Happy New Year 2020 to colleagues

The onset of each new year is a debriefing of the year and the hope for joy and happiness in the coming year. That is why it is so important to draw up congratulations on the New Year, 2020, to colleagues in a timely manner, because a friendly team, a work that brings pleasure is the key to a good mood and a sense of confidence for the whole next year.

Features of the New, 2020, year - year of the Rat

Recently, it has become a tradition to write New Year's greetings, whether they are in prose or in poetry, official or funny, taking into account the specifics of the symbol of the coming year according to the Eastern calendar.

It is believed that the characteristics of the year, its features prescribe not only how to meet or how to congratulate the New Year, but also what to wish in the coming year.
According to eastern horoscopes, 2020 is the year of the White Metal Rat. The Chinese believe that the Rat is a wise animal, always finding a way out of complex and complicated situations.

In addition, the 2020 totem is endowed with qualities such as:

  • endurance;
  • practicality;
  • fearlessness;
  • quick wits;
  • strong will;
  • purposefulness;
  • intuition;
  • thrift.

Elements of white color and metal add to these properties.:

  • purity of thoughts;
  • unselfishness;
  • generosity;
  • openness
  • goodwill;
  • perseverance;
  • inflexibility;
  • straightforwardness.

Thus, in the New Year greetings for employees, you can wish:

  • wisdom;
  • patience
  • perseverance and perseverance in achieving the goal;
  • self-confidence;
  • creative success;
  • financial stability;
  • creative and bold decisions;
  • peace and harmony at home and at work.

Examples of congratulations on the year of the Rat

New Year greetings can be said out loud or written on a postcard, the main thing is that they contain kind, sincere words. And, of course, it is important not to forget about subordination: a hardly respected chef, no matter how warm his relationship with him, will like congratulations on frivolous jokes. But to colleagues at work, such funny postcards are likely to bring joy. Especially if they are congratulated not just by employees, but by Santa Claus and Snegurochka, “grown up” in their native team.

Congratulations in Prose

Happy New Year! Let it be successful for you in every sense, give new opportunities and prospects for development. Let your business flourish and go to a new level, bring you the desired income and satisfaction. Professionalism, a positive working atmosphere, respect for subordinates and personal happiness!
Let me wish you a Happy New Year. I sincerely wish you a good year with interesting projects. Good health to you until old age, successful work. May there always be only bright people around you with whom it will be possible to achieve heights in work and business in the new year. Happy New Year to you.
Our dear, dear, the best boss! Our friendly, fervent, hardworking team sincerely and with all sincerity hurries to congratulate you on the New Year, new changes, new emotions and happiness! We wish you every new day to be better, brighter, more entertaining and more productive than the previous one, that you will be surrounded by conscientious, efficient and good people, that all your ideas and plans will come true!
Dear colleagues, I wish you a Happy New Year. Thank you for your support, understanding and help in the most difficult situations. I wish you success in business, optimism, health and sunny, joyful days. Let happiness, success surround you and your loved ones always wait at home, and problems bypass!
Congratulations on a wonderful winter holiday, which gives us not only New Year's holidays, but also positive, joy and good mood! May there be more weekends in the New Year, less work, and let the salary grow and grow! Let everything be just fine at home - and never leave a great mood on weekdays or holidays!
Colleagues, I wish you a new year to be successful professionally and unforgettable in your personal life! May happiness, love and great wealth come to your homes. Let all the accumulated problems be resolved safely, and let them get rid of them will bring big dividends! Clean horizons for you, many new peaks and enough strength to conquer them!
Dear colleagues! Let everything be our way in the New Year, we will break through any difficulties, go to a new level and remain cheerful, energetic, cheerful and healthy. And of course, I wish everyone a lot of love and money in the New Year, it is never superfluous!
Congratulations to our valiant and close-knit team! May each of us in the New Year receive everything we desire, what we dream about and see in our best dreams! May your families be happy, may all your affairs be successful, and most importantly, may your work bring you not only financial joy, but also emotional peace. I wish you health, energy, optimism, harmony and always a wonderful mood!

