Horoscope for 2020 for Libra

The White Metal Rat is a cunning animal that loves to test for fortitude and willpower. A detailed horoscope for 2020 for Libra will help to unravel the Tricks of the Rat and move in the right direction. By the end of the year, Libra will come up with good results and significant results.

Symbols and amulets of Libra

By listening to the protective properties from the list, you can increase the attraction of good luck every day.

Lucky numbers:6, 8, 15, 32, 42,52, 64
Stones:jade, carnelian, coral
Flowers:orchid, milk rose, violet
Mascot:all products containing images of soaring birds
Hue:green, white, smoky pink
Day of the week:Friday

Tamara Globa

For lonely representatives of Libra, the year will begin with a pleasant acquaintance. The astrologer warns that relations with the new passion can be fraught with both pleasant surprises and disappointments. Therefore, be prepared for problems in your personal life. During the year, your sign is likely to build stable relationships, but you should not bet on the first comer. Family Libra also encounter a misunderstanding of a partner. Danger awaits in the period from March to June 2020. Acute domestic issues require solutions and you need to learn to negotiate. Be careful with sexual experiments: not always your desires meet with approval from a partner. In the middle of the year, property issues are possible: sale or purchase of real estate, registration of inheritance. You will cope with these tasks.

Vasilisa Volodina

The year will begin with changes in the manufacturing sector: Scales will gain more authority and freedom at work. It should not be abused, otherwise by spring self-will will come out sideways in the form of complaints from the leadership. A certain increase in work will entail an improvement in the financial side. By summer, the opportunities for additional earnings will expand. You will receive several job offers from friends, and it will not be superfluous. In love, Libra has many triangles. You can be torn between a family and a secret admirer. These are dangerous games, warns Volodin. Your care requires family, children and older relatives. Be distracted by them, so that by the end of the year do not glue the broken bowl of the hearth.

Pavel Globa

Libra's air sign often hovers in the clouds, according to Pavel Globa. There is truth in this: Libra is inclined to take what is desired for reality, to build castles in the air, to believe in what is not. And, most importantly, to convince others of their beliefs. The Year of the White Rat is not conducive to dreams, and strongly recommends starting the matter from the first month. Libra, shake and go. You are able to save and increase your savings only in the case of active work and lean spending. If you have problems with the latter, ask your family to take control of the financial part of housekeeping. In the spring, the risk of a cold is great. Take measures to strengthen immunity. In the fall, family trips for holidays, excursions are useful. Your family needs unity, a joint weekend will help unite interests and strengthen relationships.

The most powerful psychics

Psychics predict Libra is not a simple 2020. But it should be remembered that a dawn follows a dark sunset. Libra is a strong sign, and if they do not hover in the clouds and tear in all directions, they will achieve good results in the year of the Rat. In the spring, conflicts with older relatives are likely. Misunderstanding on their part will reach a peak, so Libra’s task is to present everything in the best light and enlist the support of the elders. Libra is a stubborn sign, and this quality does not always play into the hands. Harness your excessive pride. The crown does not adorn your head, but pulls it into your shoulders. Spread them, breathe deeply. The period from spring to autumn is favorable for active work, manifesting oneself in a new position. Management will appreciate your aspirations, and by the end of the year you will receive a significant increase. In the summer an intriguing romantic acquaintance is possible. Be careful: it will bring happiness exclusively to free Libra. Family will long rake the rubble of a passing adultery.

Love horoscope

White Rat is disposed to love and strengthen relations. However, the mistress of the year checks the strength and fidelity of both partners in a pair. Libra, be honest and watchful. Do not try to cheat your soulmate and sit on two chairs. The rat will not appreciate this and will take away from you everything that you later regret. From February to April - a favorable period for reconciliation in the family, building the rules of common life. In summer, several acquaintances and meetings with several applicants are possible at once. Promise nothing and behave correctly. Respond with the soul to where the heart beats more often and the soul freezes at the sight of the object of adoration. Do not build relationships on financial benefits (such offers will be). However, by the end of the year they will be doomed to failure, because you cannot order a heart. Family Libra will certainly be delighted with the news of the replenishment in the family. This news will turn the life of the Zodiac upside down in a good way. A new meaning will appear for growth, development, and welfare.

