totem does not endure hunger and cannot live without command. The rat will respect those who:

  • Unquestioningly obeys orders;
  • knows and fulfills his duties;
  • laconic;
  • unpretentious;
  • hardworking.

The White Metal Rat takes its reins on 01/25/20 and surrenders its authority on 02/11/21. This is the most respected sign on the eastern calendar.

The totem has such features as:

  • high intelligence;
  • intuition;
  • lack of fear in solving any problems;
  • cunning;
  • stealth.

The rat also has excellent strategic and tactical abilities. The metal element makes it decisive, strong and strong. She is able to solve any problems in different circumstances. The white color of the year is often associated with purity, wisdom and impeccable perfection. By the way, these same qualities are associated with silver color. Therefore, sometimes this year is called the time of the reign of the Silver Rat.

What are the qualities of people born in the year of the Rat

To understand this, just look at this animal more closely. A rat is a herd of animals. They rarely hunt alone. Their flocks are characterized by high organization. They are insidious and hardy enough. Similar qualities are also characteristic of children who are born this year. They will have excellent health, have great stamina. At the same time, children will be characterized by such qualities as:

  • narcissism;
  • arrogance;
  • self-confidence.

Excellent businessmen, scientists, politicians and inventors will grow out of them. They will easily be given the training and development of various professions. They will become highly organized, practical and responsible people who care about every little thing.

People born in the year of the White Metal Rat have a sharp mind and a strong will. They make a quick decision and can do several things at once. Such people are able to defend their positions and views and have excellent eloquence. At the same time, they do not have flexibility. Very often they are characterized by obstinacy, secrecy and resentment.
Representatives of this sign practically do not change their opinion. If something is contrary to their views, they may show anger and disagreement.

Such people are lucky in business and in all matters related to money. It is no coincidence that good financiers, businessmen, and successful politicians come out of them.

Despite their self-confidence and narcissism, such people are often shy. True, they skillfully hide this quality.

Representatives of Rats rarely commit frivolous acts, because before deciding on a business, they think it over for a long time. Intuition helps them make the right decisions. They are patient, persistent and cunning. Therefore, they overcome any difficulties in their path.

Creative people are usually in the spotlight. They easily attract other people. Home comfort and the ability to meet guests are not alien to them.

Representatives of this sign are also credited with the ability to stock up for future use. This is sometimes associated with greed. In fact, it is prudence and people of this kind, so protect themselves from unforeseen circumstances. If someone from their environment is in trouble, they can easily get rid of their accumulations. Close people are above all for them and they are ready to do anything for their well-being.

How to celebrate the year of the Rat

New Year's table:As already noted above, the mistress of the year does not suffer a shortage of food. Therefore, if you want to like the Rat, your New Year's table should break from various dishes. The presence of all types of meat, fish, smoked meats, sausages, pastes, etc. is appropriate. All kinds of salads, snacks and dessert should be in abundance.

The rat is a responsible animal, therefore, if you pre-engage in the choice of dishes and wardrobe for the New Year, then you will certainly like the totem. This animal will do everything for 2020 to be successful in every way.

Table setting:The best option is if you cover the holiday table with a snow-white tablecloth with a minimal ornament. Also, silver appliances, dishes and candlesticks will be a good decoration on the table. The mistress of the year will also like it if her figure flaunts in the center of the table.
New Year's wardrobe:As for clothes, its color should correspond to the shades of 2020. Since the upcoming period will take place in a metal element, then the wardrobe should correspond to the corresponding palette, that is, white, gray or silver color must be present.

Clothing style can be any. The main thing is that he does not interfere with a fun and reckless celebration of the New Year. It is better to choose a fabric with a light metallic tint.

General atmosphere:2020 should be met in a noisy and cheerful company, as the patroness of the year is a pack animal. Even if you do not have many friends, you can go to the main square of your city and meet the Year of the White Metal Rat in a circle of strangers. This will certainly count towards you in the future. Your business will no doubt go uphill.

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