Horoscope for 2020 for Pisces

For all Zodiac signs, the Year of the White Metal Rat will be a test of strength. A detailed horoscope for 2020 for Pisces will tell you how to behave the sign in critical moments. All obstacles will be passed, the bars are taken, if Pisces will listen to his inner voice and not go against the intuition.

Mascots for Pisces

Planet:eighth planet from the sun - Neptune, Jupiter
Stones:emerald, pearl, moonstone
Flowers:daffodil, violet, white jasmine, mimosa, lily
Colors:light purple, shades of blue, wet asphalt, steel, white
Lucky numbers:4, 6, 7, 12, 37
Happy day:tuesday, saturday

Tamara Globa

According to Tamara Globa, 2020 will begin a successful period for Pisces. From February to July - the time of collecting stones and you can not relax. During this period, the main activity falls, which will set the tone and pace for the coming couple of years. At this time, successfully make deals, meet new people, benefit from work. It is not recommended to change the employer. In the spring Pisces expects a well-deserved increase. It is better to spend the summer period away from home: go on vacation with your loved ones, children, friends. New emotions, impressions - what you are missing. Autumn is a period of moving, expanding, improving living conditions. Overhaul is possible. In pleasant troubles, the Year of the Rat will end and believe me, you will be thanked for what.

Vasilisa Volodina

The White Metal Rat has a sharp temper and does not tolerate injustice and secret acts stealthily. Dear Pisces, get ready that everything secret will become apparent in 2020. Hence the advice: live an honest life, do not get involved in adventures, do not deceive the family. The year will be financially successful. In March - May, the acquisition of real estate is expected. The event that you have been going to for a long time will become a reality in the summer. Lonely Pisces expects a romantic acquaintance with a young lady. Relationships can end with a wedding if you do not begin to limit the personal space of the partner. In the fall you will feel that the whole world is against you. You will be immersed in experiences, a midlife crisis, memories of the past. The recommendation of an astrologer is not to fall into hysteria in any way. Pull yourself together, already at the end of the month the situation around you will improve.

Pavel Globa

The beginning of the year may be overshadowed by the uncertain mood of Pisces. Pavel Globa is sure that you have no reason for a mental disorder: the world is beautiful and everything is fine with you. Fish are subject to deep introspection, searching for problems where they are not. To avoid quarrels in the family, help relatives in everyday matters, engage with children. Your work will require great returns from the end of winter to mid-summer. During this period, all the most important rearrangements, planning, appointments will occur. Older relatives will divert attention from the end of summer to autumn. Solving their problems will distract and entertain you, which will positively affect your mood. Love for loved ones will come to the fore in Pisces in 2020. Get ready to meet old friends at the end of autumn. A conversation with people whom you have not seen for a long time will serve to start something new and profitable. Perhaps this will be the organization of a business abroad.

The most powerful psychics

Pisces is a changeable sign that surrounds itself with principles, frames. It can be difficult to get into their little world because Pisces only allows trusted, like-minded people into their world. In 2020, the first half of the year will be more productive than the second, which means that you need to work with rolled up sleeves. You will immediately feel the fruits of activity in the form of decent pay, bonus payments. Finances will not constrain you in the year of the Rat, but you are hard to part with hard-earned money. Family zodiac signs face the problem of distribution of duties in the spring. In the summer, disputes will arise regarding the education of children. Extinguish the outbursts of your anger, otherwise conflicts can be protracted and intractable. Summer and the beginning of autumn are favorable for traveling with family people. Lonely Pisces fate has prepared several romantic encounters. One of them is important, promising. Be able to consider the person sent to you by fate.

Love horoscope

In 2020, the life of Pisces on the love front will be in full swing. The rat has prepared several tests for Pisces, which will not just pass. Temptations will wait on every corner, and even exemplary family people will be under suspicion in the second half. Be careful with dating and flirting from February to April. The slightest suspicion of infidelity will result in a showdown on elevated tones. In late spring, confidence will be restored, but secret control over the situation will be present until the end of autumn. Lonely Pisces, several love adventures await you each year. Active months are March, May-June, September-November. These months you will be especially attractive. True mutual love will certainly come in the year of the Rat. The main thing is to spend a lot of time with your chosen one.

Horoscope of health

In the year of the Metal Rat, a lot of Pisces’s energy will be spent on clarifying family relationships. This will result in a breakdown, a general malaise. To restore the state requires a good sleep, proper nutrition and physical activity. It is the latter that Pisces lacks catastrophically. You do not move much, consume a lot of simple carbohydrates, which is fraught with excess weight, shortness of breath. Make it a rule to walk two stops in any weather. Having developed this habit, you will significantly improve the general condition. And the figure will gradually return to normal. By the summer, spinal problems will make themselves felt. Do not ignore pain, go to the doctor for a consultation. Exercises aimed at strengthening the spinal column will help strengthen muscles and relieve cramps. At the beginning of autumn, carry out preventive fortification. So you will avoid seasonal epidemics, and come to the new year full of strength and energy.

Financial horoscope

The rat patronizes Pisces in financial matters. If you are not lazy, you will earn a decent fortune in the first half of the year. Stars suggest that the second half of the year is successful for developing your business, opening your own business. Perhaps this will be a parallel affair along with the main activity, but it is here that you invest the earned profit. The money will work for you and by the end of the year you will get something large-scale in the house: home decoration, appliances. Dreams of repair and travel to distant countries will also begin to come true. You can do everything, because you are a responsible executor. At the end of the year, your score will take on real forms in the form of bills.