Horoscope of health

Scales from the beginning of the year are full of strength, energy and health. You are ready to rush into battle and run to several places at once. Take your time, a lot of strength - this is not an indicator of effectiveness. In order not to run out of breath by summer, take a week of rest in spring: spend it surrounded by family and friends. Scales often suffer from headaches: increase your stay in the fresh air, alternate physical activity with relaxation, do not skip breakfasts. This zodiac sign is very disordered in nutrition, so you need to be careful about what enters the stomach. Consume more fruits and vegetables - your body will appreciate it. Important tip - keep track of the amount and quality of sleep. Go to bed on time to be able to recover and rest.

Financial horoscope

Libra is the sign of the zodiac, able to earn, but hard to save its savings. The previous years were not easy in terms of finances: educating children, high-profile banquets, investing in transport or property drove you into a certain debt hole. By the year of the Rat, you approached with a certain part of debt obligations. You have a great chance to rectify the situation if you curb the appetite of expenses. Learn to save and not waste money. Libra loves to show chic and generosity where you can get by. In the summer you will be able to earn a decent amount, which you will return as a debt or send to the bank for a deposit. This is the best definition of finance. In spring and autumn, do not borrow from friends or from banking institutions. Despite the severity of the situation, you are able to cope with problems.

Job and career

From the very beginning of the year, Libra will be involved in the full program. By the spring will receive additional offers of earnings, which can be combined with the main place. Libra, do not give up side jobs. You have enough energy, and finances are now needed. By the summer, machinations of detractors at work are possible. You should not pay attention to the gossip of envious people. You are in good standing with the management, they will add authority to you, this is not always welcomed by colleagues. Remember, you achieve everything by labor and do not take someone's place. You may need additional training, continuing education courses, training trips. You will master everything and move on. Material return will please.

Scales on the Eastern calendar:


The inborn charm of the Rat helps a lot to be achieved born under this sign. Air Libra - have a chance to succeed in the year of their patroness, if they not only dream, but also begin to implement. Libra Rat is a sufficient hidden Zodiac, not accustomed to advertise victory. This quality is very useful in 2020. Patience and willpower are qualities that will help to achieve success by the middle of the year.


Scales-Bulls, despite the complexity of the combination, get along and get along well with society. In the year of the Rat, you will be very close to your family: support in all matters will be mutual. In the year of the Rat, you will be distinguished by a desire to defend the weaker, to defend interests in a dispute, to help resolve issues. Tip: do not always get involved in an event if you were not asked. In the autumn, such an act may play against you, but it will serve you as a good lesson in the future.


Libra born in the year of the Tiger is the soul of the company, the color of society. In 2020, all social events, participation in social projects, and performances are favorable for the Tiger Libra. You are able to lead, captivate the crowd in the right direction. This quality will help to prove oneself at work from an excellent side. Already in the second quarter you can count on an increase. Family Tiger Scales, be more attentive to family. In 2020, they will need your opinion especially.


Libra-Rabbit is a rather cheerful, easy sign, achieving everything with his labor. The rat protects the workaholic, you have every chance to be realized in the family, in work, in business. By the way, summer is an excellent period for organizing something of your own (if this was part of the plans for 2020). You can pick up a reliable team that will help set the stage for development. The family will support you in all your endeavors. Be careful with affair in the fall. From September to November - you are disposed to flirt, which will not always be innocent. Take care of your beloved people.

The Dragon

Dragon-Libra - huge energy is balanced by calm and endurance. This combination allows Libra to go far in life. The Year of the Rat prepares ups and downs for the Dragon Libra. However, the forces will be enough to rise, and follow further, according to the plan. In 2020, relocation, purchase or exchange of real estate is possible. One thing is obvious - all changes will be for the better.


The Snake-Libra is distinguished by wisdom and a philosophical turn of mind, which has repeatedly helped out in various situations. The ability to weigh and keep your mouth shut will come in handy in 2020. The Rat's love of information gathering is also useful to the Snake Libra. Therefore, listen carefully, think two steps forward and analyze. In 2020, business trips, trips to other cities, and vacations abroad are possible. New experiences and knowledge will definitely benefit.


