How to decorate a school room for the New Year 2020

Many holidays are on the pages of the calendar, but perhaps New Year can be called the most favorite. For this celebration are prepared in advance, both children and adults. And this holiday is celebrated not one day, but several, because it was not in vain that the concept appeared - New Year's holidays. The atmosphere of the New Year penetrates everywhere, and although it is customary to associate this celebration with home comfort and warmth, nevertheless, the New Year mood accompanies people everywhere: on the streets, at work, at school and so on. Home decoration is the main preparatory part of the New Year's bustle. But this is not limited to it. People also decorate their jobs, students - classrooms, students and teachers - classes and classrooms. The decision on how to decorate the school room for the New Year 2020 depends on many factors, and below we will consider the main options for creating a friendly and warm festive atmosphere in such an important place where from an early age children wage an uncompromising struggle to master the granite of science.

New Year's decoration of a school office

The school office is a special place that cannot be forgotten throughout life many years after the end of school years. At school, for the first time, children learn the taste of victory from achievements and the bitterness of disappointment as a result of failures. Boys and girls come here for knowledge. Here, each of us makes the first true friends. And therefore, a school office is an important part of the life of a teacher and students. And to decorate this place in New Year’s colors is an occupation that everyone will like.

Before you begin to create a special and unforgettable solemn atmosphere, you need to decide on the style in which the house of knowledge will be decorated. There are several main areas that are traditionally used in our country to give New Year color to places like a school class.

Jewelry in Russian

A large number of bright color combinations in the decor dominate here. Traditional Russian nesting dolls, Santa Claus with the Snow Maiden, multi-colored patterns, green fluffy spruce - all this is certainly a Russian paraphernalia.

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Of course, do not forget that this is still a classroom, and not home walls, so decorations should be relatively restrained. But, in general, Russian New Year paraphernalia will give the school class a unique festive atmosphere. The presence of various garlands, both self-made, for example from paper, and electric, is welcome.

You can make jewelry with your own hands:

  • Decor from cookies and gingerbread;
  • Toys from beads and beads;
  • Christmas decorations from pompons;
  • Holiday stars made of felt;
  • Toys made of fir branches;
  • Styrofoam decorations.

Western decor

In this type of scenery for the New Year celebrations, its own specific attributes are traced. Instead of Santa Claus, another fairy-tale character is presented here - Santa Claus. Often, in Western traditions of decorating a room, there is a wreath. It can be made absolutely from different materials, and it can also be of various sizes. The wreath can be mounted on a wall, window or door. Another element of the western New Year's decorations can be considered the use of multi-colored ribbons and bells.

DIY jewelry looks very warm and sincere. You can easily create the following options:

  • Christmas wreaths of small sizes;
  • Garlands in the form of a chain of colored paper;
  • Mandatory attribute of the western style - decorated candlesticks;
  • Jewelry in the form of colored socks for small gifts;
  • Santa figurine made of plasticine or paper.

2020 new year scenery in feng shui style

The main determining factor is the correct zoning of the room that you are going to decorate. According to Feng Shui, any space, including a classroom, is divided into certain zones corresponding to parts of the world. Starting to decorate the office at the school, decide on the idea of ​​decor that you want to bring new to the life of the inhabitants of this room. In the case of the school office, the idea of ​​knowledge and obtaining new information will dominate here, as well as the creation of partnerships and friendships between students and the teacher. Even a small Christmas tree, placed, for example, on the teacher's desk, will become a pretty strong symbol that will bring good luck and joy to the life of students and teachers.

Feng Shui Jewelry:

  • Figures of small mice made of fabric, paper, cotton wool, ribbons and so on;
  • White metal jewelry since 2020 is the year of the white metal rat;
  • Silver foil jewelry;
  • Decor from Lurex threads;
  • A snow-white miniature Christmas tree located in the eastern part of the office.

DIY door decor

Doors in any room are, in a way, his business card. The first and most memorable perception of space depends on their appearance and condition. The doors of the school office, as a rule, do not differ in a special variety of textures and colors, these details of the internal space have fairly standard external features. Therefore, when decorating the doors, you can use all your imagination, especially if the occasion for the scenery is New Year.

Doors are great for placing various Christmas wreaths on their surface. These attributes can be made of paper, foil, cardboard.

And you can use natural fir branches as improvised materials.

Also, on the door you can hang an image of the symbol of the coming year. In 2020, it will be the year of the white rat. The image can be in the form of a photo of an animal, or it can be made in a humorous animation style.

You can make several multi-colored snowflakes and stick these decorations on the surface of the door leaf, both inside and outside the room.

When decorating a door, do not forget about the possibility of placing decorations not only on the canvas, but also in the area above the door, in the area of ​​the jambs.

School Class Window Decor

The windows in the school office should be especially colorful decorated for the holiday, since this part of the premises of the educational institution is visible not only to schoolchildren and teachers, but it can also be seen from the street. Here you can apply all your imagination. On the glasses you can draw fairy-tale characters from your favorite children's tales, which are familiar and loved by children and adults. Also, images of the mistress of the New Year, a small friendly mouse, are quite suitable. In order to apply a picture to glass, you can use a variety of improvised tools. This can be paint, paste, various spraying and many other means.

Also, do-it-yourself paper snowflakes and figures are often placed in the window area of ​​the school office.


When starting to decorate a blackboard, remember that this place is an active working area, which means that it can only be very restrained. You can put New Year attributes on the perimeter of the board. Small Christmas figures of snowflakes and Christmas trees can be installed in the corner parts of the board. The lateral edges of the school decoration can be framed with tinsel and shiny New Year's rain. Also, before the New Year it is worth replacing the device for cleaning the board with a new version and add to the traditional white chalk, multi-colored.

Classroom Walls

The largest area for New Year decorations in the class belongs, of course, to the walls. This space can be decorated most fully and variably. As a rule, students and teachers hang their various achievements and joint photographs on the walls of the school office. By the New Year, you can hang a humorous wall newspaper with pictures of students on one of the walls of the class. It can be both photographs and images of students in the animation version.

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Decoration of the ceiling in the office of the school

Decorating the ceiling in the room will help to create an amazing atmosphere of the New Year mood. The upper part of the school office, as a rule, is made without special decorations, and therefore, it is worth highlighting this zone by the New Year.

Try to decorate the surface of the ceiling with decorations that you made yourself. You can create small volumetric snowflakes and hang them around the perimeter of the ceiling.

Also, the ceiling will look good if it is decorated with hanging toys that resemble the symbol of the coming 2020. If you are at a loss with a choice of color scale, then pay attention to the mistress of the year - a white rat and boldly choose all shades of white, snow, pastel, silver and gold.

Another option for decorating the ceiling in the school class is ribbons. This material can be used at your discretion and create from it various garlands and other hanging decorations.

Teacher's table

When decorating a classroom, special attention should be paid to the teacher’s area. The teacher's desk should be both festive and at the same time set an example of accuracy and persistence.

In order to make the place of the teacher elegant choose jewelry in the same style. Let it be a small but stylish Christmas tree, which occupies a lateral place on the teacher's desk. You can also make exquisite Christmas wreaths and hang them on the side of the table.

Classroom decoration budget

A classroom is a place where students and a teacher meet daily. Before the New Year, you can use the most common imagination and imagination in combination with creative skills to decorate this room and make your own decor. If the class has a desire to purchase beautiful accessories in the store, in this case it makes sense to create a single piggy bank in which parents and the teacher will make contributions as they wish and from the total amount it will be possible to determine the quantity and quality of Christmas decorations.

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