Christmas trees for children 2019-2020 SPb

New Year is a wonderful time to fulfill the most cherished desires, a special period for each of us. Children are especially waiting for this holiday - they have not yet lost the ability to believe in miracles, make wishes and sincerely rejoice at their magical fulfillment. Each child is waiting for a meeting with Santa Claus and his assistants, looking out his sleigh drawn by deers in a clear sky. And most children sincerely believe that it is this dear grandfather who is able to fulfill any desire - you just need to behave yourself and really want to. New Year trees for children 2019 - 2020 in St. Petersburg is an indispensable attribute of this holiday. Some of the children will visit only one, and someone will go to performances almost every day. With or without parents, you should definitely visit such a holiday - after all, the New Year is only once a year, and it is very far to the next fabulous and magical time!

Where can I find the schedule and time for opening the Christmas trees?

New Year's holidays are the longest of the year, festivities dedicated to them last about a month. Most of the Christmas trees will be held from December 23, 2019 to January 7, 2020, that is, the Christmas tree will be the last. However, some organizers are ready to offer performances on New Year's Eve, and after Christmas, even on the old New Year. Some of them will be held daily for almost a month, others only before or only the holiday field, and still others only 1-2 times each. You can learn more about the schedule of each from the organizers or at the venue - it is impossible to tell all this information in one article.

Choosing a Christmas tree, and more often a Christmas tree that a child will visit, often becomes a difficult task for parents. Our northern capital offers a huge number of events that are completely different both in terms of program and cost. It is simply impossible to visit them all, no matter how tempting the proposals may sound, but our article will help you navigate this festive variety and choose the best.

Where to take the child to the Christmas tree?

  1. The governor's tree in the Ice Palace is one of the most famous and beloved. The production of this event is annually attended by the best directors and skaters, Olympic champions. The show is modern, bright, with colorful special effects, lighting and costumes, but bearing timeless values ​​and built on the basis of old favorite plots. Presentations will be held daily in the last week of 2019, and the ticket price can differ by almost 10 times, depending on the location.
  2. The second, no less large-scale and popular New Year's project is the Christmas trees on Lenfilm. They are held daily from December 21 to January 5, but are more expensive. On these trees, the child will be able to feel like a real actor or director, because the holiday takes place on the set. Upon completion of the project on the official website it will be possible to download a film shot with the participation of your child.
  3. The Pulkovo Christmas trees in the congress hall of the Park Inn hotel is another legendary project with a history of more than 15 years. They are distinguished by the cozy atmosphere of a small hall, upscale breathtaking performance and safety. Of the pleasant moments - they were always free for children, tickets are needed only by adults. We hope that the organizers will not abandon this tradition this time. Last year there were no submissions, but by the new 2020, the organizers promise a large-scale interesting program.
  4. The royal Christmas tree in the Nikolaevsky palace is for those who on this holiday want to feel at the top of society and enjoy all the charms of the strongest life. They are held in the last week of the old and the first week of the new year. Each session consists of 3 parts: an interactive entertainment program in which every child is involved, a traditional Christmas tree with congratulations from Santa Claus and Snegurochka, and a festive performance with a New Year's story. At the end, each child receives a gift.
  5. Stunning Christmas trees in the old Russian style are also held in Peterhof. Here, children in a fun and exciting form instill love and respect for parents, obedience, responsiveness and other qualities that have long been valued in Russia. Performances differ on different days, and are also held in different palaces or a restaurant.
  6. One can not help but mention the main Christmas tree of the city, which will be installed on Palace Square. Here you can either just walk the whole family at any time, or get on an interesting entertainment program for children, where they will be congratulated by Santa Claus and Snegurochka, as well as other favorite characters. The best forest beauty in the city, a unique atmosphere, bright illumination, exciting entertainment - and all this is completely free!
  7. Outing offers are interesting - for example, a holiday at the residence of the Finnish Santa Claus Joulupukki. Children are taken by bus to the suburbs, to a fabulous snowy forest with the brightly decorated house of the main New Year's wizard. There they will find an interesting interactive program, quests, acquaintance with Joulupukki and his assistants, a traditional Christmas tree and a theatrical performance. In addition, children will receive valuable gifts (pre-prepared by their parents) from the rug of Santa Claus himself and will be able to take pictures with him on the threshold of the residence.

Where else will Christmas trees for children be held in St. Petersburg?

During the New Year holidays, as a rule, the question “where to go?” Does not arise, because the whole city is literally full of various entertainment options. However, choosing from this variety can be difficult.

In addition to the above, Christmas trees for children are held at almost all concert venues and arenas of the city, in theaters and palaces of culture, in parks, squares and even in museums.

  • in the concert hall “Oktyabrsky” at the beginning of 2020 there will be a round dance around the Christmas tree and tales;
  • there will be a circus at the Sibur Arena with the participation of the Zapashny brothers and their trained pets.
  • Variety Theater named after Raikin offers to spend the outgoing year with them at affordable prices.
  • IC "Yubileiny" invites you to a New Year's ice show, which is not inferior in scope to the governor's trees.
  • Sci-fi performance with quests, magic tricks, workshops and gifts
  • In the Grand Canyon shopping mall, the trees last the longest, from December 15 to January 13, are inexpensive and collect positive reviews

Also, your children are waiting for the Colosseum-Arena, theaters "LDM", puppet, "Aleko", dramatic improvisation "Through the Looking Glass"; palaces of culture "Vyborg", "named after Gorky", "named after Gaza"; Konstantinovsky and Elaginoostrovsky palaces; the Naval Museum, as well as the Derzhavin Museum on the Fontanka and the Communications Museum, and many, many other institutions.

If you decide to spend New Year's Eve with children, for example, in a restaurant - many of them also conduct Christmas trees and entertainment programs for children in a separate room.

How much money to prepare for the New Year for a child: ticket prices for a Christmas tree

Depending on how much you are willing to spend on Christmas trees for a child, you can choose events in the widest price range, from free to those for which a ticket costs up to 10'000 rubles. On average, tickets for a Christmas tree cost from 400 rubles. up to 1500r, depending on the organizer and the place in the hall. Moreover, large-scale and famous Christmas trees can also be reached for little money - but not in the first row.

What is the difference between expensive and cheap Christmas trees for kids?

Of course, the venue, the organizers, the presence of special effects and stars on the stage and the popularity of the Christmas tree primarily affect the price. But far from always the price directly affects the quality of the presentation - you should read reviews in advance.

The ticket price also depends on the gift the child will receive: at some events it is not provided at all, at others the standard sweet set is included in the ticket price, or parents are asked to choose from several options for such camps. Also, at some holidays, parents are invited to buy and give a gift to the organizers so that the child receives exactly what he dreamed of in a festive atmosphere.

Keep in mind that on free Christmas trees you usually don’t need to pay only for the performance itself, and after all, a child will probably want to receive a sweet gift, participate in quests, take pictures with characters - and all this will have to spend money, sometimes much more than the price of a ticket for a Christmas tree .

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