Governor's Tree 2020 Saint Petersburg

New Year's holidays are a wonderful time when even adults want to believe in miracles, make the most cherished desires and make bold and bright plans for next year. What can we say about children! The whole city sparkles with festive lights, multi-colored garlands shimmer and wink on the streets, houses and shop windows, nature is wrapped in an elegant snow-white cover, festive music with magic bells sounds everywhere - the atmosphere is really fabulous! At this time, I want to write a letter to Santa Claus and believe that he will reward obedience with the most desirable gifts, and his eyes themselves are looking for his sleigh with deers in the holiday sky! For children, the city authorities organize governor trees 2020 in St. Petersburg, where everyone can feel part of the surrounding magic, enjoy a fascinating show and, of course, receive a gift.

Christmas trees opening time

In the last week of the outgoing year and the first days of January in our northern capital there are a lot of events, the most varied, for every taste, age and range of interests. The first Christmas trees in squares and at shopping centers are decorated even before the middle of the month, and by the 20th - 25th day the whole city is usually completely decorated. Ice skating rinks and fairs are opening all over the city, Christmas trees are being established and concerts, competitions, interactive programs and other entertaining events are held. Spending free time these days at home is just a crime!

To plunge into the festive atmosphere, absolutely all the children of the city could, regardless of the status and financial situation of their parents, the authorities annually conduct governor trees, to which absolutely all the elementary school students are invited. In recent years, they have been held at the Ice Palace, although they used to be in the circus and in the October Hall. As usual, before the new year 2020, Christmas trees will be held from December 25 to 30, every day.

How to get to the Christmas tree in Ice with children?

With all the scope and grandeur of the event, tickets for it are not sold at the box office or from resellers. These performances are intended for all students of St. Petersburg schools of grades 1–4, and only for them, without parents. For organizational purposes, places are provided for adults - accompanying, usually - class teachers and teachers. However, if someone refused a trip or there are empty seats, parents may be lucky to attend this show - take an interest at the school curator of your child.

As a rule, they don’t give tickets to schoolchildren or parents - all children are taken to the Christmas tree in organized groups, whole classes. However, in different schools the organization is different, so check everything locally.

Do not worry that your child, who has recently grown up, will visit this holiday without you. Many parents are not accustomed to the fact that their child is becoming more independent, and more often it is not just outside the home, but also not under the supervision of nannies, but only with strict, though caring teachers. However, you will still have a family holiday ahead - on New Year's Eve, Christmas and on the New Year's Eve, and generally for the whole New Year's weekend at your work. Let this time the child spend time with classmates, peers - because socialization and children's friendship are so important at this age!

Governor Christmas Ticket Prices

These performances are a program from the city authorities, they are paid from the local budget, and therefore tickets, admission, entertainment and gifts on Christmas trees are absolutely free. However, parents may be offered to spend money on visiting the Christmas tree if it is planned to rent a transport.

In addition to the gubernatorial ones, other free events for children are usually held - both in the past year and already in the coming year. Usually these are matinees and concerts in schools, Christmas trees and holiday performances in the nearest palaces of culture and creativity, as well as entertainment programs in squares and parks of the city. Take an interest in their program - and you will provide unforgettable New Year holidays to your child, even if the prices for paid Christmas trees and matinees are too high for you.

Schedule of governor Christmas trees for students 1 - 4 classes

In the period from December 25 to 30, New Year’s performances will be 4 sessions every day, so that all students of the younger school could enjoy them. Performances begin at 11 a.m., half past one, and also at 4 and at half past six in the evening. The exception is only on the first day: on Wednesday, the 25th, there will be no morning performance. True, this schedule can still be changed - the exact time of the start of performances will be known only at the beginning of the project.

They distribute the children into sessions automatically; an invitation is issued for a certain day and time. It’s good if teachers are involved in organizing trips at your school and the whole class travels together, without the participation of parents. But this can be too troublesome: it is difficult to safely transport about 30 children by metro, especially with a transfer, and hiring a bus is expensive and difficult to complete. Therefore, more and more often parents offer themselves to take the child to the Christmas tree.

What to do if there is no opportunity to arrive on time from the invitation

Most Christmas trees are held at a time when parents are at work, so problems may arise with their visit. If you cannot bring your son or daughter for the holiday, try the following:

  • Attract grandparents, older children - anyone who is free at that time and who is not afraid to entrust his child.
  • Try to negotiate with the parents of classmates - in the first sessions, children are taken directly from the school, maybe they will take you to the company. And you can already pick it up from Ice yourself, after work.
  • It is worth trying to take time off from work, change shifts or agree on remote work for half a day - this is strictly individual and depends on your working conditions.
  • Refer to the parent forums on the Internet - they often offer to exchange invitations for another day or time. This is especially true for those who work in shifts, but the ticket fell for working hours.
  • If the situation is clarified in advance, try to raise a question in the parent committee - most likely, you are not the only one, and it will be possible to arrange a trip for teachers or arrange a rental car.

In any case, try not to deprive the child of the holiday, because the governor’s tree is one of the New Year’s wonders where the child can enjoy a wonderful high-quality performance, participate in interactive fun, receive a gift and a storm of positive emotions absolutely free!

Why is it worth it to find an opportunity to visit the governor's tree?

The performances in the Ice Palace are a modern, bright, enchanting show with special effects based on the plot of the best children's fairy tales. The smooth movements of the country's best skaters, expressive costumes, high-quality and varied lighting and voice acting, complementing the fascinating story, capture the attention of any child. To see such a grandiose performance at least once in person, and even with friends, classmates worth every child!

The director and performers of the leading roles are world champions of Russia, prize-winners of the Olympic Games in figure skating, and the best choreographers - directors of the country. In addition, young St. Petersburg skaters, real young talents, peers or a little older than your child participate in the productions. Their skill will surely amaze and find a response in the soul of every student.

In the program of the governor's tree:

  1. An hour before the performance, contests and interactive programs are beginning to be held in the lobby, in which every child will be involved.
  2. A stunning performance will not only amaze with skill and beauty, but will also captivate with the plot and its original production.
  3. For New Year’s performances, only the best, brightest and kindest fairy tales are chosen, which instill in children feelings of love, justice, kindness and bring up the best qualities.
  4. Such a collective campaign will help to make friends with classmates even closer, to communicate with them in an informal setting, to get to know each other better. After all, adaptation in a new team, networking and finding friends is one of the most important and difficult tasks in the lower grades.
  5. Each child will certainly receive a gift - a piece of New Year's magic

This event annually collects hundreds and thousands of enthusiastic reviews from the parents of happy children, do not deprive your child of such a chance!

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