Predictions about Russia for 2018 - 2020. Potter Pangea

In our unpredictable time, many compatriots are interested in the fate of their homeland. To do this, they get acquainted not only with the forecasts of analysts, but also pay attention to the predictions about Russia for 2018-2020 by famous astrologers and psychics.

Knowing your future inspires hope and gives confidence in today's actions. This is probably why every new forecast causes such a stir. Let's get acquainted with the most sensational predictions regarding Russia.

Pavel Globa

This Russian psychic has particularly succeeded in occultism and cosmogenesis. His prophecies almost always come true. In 2005, Pavel Pavlovich announced that three years later V. Putin would be replaced by his successor. Soon, everything was confirmed, and D. Medvedev became President of the Russian Federation.

And what is his prediction about Ukraine. He had long predicted this country would fall into three parts. Today, Crimea, and in the near future, Donbass will become parts of the Russian Federation.

The forecast for 2019 for our country for this psychic is quite encouraging. He is confident that Russia will conclude a number of important agreements that will help it stay among important political players in the world. The Russian Federation will have to devote a significant part of the budget to improving its defense capability. This will require slightly tightening the belts of our citizens. For some of our compatriots, such a step will be incomprehensible, and they will take part in protest movements. They will be unhappy that the oligarchs will continue to grow wealthier, and the common people will become poorer. The coming years, the authorities will be able to restrain the discontent of the population. Closer to 2022 this will make it all the more difficult.

In addition, according to the astrologer, V. Putin’s health will worsen and the political struggle in the upper echelons of power will intensify.

As for the economy, despite the sanctions, it will, in the end, begin to revive. This will be facilitated by the fact that the country will learn to export not only raw materials, but also finished goods. The ruble is stabilizing over the years, and inflation will decrease significantly.

If everything is normal with Russia, then the world expects not the best of times:

  • two opposing military alliances will arise;
  • pollution of our planet will reach a critical point, and entire nations will be ready to move to other regions;
  • the introduction of new technologies will result in fewer and fewer jobs. From here unemployment will grow rapidly;
  • in the world there will be a series of high-profile killings that will aggravate the situation.

The astrologer has not forgotten about the positive aspects that await mankind.:

  • people will increasingly use renewable forms of energy (wind, sun, water, etc.);
  • most of the inhabitants of our planet will switch to electric cars;
  • humanity will be able to treat some types of cancer and other equally terrible diseases.

In his predictions, P. Globa could not fail to mention the manuscripts of V. Nemchin. This possessor built his predictions on the basis of fifteen years. According to his forecasts, in the near future a new ruler will appear in Russia, which will radically differ from its predecessors. According to the seer, this Potter Pangea will have tremendous power, possess unlimited wisdom and esoteric knowledge. He will be able to completely reboot Russia and make it the center of civilization. The potter will come to power when he is fifty-five years old. The heyday of Russia will happen in 2023. Most likely, this new ruler will replace the current President of the Russian Federation.

P. Globa claims that the "so-called" Potter Pangea will not be in power for long. This will be due to the fact that Saturn will move to the house of Scorpio. Before the arrival of the new ruler of Russia, squabbles and civil strife will begin in the country.

Skeptics do not believe these forecasts, since no one really saw these manuscripts. It should be noted that P. Globa recently made a mistake in his predictions for 2016, regarding the death of V. Putin

Matrona Moscow

This seer was declared a saint by the church for her help in healing a large number of patients. Despite the fact that she lived in the last century, she was able to predict what will happen to Russia in 2019-2020.

According to the clairvoyant, the situation in the country during these years will not be the best. Citizens will be forced to move to villages in order to survive. In addition, Russia will seek new allies in the person of China and India in order to confront Western countries. The prophet predicted the US an unenviable role. She predicted a fall in American influence in the world. The inhabitants of this country also have to survive various natural disasters.

Matrona Moskovskaya believes that all countries that are tired of US domination are grouped around Russia. The Russian Federation will also lend a helping hand to the countries of Africa and Latin America. The credibility of our country will rise to an unprecedented height.


The quatrains of this medieval astrologer are well known to specialists who are engaged in predictions of the future. According to them, Russia expects prosperity and an unprecedented rise in all spheres of life. The center of a successful state will be Siberia. Thriving cities will be built here, and industry and science will develop at an unprecedented pace. So far, this forecast seems like a fairy tale. However, the elder also predicted a global war and climate change. Who knows, maybe as a result of this, part of the population of the affected regions will be forced to move to Siberia, where a new center of civilization will arise. Based on the mixing of nations, a new kind of modern people will appear capable of outstanding achievements.


Hardly, there are people in our country who would not hear about this Bulgarian soothsayer. She predicted for Russia not quite simple times. Veschunya believes that Russia will have to pay a high price for the Crimea. The whole world is ganging up against our country for trying to "get off its knees." The Russians will have to endure some time of sanctions and a lack of basic necessities. True, this will only temper Russia, and it will eventually become a prosperous and self-sufficient country.

What do other psychics think

The opinions of various predictors have completely different assessments. Although, most of them are positive.

Tamara Globa

This psychic is confident that a new financial system will be created in Russia that will help to cope with all the challenges of the time. Peacekeeping actions of our country will raise authority to new heights.

Vasilisa Volodina

The astrologer believes that the prosperity of Russia cannot be with the growth of the military-industrial complex. Only by solving foreign policy contradictions can we achieve an internal progressive movement. If the country's leadership cannot solve this problem, then the likelihood of a civil war will only increase every year.

Vlad Ross

Predicts a deterioration in the situation in our country with the end of the Saros cycle for the President of the Russian Federation. As you know, he was elected to his post exactly 18 years ago. The above cycle itself lasts six months longer.

As the history of our state shows, all changes occur when the Camel rules the world. So it was when he left the political arena: Lenin, Stalin, Gorbachev. Now comes a similar period.

The psychic is sure that the problems will begin precisely from the Caucasus.

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