Kremlin Christmas tree 2020

New Year is one of the most anticipated holidays of the year, which is loved by children and adults. This is a time of miracles, magic and unusual surprises and gifts. Every year, on the very eve of the holiday, children of different ages await with awe and hope the arrival of Santa Claus with the Snow Maiden, as well as the gifts they asked for in the New Year's letter. New Year celebrations begin in the second half of December. In schools, kindergartens, as well as in adult organizations and groups, morning parties and corporate parties begin. People happily congratulate each other on the upcoming holiday and utter the most sincere wishes on these magical winter days. The most favorite event for Muscovites and guests of the capital has always been the Kremlin Christmas tree. This extraordinary holiday cannot be forgotten if one day you can visit it. Children from many regions of Russia come to Moscow at the end of December to see this fabulous Christmas tree. About how the Kremlin Christmas tree 2020 will be held, our detailed review.

The history of the origin and address of the Kremlin Christmas tree in Moscow

In the first half of the last century, namely, in 1935, the first Kremlin tree in the country of soviets was held in Moscow. It was an unusually important event for the whole country. Thousands of children dreamed of getting on this magical holiday. The first Christmas tree for children was held in the Hall of Columns.

Later, in 1953, the main New Year's performance for schoolchildren who not only lived in the capital of the USSR, but also came to the festival from the provinces, was held at the Grand Kremlin Palace. Since then, this tradition of holding such a large-scale New Year's performance has become regular.

The first organizers of the Moscow New Year's holiday for children were metropolitan unions. According to the rules, tickets to this event, which was desirable for thousands of children, could only be obtained if the school was excellently studied. Among the best students, the pioneer counselors chose the most worthy children, who were awarded the cherished tickets for the Kremlin Christmas tree.

New Year's gifts for the guests of the holiday appeared almost immediately, though they looked much more modest then than now. The fist of sweets was wrapped in plain paper, without decorative elements and a special New Year decoration.

In 1963, the New Year tree for children in Moscow again changed its address. From this time to the present, the Kremlin Christmas tree is held in the Kremlin Palace of Congresses.

The Christmas tree for children in Moscow from year to year is unique. There are no two identical celebrations, and therefore, the popularity of this event is incredibly high among children of all ages.

For example, a real Santa Claus was invited to a celebration in 1997 at a Kremlin celebration. He was invited by our good Grandfather Frost, who wrote a letter to his American colleague. This winter holiday, when Santa Claus and the Santa Claus led the round dance, the guys will never forget.

In some years, the organizers of the tree invited famous writers, composers, screenwriters and artists to hold a New Year's performance for young guests. At different times, the Kremlin helped to conduct the Christmas tree: N. Dobronravov, Yu. Chichkov, A. Pakhmutova, A. Gorban, V. Shainsky, E. Simonov, I. Nezhny, M. Faybushevich, A. Zatsepin and others.

Such popular Russian and Soviet artists as Mikhail Boyarsky, Alyona Apina, Marina Kapuro, Valentina Tolkunova, Efim Shifrin, Nikolai Karachentsev, Gennady Khazanov and others were invited to voice the characters that were part of the program of the festive performance.

Schedule and opening of the Kremlin Christmas Tree 2020 in Moscow

New Year's celebrations for schoolchildren next winter are planned for the State Kremlin Palace and will start on December 24, 2019. The organizers of the Kremlin Christmas tree report that the last New Year performance will take place on January 8, 2020.

Applications for tickets for an unforgettable New Year's performance in the capital of our country are accepted from the heads of various public as well as commercial organizations and companies. Also, often, active representatives of various labor collectives, that is, trade unions, deal with such issues.

A person can send an application to visit the Kremlin Christmas Tree 2020 for a group of at least 10 people. If you want to buy an individual ticket for a festive event in Moscow, a separate resource called Ticketland is functioning for this.