Greetings in verses

ChefTo colleagues
You as our boss -
Gloomy ... even formidable!
And in fact -
You are just serious.
And also responsibly
You get to the point
And the right decision
You always find.
Happy New Year
Smile more often
Joke a little bit
And even a laugh!
We, in turn,
We won’t let you down -
After all, one way
We are going with you!
What a New Year holiday!
He will collect all colleagues!
We will bring gifts
And pour champagne
Everyone will have fun
Christmas tree bright in beauty
Wishes not to count all!
On the table of everything - do not eat!
Every hour and every day
We are not too lazy to wait for the holiday!
In the New Year - no doubt!
We will all live without troubles!
As for a holiday, I'm going to work,
Sunday ready and Saturday
I work under your direction!
So that your health does not disappoint you,
So that happiness is always there
So that loved ones love
I wish you, boss, in the New Year!
May great luck await!
Congratulations with all our strength.
Happy New Year office is cute,
All office people-people:
May the year be happy!
Let accountants think
Let the secretaries fly
The chef is happy at lunch,
And so it lasts for many years!
To all "servants" - friendships, brotherhoods,
Peace and love of wealth,
Bucks a pack, not copper
Have your wallets!
Happy New Year, strict chef!
Team to your liking
Your wise decisions, patient suggestions,
Fair decrees and reasonable orders!
We treat you with love and wish you good health,
Respect and good luck! Let all the tasks be solved,
Let profit flow river and peace reigns in the family,
And the coming New Year - only positive!
There is a lot of snow outside the window
The whirlwind then flew, then a verse ...
Happy New Year to you, colleague!
We dedicate this verse to you.
Verse on how hard it is for you
Confirm the class,
But your deed, word
Supported us more than once!
Let the year not accumulate evil on you,
We will say no to adversity!
May your invaluable experience
Turns into a jingle of coins!
Wishes a team of colleagues
To live a whole century
So that life is generous with you
And brought you a present
Spring winds, sweet dreams,
Love is not a joke, but seriously.
Let the New Year Santa Claus
Will give happiness a whole cart.
Strong health in addition,
Good luck, which can not be counted:
Everything else you have!
Our dear colleagues!
The magic New Year is coming
And with him - oh miracle! - weekends,
Which is so lacking!
Let it be folding for everyone,
Successful, profitable, encouraging,
And may last year
With problems take away!
We wish each other
Happiness, money, long years,
Holding out each other's arms
Sing to the whole world:
"Happy New Year, Happy New Year!"
The clinking of glasses, as always,
And burns over the sky
Star of Bethlehem!
In the New Year from the team,
We wish you creative
The standard to be for everyone
And in order to expect success in everything!
You are wise and fair
Conscientious, courteous,
That's why for us
Best of all, you are hundreds of times!
We will not wish you much ...
Happiness is only at the threshold
Always waiting for you every time
And good luck - at the right time!
December came, arguing with the weather,
And on the threshold - New Year.
May success be the sea
And happiness is a complete garden.
Happy New Year to you!
Let it be sweeter than honey
May the passing old year
Take away adversity with you!
Colleagues! Joy increasing
Let luck grow
Health! Happiness! For long years
And new creative victories!
Our friendly team
Congratulations, Chef, we are of you.
And wish to be happy
Every day and every hour.
To always have enough strength
For family, business, leisure.
So that desire arose
Award to give us suddenly.
For the coming year to come,
Good luck and success.
Even greater joy
Life is easy, without interference!
I don’t know the collective better!
And today, my dears,
Happy New Year, I congratulate you!
My beautiful, young!
You worked just fine,
There was a year of victories and success in work.
Now I wish you personal success
May the New Year bring everything you wait!
Congratulations to all the people
Happy New Year Guide!
Our dear boss!
Do not lose your courage
Manage us wisely
And keep your patience
Take care of your health
Be strong like coffee
Everything goes with you without a creak,
Thank you so much!
Happy New Year! With a positive!
I'll tell you a secret
What is friendlier than the team
Not a single office!
I wish you patience
Do not be sad and do not get sick,
And in a good mood
Live, work, relax!
In the new year from the team
Get positive
Our boss is dear,
Very strict, but kind in heart.
Let health not fail
And a good year is coming.
The enterprise is growing
Like our big income.
May the eyes shine with happiness
A lot of strength to you and participation,
In personal life and destiny
Always be on top.
Winter again, and in the snow
Fresh trail and footpaths nearby.
New Year is very close, colleagues,
We are all happy for this holiday.
We are all different, but certainly
Together we are not without reason in the team,
For only common labor is the basis
For success, and in the long run
Many different projects and events,
A lot of good big undertakings,
Trials, mistakes, huge discoveries,
Small sadness and bold daring ...
Happy New Year, friends!
How wonderful - you are by my side!
Let good luck go round dance
And sadness will pass by!

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