Games for the New Year 2020

New Year's celebration - what could be more fun and exciting ?! Children and adults, mothers and fathers, grandparents - all are waiting for this winter holiday and prepare for it in advance. New Year is associated with magic and fulfillment of desires, and therefore preparations for the holiday begin in all families in advance. Children write New Year’s letters with wishes, adults prepare the New Year’s menu for the holiday table, choose a Christmas tree, come up with contests, songs and games for the New Year’s Eve. If you want the New Year's Eve 2020 to be remembered for a long time, come up with interesting and fiery games that will not only brighten up your home holiday, but also give a lot of good and joyful emotions to all your family members. Games for the New Year 2020 can be very different. The main condition is that guests of the holiday should not be bored for a minute!

Funny New Year's games for children and adults in the New Year 2020

New Year’s games are created in order to find time for fun and laid-back fun in a series of holiday toasts, New Year’s songs, ditties and congratulations. Children and adults, grandparents, are united by a love of fun and lively games. The game, especially under the battle of festive chimes, has no age and other stereotypes and restrictions. “Our whole life is a game,” it seems, as one famous literary hero once said. The game is appropriate for any pastime, and if it comes to New Year's celebration, even more so. During the game, we return to the world of real emotions and a genuine festive mood. Only in the game do children and adults become on one side of the barricades, only playfully do we understand children better and more clearly than it would be possible to imagine.

New Year's games, what are they? And they can be different: funny and instructive, active and calm, playful and serious. Funny New Years games can look different. For example, like this.

  • The game "Who Am I?" - the meaning of the game is as follows: guests sit in a circle. Each player receives from the host a piece of paper on which it is necessary to write the name of the popular hero of film or television. The main condition - this name should be familiar to all those present at the celebration. After all the players have written their heroes on paper, this inscription should be attached with a pin on the back of a neighbor in a circle. The essence of the game is that the person on whose back is an inscription with a famous character could guess it. It is allowed in the game if the guesser will call the names of popular heroes, and other players will give monosyllabic answers “Yes” or “No”.
  • Broken phone. The facilitator makes a certain word and whispers it to the player sitting next to him in a circle. The next player, having heard the word, passes it to the next participant. And so it goes in a circle. It is impossible to specify words and pronounce loudly in any case. A word can be spoken only once, and only in a whisper. The meaning of the game is that the word that the last of the participants will pronounce coincides with the word that was said at the beginning.
  • Game of association. In the room are two teams of players in equal numbers. One team makes a specific word or phrase. Then, this team selects one participant from the opposing team and secretly tells this hidden word in his ear. The player’s task is to show this word to his team so that his colleagues can guess it. Who guesses more words, that team will be the winner.

New Year's Eve on a festive night with Santa Claus and Snow Maiden

The main New Year characters - Santa Claus and Snow Maiden, will always be the most welcome guests at any New Year party. Together with their favorite characters, children and adults lead incendiary round dances around the New Year's green beauty, sing songs and ditties with them, write funny and interesting stories about them. And also, with Santa Claus and the Snow Maiden, you can play various entertaining games.

  • Dress up the Christmas tree game. The meaning of this entertaining action is that all guests of the holiday are divided into two teams. The task of each team is to dress a small artificial Christmas tree as beautiful and quick as possible, which the hosts prepared in advance. That Christmas tree that will look better and more elegant and will bring the coveted prize place to the team.
  • The game "Pass in a circle". Guests of the holiday sit in a circle. The host, in this case, Grandfather Frost, gives the first player a doll, "The Snow Maiden," and cheerful music is turned on. While the New Year melody is playing, players pass the doll from hand to hand. As soon as the music stops, that player in whose hands was "The Snow Maiden" leaves the circle. The participant who remains in the circle in the final of the action wins the competition.
  • The game "Snowballs". Guests gather in the center of the room or game room. Santa Claus gives players recommendations on how to complete the task, and also distributes game equipment - in this case, it will be snowballs made of paper. A small basket is hung in the center of the room, into which, at the command of Santa Claus, participants take turns starting to throw their homemade snowballs. The most accurate player, all of whose snowballs will be in the basket and will be the winner in the end.
  • Game "Treasured words". This festive event is conducted by the granddaughter of Santa Claus, the beautiful Snow Maiden. She selects several people among the guests of the holiday and creates two equal teams from the players. Further, each team will be given the Snow Maiden the same number of letters written on large sheets of paper. Sets of letters together make up the word "Snow Maiden". The task of the players is to, while the host is reading the story, pick up the letters that they hold in their hands and which are pronounced by the Snow Maiden. That team, which first will make a whole word from these letters and will become the winner of the quiz.