Kremlin Yolka will consist of several types of sessions:

  • At 10.00 sessions for elementary school students;
  • At 14.00, children 12-16 years old will come to the Christmas tree;
  • At 6:00 p.m., New Year's performances will begin for adults with small children.

Girls and boys come to school sessions on their own, that is, without parents. In the New Year's hall, every child takes the place that he likes, in this regard there is no strict regulation. Traditionally, the smallest spectators sit on the ground, and older students prefer a balcony and a gallery more.

A pleasant bonus for all guests of the Kremlin Fir-tree will be the traditional New Year's gift that every child will receive. This present is also included in the price of the ticket for the New Year's performance.

The event will start not in the hall, but in the lobby of the Kremlin Palace. Here, artists and New Year characters will meet the guys with a welcome show. Further, after the mass part, everyone will proceed to the main concert hall, where the main New Year performance will take place. As a rule, a performance on a Christmas tree lasts about 2 hours with intermissions. The guys will see many new show programs and interesting theatrical productions.

What are the prices for the Kremlin Christmas tree 2020 for children and adults

The cost of a ticket for a New Year’s performance in the Kremlin is influenced by several factors, including location, age of the child, date of presentation.

For representatives of work collectives and trade union organizations, the cost of tickets for the Kremlin Christmas Tree 2020 will be as follows:

  • A ticket for children and adolescents, including a gift will be 2400 rubles;
  • A ticket for 2 persons: an adult and a child (from 3 years old) with a gift - 5400 rubles (Parterre), 4500 rubles (Amphitheater), 3600 rubles (Balcony).

If you intend to purchase tickets to the main Christmas tree of the country yourself, outside of trade union organizations, then the cost of entering the holiday will be slightly different:

  • The ticket for students for one child will be 2650 rubles. with a gift;
  • Tickets for adults with children: Parterre Zone 1 - 4400 rubles, Parterre Zone 2 - 3800 rubles, Parterre Zone 3 - 3300 rubles. A gift in this case is purchased separately and costs 545 rubles;
  • Ticket for two: adult and child plus a gift - 5900 rubles (Parterre), 4900 (Amphitheater), 3900 (Balcony).

Those who wish will be able to buy entrance tickets for the performances, which will be held on December 25 and 29 at 18:00, but not more than one in one hand, since these dates in the Kremlin Palace are a full house!

Each New Year’s ticket to the Kremlin Christmas Tree looks like a real masterpiece of painting. The best artists and designers in Moscow are working on its concept and design. You can purchase tickets for the Kremlin Christmas Tree 2020 on the Ticketland website.

In order for you and your child to be able to see the main magical New Year 2020 presentation of our country in the Kremlin Palace, it will be better to take care of purchasing entrance tickets in advance, since closer to November 2019 all available seats will be occupied and tickets sold out.

What gifts await schoolchildren of Russia at the Kremlin Palace at the festive performance 2020

Kremlin tree 2020 is the best gift for any schoolchild and schoolgirl in our country. In order to visit this unique and enchanting celebration, people acquire seats in advance, and many even book airline tickets from other regions of Russia in order to only be able to see with their own eyes this whole fairy tale and show it to their children and grandchildren.

But not only the Kremlin Yolka attracts guests to itself for a magical performance. Each child will receive an unusual sweet gift on this New Year's holiday. The gift will be decorated unusually beautiful, it is not just a box of sweets. Firstly, sweets themselves are very carefully selected by the best confectioners of our country. A New Year’s gift in the Kremlin is incredibly fragrant and every candy and sweetness in it has an amazing taste. Also, the producers of this sweet miracle paid special attention to the amazing packaging in which the candies will be. It will be a metal box in the shape of the Moscow Kremlin. Decorations on gift wrapping for children are made by the best craftsmen and artists.

Reviews of children and parents about the Kremlin Christmas tree in Moscow

01/04/2019 Helen

“I first took my son (9 years old) to the Kremlin tree this year. We decided that once every child should go to the main Christmas tree of the country, and we bought a ticket at a discount.