Job and career

In work and career Pisces outlined changes. On the one hand, competitors are dreaming of taking your position. On the other hand, you are ready for a change of work with clearer perspectives. The rat accompanies and helps those who strive forward and want to achieve heights. Therefore, Pisces will not have failures in 2020. In February - April, you will leave all the spiteful critics far behind you and get a promotion from the authorities. In the spring you will work on the development of a small business. Pleasant acquaintances made at the beginning of the year will be very useful in this matter. Old friends will also help, whose advice and experience are of real value. By the end of the year, Pisces will gain a foothold in all positions, which will give the right to relax and go on vacation.

Pisces in the Eastern horoscope


Zealous fighters for justice Pisces were born in the year of the Rat. The slightest manifestation of dishonesty makes them forget about their modesty, to defend their interests. In 2020, Pisces Rats will be busy building their professional and home empire. They want to succeed everywhere: to discover something of their own in work, to increase and preserve what they have achieved in the family. You can do everything.


The external simplicity of the Bull of Pisces hides inside a bright highly spiritual personality, pleasant for communication. The Year of the Rat will be rich for this sign for new knowledge, teachings, promising acquaintances. The ability to communicate, to have oneself will help in 2020 to enlist the support of influential people. True friendship comes from childhood.


Quiet-looking Tiger Pisces is fraught with a lot of secrets. And if you remember about the "quiet pool with the devils" - then this is exactly the case. Energy, unpredictability and the ability to act brightly distinguishes a quiet sign from others. Willingness to do something out of the ordinary always accompanies Tiger Fish. In 2020, channel your energy towards strengthening love relationships. This also applies to family and free signs.


Rabbit Pisces can be entrusted with any secrets. This sign keeps secrets better than others and will never be the object of gossip and showdown. For this feature they are respected both in work and in personal relationships. The rat will thank the zodiac sign with interesting work and useful contacts. In 2020, there will be a lot of interesting communication. The impressions and knowledge gained from the meetings will be used by Pisces with pleasure.

The Dragon

Dragon Pisces is an emotional passionate sign, living with emotions, not with reason. At the same time, in any situation, Dragon Pisces consider themselves right, are included in the defense of interests as soon as they feel that their opinion is at risk of perception. Assertive Dragon Fish lucky in life. The Year of the Rat is no exception. Despite the fountain of emotions, the results of the year will delight the representative of the Zodiac.


Dragon Snake - a bright open sign, striking appearance, wisdom, a bewitching voice. The owners of this sign conquer society from the first minutes of communication. Charisma and friendliness - the pass ticket of the Snake Fish at any door. Although the rat will put sticks in wheels in March-April, it will not succeed in breaking the mark with good ambitions and clear goals.


Craving for knowledge of life, communication and work are the main talents of the Horse of Pisces. These qualities are enough to enlist the support of the mistress of the year. In 2020, the Horse of Pisces will step forward thanks to sociability, mobility, the desire to grow. Work and friendships will be fundamental to success. Close people support you in everything.


Goat Pisces is distinguished from other characters by attachment to his house. Parent's nest is an example to follow, a place where you want to come for emotions, peace. Subsequently, his family becomes a fortress, a subject of pride. All the activities of Pisces Goats in 2020 will be aimed at achieving family benefits. You will achieve everything if you gradually realize the dreams of all family members.

A monkey

Monkey Pisces carefully select friends. As a rule, trusted people go around in life for years, originally from childhood. Friendship issues will be relevant in 2020. Your help will be required in resolving some issue. Your intervention will be useful, and a friend will not remain in debt. A new hobby will be your hobby for life.


All unusual attract in their life Pisces Rooster. These signs all his life gravitate towards knowledge. At any age, replenish the information piggy bank with something new. Surrounding often pity Rooster Fish. But this is in vain: they feel great in their world. And there is always a narrow circle of like-minded people nearby. In the year of the Rat, you will find many educational trips, meetings with interesting people.


Fish Dogs are tactful, restrained, intelligent. The tolerant sign is always on guard of the family and its achievements. Despite external restraint, he is a fighter for his own. In 2020, Dog Fish will reach deserved heights thanks to honest work and healthy perseverance. Expect praise from superiors and loved ones.


Fish Pig does not leave the parental home for a long time. If in 2020 you have to leave for independent bread, you will often visit your father’s house. For you, this is an opportunity to be filled with energy, strength, worldly wisdom. You are always welcomed at home, so do not miss the opportunity to chat with family. You are hard to bear distances. In 2020, long business trips are possible. Only travel performance compensates for emotional decline.

For women

Women Pisces are very attractive. In 2020, expect a lot of acquaintances. Lonely representatives can count on a strong relationship and, even, marriage in the second half of the year. Family Pisces will bathe in family happiness, love. Strong alliances are not in danger. But couples with a conflict in 2020 will have to fight for their happiness. Learn to listen to each other, put yourself in the shoes of a partner. This will correct a lot and by the end of the year understanding will reign in the house.

For men

For Pisces men, work and finance will be the foundation of 2020. The rat will help in achieving goals, so by the middle of the year you will feel confident in your strength and desire to open your own business. This is a successful event in the year of the Rat. Count on the support of stars, friends, family and partners. Do not forget about the rest. At the end of summer, the beginning of autumn, you can let you relax in a big way.

Celebrity Pisces:

  • Michelangelo (March 6) - Italian painter, sculptor, architect;
  • Vrubel (March 17) - a famous Russian artist;
  • Albert Einstein (March 14) - physicist, Nobel Prize winner, thinker;
  • Yuri Gagarin (March 9) - Hero of the Soviet Union, astronaut;
  • Josef Mengele (March 16) - German doctor who carried out experiments on prisoners of Auschwitz;
  • Valentina Tereshkova (March 6) - the first female astronaut;
  • Sharon Stone (March 10) - actress, producer, model;
  • Tatyana Dogileva (February 27) - People's Artist of Russia, theater and film actress;
  • Ekaterina Strizhenova (March 20) - TV presenter, actress.

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