The combination of Horse-Libra gives the owners of the sign a freedom-loving, tough, selfish character. Not always such a mixture on the inside of the mistress of 2020. Only by curbing your temper and starting to reckon with your environment, you can move forward. Take a closer look at the situation in the family: it is you who are the frequent cause of conflicts. Change your view of many things, and by spring the weather in the house will become warmer. The Year of the Rat will be prosperous in terms of finances, but there are still quite a few expenses. One thing is good: all investments will be directed in a positive direction.


Libra-Goat attracts attention with sparkling humor and thirst for life. These qualities are to the liking of the Metal Rat, so in 2020 you can count on the support of the zodiac sign. Wherever you are, you will be perceived with pleasure and attention. Use your good sides; people will meet you. Changes are possible in the work in the second half of the year. Perhaps you will not take the usual new position, which you quickly master.

A monkey

Monkey Libra is able to charm anyone: from a friend to an enemy. Any situation in which Libra the Monkey becomes a participant is doomed to a successful conclusion in favor of the sign. In 2020, you can safely resolve legal, property, documentary issues. Everything will be up to you. Fewer family members will need attention: some need support in their studies, while others need weekend walks. Get involved in family affairs. The rat will appreciate and reward him with additional gifts of fate.


Rooster-Libra is endowed with powerful charisma, attractive appearance. A bright sign sometimes frightens off with its assertiveness and courage. In 2020, there will be a difficult relationship with friends. It will seem to them that you are demonstrating clear superiority, and in friendship they don’t behave like that. Take care not to be alone. The mistress of the year will leave next to you only real and trusted like-minded people, with whom you will go further in life. From March to June, conflicts in the family due to older relatives are likely. Do not give them the opportunity to destroy your hearth.


Dog-Libra - soft, compliant people, but for the time being. Dog Libra maintains and protects its interests strictly. Yes, she will yield in an unprincipled question. But, as for her family and dear people - a taboo. In 2020, the White Rat will help the Dog stay in good positions: both in work and in the family, this Zodiac sign will flourish, thanks to the ability to protect its rights. The healthy ambitions of Dog Scales will help you gain credibility in meaningful circles.


Pig-Libra - excellent welcoming owners who love to receive guests and to work around the house. A thrifty Rat is on the Pig's side, so Libra of this sign need not worry. Your home is a full bowl, a place of order and kindness. The reliable rear created by you is of great importance for the success of all members of the family. These qualities are greatly appreciated by loved ones. You can always count on support in all endeavors. The end of the year will be marked by enchanting events in the family: birth of children is possible, organization of a wedding banquet, noisy commemorative Anniversary.

For women

A good horoscope for 2020 awaits the Women of Libra. You are optimistic. This is welcomed by the White Rat. You are successful in work, loved in the family, attractive in society. This is enough to spend a year in harmony with oneself and the outside world. Lonely Women will meet their love closer to summer. Relations will be good, mutual. Advice from the mistress of the year: surprise the partner in the details, do not skimp on feelings. In response, get a lot more positive and attention. Couples who already live under one roof will decide to legitimize relations in the autumn.

For men

An active year awaits the Libra of men. Work will require a lot of attention. You will receive financial rewards, however, the other half will be unhappy with permanent employment. Stick to the middle ground, take the time for your loved ones, so as not to tear between home and work. In the spring, your charisma and craving for flirting will make you popular with the opposite sex. Be carefull. Remember that playing the wrong goal is not always correct. You will not have promising relationships, and you will restore your reputation for a long time. In the summer, trips on vacation are likely, which will positively affect relations with loved ones.

Famous personalities Libra:

  • Giuseppe Verdi (October 10) - a famous Italian composer;
  • Mikhail Lermontov (October 15) - an outstanding playwright, Russian poet, prose writer;
  • Friedrich Nietzsche (October 15) - German thinker;
  • Ivan Bunin (October 22) - Russian poet, Nobel laureate;
  • Savely Kramarov (October 13) - a famous actor in Soviet and American cinema;
  • Brigitte Bardot (September 28) - the famous fashion model and actress of France;
  • Monica Bellucci (September 30) - Italian model and film actress;
  • Marina Tsvetaeva (September 26) - a famous Russian poetess, prose writer, translator.

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