I want to tell everyone that in the Kremlin box office you can easily buy tickets for the Christmas tree in the Kremlin. The cost of a ticket with a coupon for parents and a gift for a child from 5-16 years old is 2400 rubles. Free seating tickets. In the hall, everyone present can take any place they like, and visibility from any place is the same.

My son and I arrived a little earlier than the appointed time and did not regret it. Start up in 1 hour 15 minutes. The line passes quickly, without fuss and nerves.

The performance itself lasts 1 hour. Before the performance, traditionally, an entertainment program near the Christmas tree, a disco. Also, a large-scale photo zone is organized here, where guests take colorful photos.

To undress my son was helped by volunteers who were there, literally, at every step.

Our view was called “The Mystery of the Planet Earth. New Year extravaganza. " My son really liked the performance, especially since space is his favorite topic. At the end of the holiday, children were given sweet presents. ”

01/04/2019 Natalia

“This year we went with the child to the Kremlin tree. My son is now 11 years old and he saw this show for the first time.

The performance was called The Secret of the Planet Earth. It seems to me that every child dreams of this tree, even in a dream.

As soon as we entered the lobby, we were greeted by animators, volunteers. Various workshops, photo zone work here. The child can do face painting. Around the children have fun and dance with animators. The atmosphere is awesome! There are even small slides from which young children rode.

The son entered the hall 20 minutes before the start of the performance. The seating was free, but everything happened very culturally and quickly. The plot of the performance is cosmic. Everything develops around good and evil (good earthlings and evil UFOs).

The performance involved Grandfather Frost, Snegurochka, Cosmonaut, Danila-master, Sadko and others. The whole planet Earth comes to the aid of good in order to defeat the evil of other worlds. And, of course, in the finale of the show, the good defeated the insidious plans of the UFO.

The whole performance took place in bright colors and is very beautiful and unforgettable. The musical accompaniment was also especially amazing. ”

01/02/2014 Svetlana

“The first time I was with my daughter at the Kremlin tree. In general, the impressions were good.

As soon as we entered the Palace, we immediately drew attention to the wonderful scenery that were everywhere. Since I was there for the first time with my daughter, and we had only one hour, we examined everything.

In the lower foyer there were two small slides, a Christmas tree, everywhere there were artists and animators with whom you can easily take a picture. Everyone around is having fun and dancing. The atmosphere is very lively!

All playgrounds are located next to the stairs. On the right, I saw tables with checkers and puzzles, a monitor for which you need to repeat the movements, a magnetic fishing rod to simulate fishing and many other fun.

Some kind of New Year’s performance was already taking place in the lobby near the balcony, and there were very few people there. I drew attention to the tables with Lego. I also liked the charming magician. On the left staircase we saw a huge ring-throw.

Everywhere do face painting, the line that moves very quickly.

I really liked the performance. The scenery, the costumes, the plot are simply magnificent! ”

What is included in the ticket price for the Kremlin Christmas tree 2020

Entrance tickets to the Kremlin New Year’s performance have different prices and this depends on factors such as the day of the Christmas tree, the number of guests, the location in the hall.

The ticket price includes several main services for which the guest of the presentation has every right to count:

  • Service in the wardrobe of the Palace;
  • Meeting of professional animators in the first hall of the Kremlin Palace;
  • Full support of children by volunteers in the form of fairy-tale characters;
  • Conducting various master classes and show programs before the performance in the lobby of the Palace;
  • New Year's meeting and viewing the show program with Santa Claus and the Snow Maiden on the main stage;
  • Unforgettable holiday fun and a delicious gift in its original packaging.

Kremlin Yolka - the best New Year performance for children (photo)

About how the Kremlin Christmas tree took place in Moscow in 2019, see the video:

Watch the video: Russia - Christmas preparations (March 2020).

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