Leap year 2020 or not

People are distrustful of a leap year. A lot of bad omens and warnings are associated with it. Therefore, those who have plans for a wedding, a change of residence or important business beginnings want to know whether the leap year is 2020 or not.

How many days a year?

Similar questions began to be asked immediately after the introduction by Julius Caesar of a calendar named in his honor. In the first century AD, he instructed the famous astronomers of that time to determine exactly how long the Earth revolves around the Sun. The duration of the year depended on this value. What was the surprise of the scientists when, after careful calculations, the figure appeared: 365.2425 days. As a result, the creators of the calendar had a question - what to do with this remainder. Astronomers have suggested a wonderful way: to consider all years as three hundred and sixty-five. At the same time, in order not to distort the real picture of the world, it was recommended in three years to increase the duration of the year by one day. It was obtained by multiplying the remainder of 0.2425 by 4.

Since then, the shortest month of the year - February began to have a floating duration. Three years later, it increased by a day. Thus, it turned out a year with 366 days, which was called a leap year.

However, since multiplying the numbers 4 and 0.2425 still does not work out a full day, and we add them every 4 years anyway, an inaccuracy in the Julian calendar appears. Every 128 years, it is 24 hours behind.

Gregorian calendar: what is the difference?

The new calendar is practically no different from the Julian, with the exception of one feature. It also has leap years that are divisible by the number four hundred. It turns out that in the Gregorian calendar:

Leap years:those that are multiples of 4 and 400. The exception is every 100th year.
Not a leap year:every 100th year and all the others

Currently, due to these differences, the two calendars are thirteen days behind each other. It should be noted that in 1582, when the Gregorian calendar appeared, this difference was only ten days. Due to the different calculation of leap years, the difference between the two chronologies continues to increase by one day every century. If in 1700 the difference between the calendar was 11 days, then already 1900 - 13 days. In 2100, this number will be 14, and so on:

  • 2200 - 15;
  • 2300 - 16, etc.

The specificity of the Gregorian calendar is that every 400 years it contains 97 leap periods.

How many days is 2020 in February?

According to the above rules, 2020 will be a leap year. In the last month of winter there will be one more day. In total, the year will contain 366 days.
Today, many people do not attach much importance to the length of the year. For them, there are enough everyday problems and worries. However, there are people who cautiously and with tension meet a leap year and believe in all kinds of signs, and there are plenty of them during this period:

  • Some people find it a bad omen to do Christmas carols. They are sure that dressing up, they play with evil spirits, and this can lead to sad consequences.
  • In the villages, it is not advised to build a bathhouse during this period.
  • Astrologers do not recommend changing the place of work in a leap year and moving to another apartment, house or another location.
  • If your family affairs go wrong, then don't think about a divorce. It is better to get a towel and hand it to the cleaners in the temple.
  • In 2020, it is better not to sell cattle. Removing any living creatures from home can lead to disaster. It is also not recommended to heat the kittens.
  • In a leap year, it is not recommended to invite outsiders when the baby has the first tooth. Otherwise, the child will constantly have sore teeth.
  • Pregnant women should not cut their hair, otherwise the baby will be born unhealthy.
  • Astrologers advise in 2020 not to share plans with strangers. Otherwise, you scare away luck.

The leap year has some good points. It is believed that in such years, minions of fate are born. If replenishment is planned in your family, then a lucky one will surely be born. They also say that one who is born on the last day of February will have the gift of foresight.

Can I play a wedding?

Previously, in the leap year, most newlyweds did not dare to arrange weddings. In a similar year, matchmakers were not even sent to the bride. This was considered a bad omen.

It was believed that such a wedding would lead the bride to hardships, and she would eventually be left alone. Perhaps in past centuries these words had and found confirmation. After all, wars and sufferings were then enough, including in Russia.

Today, when all this is left behind and medicine is developing at a tremendous pace, do not get hung up on all sorts of signs.

As psychologists say, a lot is determined by our thoughts. If we will tune in to a positive outcome of events, then everything will happen. There will be no troubles and cataclysms.

If you still believe in signs, and do not want to take risks, then you can try to outwit the ancient belief. For example, if you were not supposed to send matchmakers to the bride before, then you should do the same. It is possible for the bride to take the initiative and be the first to declare love to her boyfriend. Moreover, now this happens quite often. Thus, you will change, established many centuries ago, custom and omen will not materialize. You can get around evil rock and generally agree on a wedding among themselves, without attracting relatives.

Psychologists say that happiness, by and large, is determined by the psychological mood of the couple. If they believe in the honesty of their relationship and wish to improve it, then everything in the family will be wonderful.

Couples who are configured for negative events and believe in all sorts of signs can spoil the relationship out of the blue. They will see the influence of otherworldly forces in everything. Instead of making concessions, young people will aggravate relations and quarrel, which will immediately lead to a cooling of relations.

Newlyweds should initially be positive and not be afraid of the difficulties of the first days of marriage. If problems arise, it is necessary not to lock in, but to discuss the situation and look for a way out of this situation. Only teamwork and understanding of the situation can lead to the desired result. The fate of the family depends entirely on the newlyweds, and not on the signs. This has already been proven by more than one happy couple.

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