Popular professions 2019-2020. List for girls

Often, current graduates of educational institutions are completely at a loss when choosing a future profession. This is due to the fact that the labor market is constantly changing and it is very difficult to choose an occupation that will not lose its relevance over time and will be paid in a decent manner. In this case, various sociological studies can be helped, which indicate the professions in demand 2019-2020. List for girls including.

The most relevant professions

As analysis of the Russian labor market shows, the profession most in demand at present is the specialty of a teacher. The fact is that the present time demands from teachers new knowledge, approaches, and skills that teachers of the old Soviet school cannot give. Creative, vibrant personalities are able to reveal the capabilities of students and give them much more than the representatives of the old school.

In the medical field, a gap has also recently been noted. In our hospitals, there is an acute shortage of junior medical personnel. While in this area of ​​medicine, applicants are reluctant, as the salaries of nurses, laboratory assistants, etc. not high enough. Let's hope that the Russian government will be able to solve this problem in the near future.

Further development of the economy requires new engineers who are familiar with the latest technologies and discoveries in various fields of knowledge. Our industry will soon switch to the automation of many technological processes, which will require specialists in the field of robotics, etc.

The modern development of our country is impossible without nanotechnology. Hence the urgent need for IT specialists. In the near future, this profession will be one of the most prestigious and highly paid. Skolkovo workers also testify to this.

Currently, professions related to the service sector are also in demand. For example, online consultants, realtors, etc. This list goes on and on. Indeed, the service sector today is developing at an unprecedented pace. Currently, you can buy goods and order services online without getting up off the couch. To coordinate all the processes associated with this, different specialists are needed:

  • service employees;
  • Logisticians
  • online consultants, etc.

In a market economy, advertising is very important. Therefore, it is no coincidence that recently such a demand for advertising managers. Firms take any steps to sell their goods or services. The demand for PR consultants today, as never before, is very high. If you are a purposeful and creative person, then this work is for you.

It is expected that in the near future the experience of Western countries regarding psychological assistance to people will be adopted in our country. In developed countries, psychologists warn of problems associated with the psyche. In our country, it is customary to turn to these specialists after an attempted suicide or as a result of inappropriate behavior. In the Western world, people meet with psychologists on the slightest occasion, for example:

  • have problems in your personal life;
  • there were difficulties communicating with children;
  • depression after dismissal, etc.

Very soon, and with us psychologists will begin to prevent psychological disorders at the earliest stages.

Specialties with high earnings

Choosing a profession, a young man should know. That there are specialties that can provide good earnings already at the start:

Sales ManagerThis profession is suitable for outgoing and intellectually developed individuals. Currently, companies are ready to pay big money for the ability to offer and sell their goods
StylistA specialist in this profile is engaged in visual positioning of a person. He creates a personal image for any person. Recently, the services of such masters are in great demand. This is especially true for stylists who already have their own brand.
Web DesignerA very popular specialty recently. This is due to the fact that more and more companies are moving their business to the Internet. It requires an attractive website, effective web services. The development of layouts and architecture of sites and engaged in web designers.
MarketerA specialist of such a plan creates the concept of products and is engaged in their promotion. To do this, they carefully study: future buyers, customers, how to achieve optimal communication with target customers. The goal of any marketer is to increase the company's profits and increase the recognition of a particular brand.
BeauticianCurrently, the appearance of a person is given great importance. A successful person should look perfect. Although, not all leaders manage to monitor their appearance. They prefer to contact beauticians or plastic surgeons more. This branch of medicine will continue to develop rapidly. Therefore, this specialty can be safely chosen as the main one.
DentistAn integral part of a successful person is a smile. Therefore, any businessman, politician, representative of the public profession will want to have healthy, snow-white teeth. Dentists have always been appreciated and received good money. However, at present, when you can open your own private clinic, their income can reach huge amounts.
CopywriterUntil recently, such specialists wrote only advertising texts. Now copywriters call all those who provide text materials to numerous sites on the Internet. An experienced specialist must know a lot, be both a journalist, a marketer, a philologist, etc. This specialty involves continuous development. You can work in this specialty remotely from any region.
Lending specialistIn our global time, the importance of loans is very high. Banking institutions are experiencing an acute shortage of such specialists. Their responsibilities include:

  1. development of credit programs;
  2. work with clients;
  3. control and implementation of many innovative ideas.
Assistant SecretaryThis specialty should not be confused with the profession of secretary of Soviet times. Today, an experienced specialist is the manager’s right hand. His responsibilities may include coordinating the work of the entire enterprise or company. He must:

  1. be able to work with archival documents;
  2. process and analyze statistical data;
  3. draw up work schedules for individual units;
  4. know foreign languages;
  5. keep track of a huge number of processes.

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