Goodness Day 2020

An extremely important and valuable tradition of many states is the rule to celebrate World Kindness Day November 13. By the way, what date to celebrate the holiday was not chosen by chance - this is the opening day of the first World Kindness Movement community meeting-conference. The participants in the first event were the USA, Australia, Britain, Thailand, Japan, Singapore and Canada, which immediately after it approved the holiday.

Event History

Japan became the birthplace of the festival, and it all began in 1997, when the volunteer community World Kindness Movement was created. At the time of its creation, the organization did not have religious, nationalist or any political views, but only glorified altruism, by the way, this statement remains an important rule of society until now. The movement was based on countries located in the Pacific, somewhat later, when the community gained momentum, other participants in the first congress joined. The main goal of the community was declared the desire to create a qualitatively different, kinder, more honest and open world.

Modern Kindness Day is celebrated in 28 countries located on all inhabited continents, while in Russia the event does not have state support and is alive only thanks to activists. Every two years, a new council of the organization is elected, in which Russia is not included for the above reasons. For the first time, World Kindness Day was celebrated in Moscow in 2009. This year, activists assembled a “solidarity ring” on Manezhnaya Square around the World Clock Globe.

Interesting! "The event has its own symbol portrayed as an open heart."

The Impact of Kindness Day on Health

From the point of view of psychology, which is particularly influenced by modern research in body chemistry, kindness is not only good and socially approved actions, but also a large number of dopamine and other hormonal boosters. Kind people get sick less often, and their coefficient of happiness is much higher than those who are often angry. It is also worth noting that such people do not suffer from problems with self-esteem, easily meet new people, and also establish new social connections without problems.

Important! “On the day of kindness, they often give flowers to strangers, and in different regions the presented flowers differ, for example, in Singapore these are gerberas, and in China these are daisies, and depending on the region, these may include daisies, tulips, carnations and many other flowers”

Effective methods to become kinder

Professional psychologists recommend that you follow the five rules that will ensure any person’s mental health, kindness and good mood:

  1. Anger control - in order to implement this seemingly impracticable plan, you need to analyze emotions, you just need to explain to yourself exactly why anger is felt at the moment, the explanation that took several milliseconds will definitely calm and allow you to focus on the problem of eliminating the stimulus.
  2. Empathy - in this matter it is necessary to train, because it is difficult to understand the logic of the actions of other people the first time, but if you manage to cope with this task at least 20-30%, then it will be easier to perceive other people.
  3. Summarize - Every day write down in a notebook everything good that happened to you, at first it will be very difficult to notice the positive, but over time it will be easier to highlight really important aspects.
  4. Practice kindness - start with compliments - praise colleagues for new haircuts and dresses, most importantly praise people for what you really believe and do not turn wishes into flattery, because then you yourself will stop believing in it. In addition, do not forget to be kind and to yourself, because this is also important.
  5. Surround yourself with kindness - An important factor in building a good atmosphere in life is to surround yourself with positive people, because if anger is transmitted from outside you, then only you can transmit it outside.

Interesting! "Psychological studies conducted in Switzerland showed that the reward system of the male and female hormonal systems is different, so the manifestation of kindness in women causes a greater release of dopamine than in men, and therefore, under normal conditions, women are kinder than men."

Holiday traditions

Kindness Day, albeit a young holiday, but has already managed to acquire a number of traditions:

  • In charity organizations - As you know, the life of a huge number of people depends on expensive medical procedures. On this day, many public organizations organize festivals selling souvenirs, the funds from which go to charity;
  • In the media - Many self-respecting television channels on this day allocate free airtime, which is given to charitable organizations;
  • In medical centers - the majority of medical institutions organize a charity collection of fluids on this day, in particular blood and lymph, which are subsequently used to treat the poor for a year;
  • Online - Most of the large network resources provide free banner space for charitable societies, sometimes competing in their effectiveness with the media;
  • In kindergarten - this tradition is widespread among us, which instills the tradition of kindness to a new generation, children make postcards and other small souvenirs that are later sold at fairs, later they are sold, and the money goes to charity;
  • In public administration - As you know, the event in Russia does not have state support, but charitable organizations that somehow participate in the PR of pro-government parties receive congratulations and certificates on this day.

Why do we need a day of kindness?

In conclusion, it is worth clarifying the importance of this event, because so many modern people, concentrating exclusively on their feelings, completely forgetting the relevance of their actions to external circumstances. Therefore, this holiday should be a reminder of how important it is, first of all for one's own health, to be kind always, and not just once a year.

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