Funny Christmas games for a good mood for the whole family

New Year's festive table, a sea of ​​delicious treats, gifts and loved ones around - all this creates a cheerful and warm atmosphere. But in order not to fall asleep until the morning, you need to come up with fun games and contests. Then the holiday will certainly remain in memory and will present many unforgettable emotions.

  • Quiz "Funny Mittens". To each participant in this funny game, the host gives out a set of mittens. Gloves in this case are not acceptable. And then, each player receives an unpeeled mandarin. The meaning of the game is to clean the peel of the mandarin as accurately and as quickly as possible. The task is not easy, but how many fun and positive emotions you will receive by completing it!
  • The game "Sing and Stop". The musical game will especially appeal to those guests who like to perform vocal numbers in karaoke. The task is as follows - each player receives a certain line from a famous song and performs it. The intrigue of the task is that the host can stop singing at any moment and command the next player to take his line in a particular genre. For example, you begin to sing the song "In the field, a birch stood." The presenter will say the next line in an advertising style, for example, like this: “Curly birch of excellent quality that will decorate any interior” and so on.
  • The game "Sherlock Holmes". This quiz will especially appeal to fans of the detective genre. The host chooses 3-4 people among the guests of the holiday and asks them to leave the game room for a while. While they are absent, the host in the first room lays out pre-prepared paper snowflakes in different places. Their number can be from 30 to 40 pieces. Then, when all the items are safely hidden, the host invites the team of players to return back to the game room and, upon command, proceed with the search for snowflakes. Other guests present can help players find snowflakes. They can say hot and cold. The participant who collects the most snowflakes will be the winner of the quiz.

Holiday games for friends in the Year of the Rat

The upcoming Chinese New Year will be the year of the white metal Rat. Astrologers assure us that this will be a very good time for active and hardworking people. Therefore, in order to attract the mistress of the next year to your side already on New Year's Eve and get a portion of annual good luck and luck, it is worth holding a celebration brightly and unforgettably. Interesting games and quizzes are best for celebrating the New Year. And if their theme is related to the astrological features of the year of the Rat, it will be very good.

  • Game "Mouse Brotherhood". The host invites several people to the center of the gaming hall. The task for the players is as follows: each person receives a card from the host, in which one adjective is written that characterizes a mouse from well-known children's fairy tales. Players should read this word and remember in which fairy tale such a rodent occurs. For example, the adjective is “strong”. A strong mouse is found in the famous Russian folk tale "Turnip". Now, suppose the word "insidious" is written on the card. Here the fairy tale about the Mouse King from the fairy tale “The Nutcracker” immediately comes to mind. And so on.
  • Catch the Mouse Quiz. The host of the game prepared some toy mice and tied ropes to them. One player is selected from the hall, who is blindfolded and sit on a chair in the middle of the room. Several other players take the mouse by the ropes and take them not far from the quiz participant sitting with his eyes closed. And his task is to catch as many mice as possible, however, it will not be very simple to do this with a bandage on his face.
  • Game "Cooks Competition". In this game, each player will be able to show maximum of their culinary abilities. 4 players are selected from the hall and brought to the festive table. The presenter detects exactly 2 minutes on the stopwatch, during which players must write down as little as possible dishes from the festive table, which they like to eat mice. And then, with the help of these ingredients, our chefs must invent one special dish or appetizer, which the audience will later try and decide who prepared the most delicious option.

