Chemist Day 2020

The events held on the day of chemist 2020 in the Russian Federation symbolize a tribute to all those who work tirelessly in the chemical industry. People who are not involved in the celebration, on the contrary, should pay tribute to those who linked their lives to the most complex of sciences - chemistry. This event is spread over the territory of the former Soviet Union, as it is celebrated in Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, Belarus.

How many events

The time when to celebrate the celebration of chemistry and the people working with it was determined back in the USSR. By the way, we did not immediately decide on the date of the chemist’s day, at the beginning the event was celebrated on the first Saturday of April. They moved it to the last Sunday of May only in 1980, which in 2020 will fall on May 31. In addition to the officially accepted dates, students of some educational institutions in Russia celebrate January 31, when knowledgeable people throughout the country recall the birthday of the great Russian scientist-chemist D.I. Mendeleev.

Interesting! "The most widespread element of the universe is Hydrogen. It is contained not only in open space, but also in large objects, so our sun was more than half composed of it."

By the way, not all cities prefer to celebrate a holiday on a set date:

  • St. Petersburg - the first Saturday of April;
  • Kiev - a holiday is set by the administration, usually on the penultimate weekend of May;
  • Donetsk - Friday, going before the last Sunday of May;
  • Minsk - celebrates the event on May 3-4 weekend;
  • Kharkov - the last weekend of April;
  • Ivanovo - the last Friday of May.

Worth to know! “The well-known expression about the mead of Dr. Oscar I. Koifman and slang toasts“ take God for the medicine ”originate in the tradition of celebrating chemist’s day in Ivanovo, where Oscar Koyfman, a really great scientist, and today working at the Institute of Chemistry and Technology, jokingly developed a recipe for the“ ideal ”mead without which this holiday never passes "

History of the holiday

The development of chemistry on our lands originates in Ancient Russia, where the first craftsmen, almost simultaneously with the Chinese sages, laid the foundation for the development of the arms and pharmacological industries. Although it’s hard for us to imagine, the first experiments with the mass production of metal weapons and herbal tinctures were carried out in those distant times. But chemistry in Russia received its dawn with the accession to the throne of Peter I, who opened universities, organized foreign training for domestic specialists, and established factories throughout the country for the production of purely chemical products. Production technologies in this period developed more than actively, which contributed to the rapid increase in the assortment, the replacement of imported goods with national ones and laid the foundation for the export of industrial chemical products abroad.

Great role in the development of not only Russian, but also world chemistry, as sciences, was played by great Russian scientists, such as D.I. Mendeleev, N.N. Zinin, A.A. Zelensky and of course A.A. Resurrection. The latter is noteworthy in that he devoted all his research to the commercialization of chemistry, systematizing the composition of coal deposits and creating the first compositions of self-leveling adhesive building mixtures.

The next important milestone was the period when the “seeds” planted by Georgy Malenkov emerged during the “Khrushchev Thaw”, which could not but affect the activation of youth groups, in particular student ones. It is at this moment that the history of the holiday begins, namely in 1960. This year, Leningrad students staged a big celebration on the first Saturday of April. It was decided to devote the holiday to chemical elements, according to the table of D.I. Mendeleev, but because the first celebration was dedicated to hydrogen.

Interesting! "The tradition of holding festive events under the auspices of a chemical element has been preserved to this day, so Cesium (Cs) will be the patron saint of Chemist’s Day 2020"

The celebration of the chemist’s day was actively distributed throughout the country, thanks to which, on 01.10.1980, by a decree of the Presidium “On Holidays and Memorial Days,” the holiday was officially established for the whole country and was scheduled for the last Sunday of May. Today, the event has state status in the territory of the former USSR only in Ukraine, where it was legalized on 05/07/1994 by Presidential Decree "On the Day of the chemist."

Celebration in Moscow

The most prestigious educational institution in the chemistry industry has been and remains the Moscow State University. Moreover, as we know, it was not his students who became the founders of the chemist's day and his traditions. For the first time, the festival was celebrated here only in 1966, but unlike St. Petersburg, the holiday was held on an unprecedented scale in Moscow, which made Moscow State University the center of the event. The holiday plan was painted to the smallest detail, so themed exhibitions and lectures were held during the day, and in the evening there was a “skit” with roles and a costume party. It was Moscow State University that laid the foundation for the traditions of the celebration of scientific contests and competitions, which later spread throughout the country.

To whom are congratulations addressed?

People involved in the holiday and deserving congratulations on this day are much more than it seems at first glance. So this holiday is the main not only for students and scientists of the industry, it is celebrated:

  • Fertilizer producers;
  • Workers in the field of cosmetology;
  • Pharmacological companies;
  • Enterprises manufacturing food chemistry;
  • Employees of mining complexes;
  • Gas and oil companies;
  • Developers of household chemicals.

Chemistry is the science of life, and therefore everyone who is more or less connected with the transformation of some substances into others is somehow involved in the holiday and celebrates it.

Interesting! "The very first and most famous antibiotic, penicillin, was discovered by accident by the chemist Alexander Fleming, who, according to legend, simply forgot a tube with staphylococcus unattended, where penicillin mold developed, which destroyed bacteria"

Event tradition

In addition to our traditional picnic and congratulations of chemists from the screens of the central television channels, there are also narrowly focused traditions:

  • Themed concerts with the presentation of chemical elements in a comic form, which helps the public understand chemistry and reduces the barrier between representatives of this complex industry and ordinary people;
  • Scientific conferences of innovative technologies - help all chemists of the country to unite and increase its benefits in the future;
  • The parade of presentations of scientific research at Moscow State University is an opportunity not only to participate in an interesting celebration, but also to present your scientific research to the public.

What to give on chemist's day 2020

A chemist is a profession, a gift to the representative of which is very easy to pick up, you just need to dream a little. The most vivid and memorable will be the following gifts:

  1. A service with the inscription of the formulas of coffee, tea, alcohol applied to cups and glasses;
  2. Themed bottle with alcohol;
  3. A table lamp or a night lamp made in the form of a chemical instrument;
  4. A moonshine maker, thematically presented as a device for producing distilled water;
  5. A set of glasses made in the form of laboratory flasks;
  6. A keychain with a certain formula or image of a mad scientist (the main thing here is to choose the right one in order to avoid misunderstanding).

Facts to help in a feast

In order not to feel uncomfortable at the table with chemists with their purely specific humor and to be able to show their interest in this science, it is necessary to keep in mind some interesting things. Among the most entertaining facts stand out:

  1. By no means coins or other metal objects give off a characteristic salty smell, the metal is too inactive for this, the source of the aroma is cutaneous bacteria that are actively proliferating and dying on the iron surface;
  2. Methanol is a very dangerous alcohol, which deprives a person of vision and kills him with only 30 milliliters, is practically indistinguishable from ethanol, which, moreover, is an antidote for methanol poisoning.
  3. Barium sulfate is specially added to Lego cubes, it is harmless and clearly visible on x-rays, which helps doctors find parts inside children after swallowing.
  4. The rarest chemical element is astatine, it is only a gram on the planet, and its position always changes, because the period of its creation is absolutely equal to the period of its complete decay.

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