How many serve in the Russian army 2019 - 2020

Reform in the army is nearing completion. S. Shoigu indicated the deadline for its completion - in 2020. The goal was set to make the army contractual by two-thirds, so that it would become professional. Contractors devote their entire lives to serving in the army, so the army is considered more combat-ready when professionals serve in it.

Conscription in the army

Conscription is maintained in the army. Both spring and autumn conscription of young people aged 18 to 27 years is held annually. This year’s spring call has come to an end. Service in the army of conscripts is calculated for a period of twelve months. Currently, the term of service in the army begins to be considered already from the assembly point, where future soldiers were gathered. Even if a little, but the service life itself has thus decreased.

After the service life was reduced to twelve months, young men began to readily join the army. Previously, many tried to avoid service, because they did not want to spend two years of their lives on a service that did not bring them any dividends, either moral or material.

At present, material incentives for military service in the army are even practiced. They are paid experimentally, not in all parts, two thousand a month for the service.

Military service under contract

Two-thirds of the army is planned to be contracted by 2020. This is done so that the army becomes more combat-ready. So that in it a large part of the fighters got the opportunity to receive well-deserved money for their service. Any conscript can become a contractor by writing a statement stating that he remains in the service of the contract.

It is also necessary to have the health of group "A" or group "B" to pass all the standards of combat physical training.

Currently, 64% of recruits consider the army a good school of life. Many conscripts choose their life path, connecting it with the army. Entering the army is allowed to women. This innovation increased the influx of female into the army. Conscripts who have the first category of health are initially taken to the contract service, then the applicants of the second, and then the third category are considered.

For their service, contractors receive cash allowance, as well as a number of benefits. When sending contractors to the combat zone, they materially compensate for the arising risks in the service.

How many years have they served in the navy

Service in the Navy also began to be transferred to contractual "rails." If earlier no one wanted to get into the fleet because of the long service life - 3 years. That currently, military service in the Navy also lasts one year. To get to the fleet you need to have excellent health, not lower than category "A3". The draftee must have the following indicators:

  • health level "A3" and above;
  • height up to 180 cm;
  • neuropsychic resistance (second group).

In the near future, it is planned to entrust service to the Navy only to contractors. This is due to the large amount of knowledge that every conscript for service in the Navy should get today.

If the conscript wants to serve in a specific unit, it is necessary to contact her commander to find out if he needs people, and then be distributed immediately to the designated unit. Usually this is what men who do in the future want to connect their lives with the Navy do this.

How long will they serve in the army: autumn draft

For several years now, the State Duma has been “exaggerating” information about the duration of service in the army. Professional military men say conscripts cannot master the full amount of knowledge that is currently required for military service in twelve months. Based on these data, deputies are constantly discussing the issue of increasing the service life to 1.5 years. But the minority adheres to such views. Most deputies do not consider it expedient to increase the life of conscripts. It is proposed that the entire army be contracted over time. The autumn draft has not been amended until the law will serve in the same way as before, twelve months.

Contractor Service Life

Contractors devote their entire lives to military service. The state compensates them with all sorts of benefits and payments for the title and length of service. Contractors, unlike conscripts, receive a cash allowance in the amount of depending on their position and uniforms. When awarding military ranks, monetary allowance changes. If at the beginning of the service the contract soldiers receive a allowance of 18,000 rubles. Even after 2 years, their monetary allowance almost doubled.

Alternative service

Among men of military age there are many who, due to religion, cannot serve in the army. Also, this type of service applies to the small peoples of the North. When they are called up for service, they can choose an alternative service, which, unlike the urgent one, lasts up to 21 months. These draftees have the opportunity to:

  • work in military enterprises for 21 months;
  • to work in the armed forces for 18 months as civilian personnel;
  • study at a higher educational institution with a military department.

New conscription rules for conscripts

  1. Before the start of the spring draft, an amendment to the law on military service was adopted, which made it possible to register with the military without registering at the place of residence. The amendment allowed not only to take into account young people for military service, but also to fine them for the lack of registration.
  2. For students who graduated from school at the age of eighteen, a third deferment from the army was accepted if they entered the magistracy or graduate school.
  3. The most unpleasant innovation that affected the conscripts of the spring draft was the adoption of a ban on the use of gadgets in the army. That is, conscripts can only use push-button telephones in the army. This prohibition is introduced only for the duration of the service. During the dismissal or vacation, conscripts will be able to use any gadget.
  4. The second innovation in trouble was the increase in the fine for not registering at the time. The fine for violating the rules of military registration is five thousand rubles.
  5. It was decided to draft men in the army who evade child support. Data on them will be sent to bailiffs who track this information. These men have two children, but do not participate in their maintenance.
  6. A bill was introduced to the State Duma, which was not adopted. A proposal was received to send the summons of the military enlistment offices by registered mail. When considering the innovation, it was not adopted by a majority vote.

Requirements for the medical board of military commissariats

The medical board in the military enlistment office conducts a medical examination of draftees who come to the recruiting station. The medical commission should include seven doctors: a surgeon, a therapist, a dentist, an ophthalmologist, an otolaryngologist, a psychiatrist and a neurologist. In the absence of at least one of them, the conclusion of the medical board will be declared unlawful. That will give an occasion to conscripts to refuse to draft in the army.

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