New Year's entertaining relay races in the year of the Rat

Noisy and funny games and relay races on New Year's Eve will give guests of the holiday a maximum of positive emotions that will remain in their memory for a long time. A good mood of guests is the main thing that should be during the New Year's celebration, and a cool relay race is a great way to achieve this.

  • Relay "New Year's marathon". The host of the game arranges the players in two lines, the optimal number of players in each team is 5 people. Then, in another part of the hall, a small table is set with the main sweet prize, which the relay winner will receive. The task of the players is to be the first to reach the festive table with a prize. But to do this is not as easy as it seems. Players can take only one step, and they must remember and name the New Year movie. If a player remembers more films, accordingly, he will be able to take more steps to the coveted reward.
  • Relay "What is this thing for?". Participants select a specific item in the room and figure out how to use it. The host gives time for thought - 5 minutes. During this time, players come up with the maximum possible number of variations. The player who will write the most of the possibilities of using the subject will become the winner of this New Year relay.
  • Relay relay "Dance on an ice floe". A very fun and fiery contest will especially appeal to guests who like to dance. The relay leader invites several dancers to the center of the room, and puts newspapers under his feet. The DJ turns on the music and the participants in the action begin to move to the beat of the melody without leaving the newspaper sheet. Then, the music presenter stops and the newspaper under the feet of the players should immediately be folded exactly in half. This continues until a tiny piece of paper is under the feet of the dancers. The participant who can resist and continue dancing even on the smallest piece of paper wins the baton.

Fun New Year's contests for adults and children

New Year's Eve can not be limited to just watching TV shows and a chic festive table with an abundance of various yummy. Competitions and games - this is what will make your New Year celebration memorable and long-lasting.

  • Competition "Mummy". This funny quiz is suitable for both a children's celebration and a group of adults. The main condition is the desire to have fun and the indispensable presence of a sense of humor among the participants of this competition. The essence of the competition: the host chooses 4 people from the guests, divides them into two pairs. In each pair there will be one player leading, and the other - slave. The lead player is given a roll of toilet paper. For a short period of time in each of the pairs, leading players must “dress” the lead players in certain costumes at their own discretion. The main thing is that the costume should consist entirely of only a paper roll.
  • Competition "Advertising". The host invites two guys from the audience. These men, in turn, must choose two girls from the audience and, for all, name the two best external qualities of the girls. Then, when these qualities of appearance will be openly voiced by the guys, they will have to come up with a small advertising slogan that would most accurately describe women's charms. The winner is the man whose advertising deserves more audience applause.
  • Chicken Egg Contest. This quiz is both very funny and at the same time a little dangerous. The host takes the basket, where he puts 6 eggs. Here 5 eggs will be boiled, and the last - raw. Then 6 volunteers are called from the audience who are not afraid to take an egg from a basket at random and break it on their forehead. Someone will be “lucky" and have a raw egg on his forehead. The most daring player awaits a fascinating consolation prize.

Charades and fantas for the New Year 2020 with friends

Fanta and charades with jokes are an indispensable lesson at the New Year's table, when you don’t want to eat anymore, and it is necessary to celebrate the New Year further. Before guests knock on your door, be sure to prepare for them New Year's Eve with various tasks. Believe me, this will amuse everyone at the holiday table. By the way, papers with tasks can be put right under the plates of guests. During the celebration, guests will take out these fascinating notes and carry out everything that is written there. Among the texts of tasks, you can write the following options:

  • In a minute, name 20 popular singers with the name Natalya;
  • Eat all fruits from the plate in 2 minutes without the help of appliances and hands;
  • Call your three first friends on the list in the phone book and guess a riddle for each of them;
  • Tell a short true life story so that at least 2 people at the festive table laugh sincerely;
  • Close your eyes and draw on a piece of paper a figure of the Rat, which is a symbol of the coming year 2020;
  • Use a facial expression as a mouse;
  • Come up with a few puzzles about New Year's Eve.

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