Quarantine in Chelyabinsk 2019-2020

With the onset of cold weather in Chelyabinsk, the number of sick people gradually began to increase. Hypothermia and lack of vitamins make themselves felt. During January 2020, the number of patients did not exceed the epidemiological threshold (20% of patients from the entire population of the city). What does the city population expect in 2020? What measures will local authorities take to reduce the number of patients and reduce the risk of spreading the disease?

The epidemic of influenza and SARS in the Chelyabinsk region. Actions of local authorities

In the period from the end of January to the beginning of February, a jump in the incidence rate was recorded in the city of Chelyabinsk. From January 27 to February 3, the number of patients increased by 20%, which as a result exceeded the epidemiological threshold by 15%. Such a sharp increase in patients alarmed the local administration and doctors. In order to stop the mass spread of infection, it was decided to introduce quarantine on February 3rd.

According to doctors, most patients are infected with the flu or SARS. On-line studies are conducted to accurately determine the infection. Experts believe that last year's swine flu virus, also known as H1N1, spread to Chelyabinsk.

Flu and SARS epidemics in 2019. How last year’s experience will help to survive today's epidemic

In 2019, the Chelyabinsk region was swept by an epidemic caused by swine flu. The infection spread throughout the area, forcing local authorities to quarantine.

The first precautions were taken on January 24th. Quarantine announced in social and medical institutions. During the week, the number of cases continued to grow. The epidemiological threshold in some regions of the Chelyabinsk region exceeded the permissible readings twice.

Doctors and the regional administration immediately responded to the situation: in addition to quarantining local hospitals, they also increased the supply of medicines, including antipyretic, antiviral, and vaccines.

Since the experience of 2019, doctors have urged people to vaccinate against influenza, and also drew the attention of citizens to lifestyle and gave advice, following which it will be possible to avoid infection with surrounding infections. Given the magnitude of the epidemic of last year, medical facilities have stockpiled the necessary medicines in advance, which allows you to immediately begin proper treatment upon admission of the patient to the hospital.

Doctors urge to reject thoughts of self-medication, which in most cases is useless and ineffective. In addition, precious time is lost during which the virus manages to develop in the human body, while simultaneously weakening the immune system, which can lead to the development of concomitant diseases. This alignment will lead to a long and exhausting treatment.

Doctors advise to seek qualified help immediately if you find the following symptoms:

  • High body temperature (37.5 and above degrees Celsius)
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Headache
  • Nausea
  • Runny nose
  • Cough
  • Sore throat and more

Doctors pay great attention to the problem of self-medication: in case of soldering the patient with teas and infusions of herbs that can be bought at any pharmacy, such therapy is unlikely to cause harm, but the effectiveness will leave much to be desired.

Buying antiviral drugs without consulting a doctor is a waste of time and money, because such medicines are not cheap, and taking inappropriate antiviral drugs will not bring the expected effect.

How great is the danger of a measles epidemic. Last year's cases

Thanks to the well-coordinated work of medical institutions, a measles epidemic is unlikely. Doctors carefully monitor that people adhere to the vaccination calendar, children are particularly attracted. As you know, measles is most often observed in children, moreover, the infection is very fast. There is a high mortality rate among children under the age of 5 years.

In addition to severe clinical manifestations, measles is a highly contagious disease, that is, it has a high level of spread. Measles virus is transmitted by airborne droplets, which has a key role in the rate of infection.

In the past 2019, several cases of measles were recorded. One of the famous incidents happened in a private kindergarten in Chelyabinsk. As a result, the kindergarten was closed for paintings, and all who contacted a sick child underwent a thorough medical examination. Despite the successful outcome of the above situation, doctors express concern. Doctors are sure that the virus has not disappeared and can manifest itself at any time, in a person with a weakened immune system.

The latest data from Rospotrebnadzor: what to expect in the near future

By regulation on February 3, Rospotrebnadzor stated that the incidence rate reached 35%. These indicators, as mentioned earlier, exceed the epidemiological threshold by 15%. According to studies, most patients are admitted to the hospital with the flu or SARS. No measles cases have been reported.

Doctors are actively conducting outreach to local citizens, urging residents to carefully monitor their health. The main tips are:

  • A full sleep, at least 6 hours - of course, it is not always possible to keep pace with the rhythm of modern life. To fulfill the planned people sacrifice sleep. It is worth remembering that lack of sleep causes a number of disorders of the body, including a decrease in the functioning of the immune system, not to mention the lack of attention, speed and quality of thinking.
  • Proper nutrition - what people eat is of great importance. By using poor-quality food, a person runs the risk of getting poisoned or reducing the performance of systems and organs. There is a logical chain: well-digestible and rich in vitamins food will serve as building material for the needs of the body, including the "construction" of the cells of the immune system.
  • Avoid crowded places - during an increasing incidence, this is perhaps the basic rule. Otherwise, it is worth using a medical mask. Two points should be noted: 1 - during an epidemic, the time to wear one mask should not exceed 2 hours. After time, the mask must be replaced. 2 - for maximum effective use, it is important that the mask fits snugly on the skin of the face and covers the nose and mouth.

To the last point, it is worth adding that wearing a mask will not give a 100% guarantee of protection against infection, but will only reduce the likelihood of infection.

Latest News: Local authorities decide to quarantine

The current situation needed a quick solution. The introduction of quarantine helps to reduce the spread of infection, which is done by the local authorities. In Chelyabinsk, on February 3, 2020, quarantine was announced. Doctors are confident that this precaution will help slow the spread of infection and prevent the epidemic from growing to a large scale.

By what date do you plan to quarantine schools

According to the latest data, quarantine was introduced in Chelyabinsk for a week, or rather, until February 10. Local authorities and doctors hope that by then it will be possible to reduce the number of patients. In connection with quarantine for the mentioned period, the work of schools was suspended. In educational institutions, distance learning begins to work, which will help to adhere to the curriculum, despite the tense epidemiological situation.

In universities, classes are held as usual. At the same time, the incidence rate among students is closely monitored in order to respond in time to an increase in the number of patients.

Rumors of an extension of quarantine. The reasons for the high incidence in Chelyabinsk

There was no official information regarding the extension of quarantine, such news remains at the level of rumors. After all, the decision to extend the quarantine is made on the basis of morbidity data. Of course, in the case of maintaining the level, or increase, quarantine will be extended.

Chelyabinsk is one of the industrial centers in Russia. In this city there are over 40 enterprises of various sizes, among them large plants of heavy industry. The level of pollution in Chelyabinsk is alarming. Smog in the city has become commonplace. Pollution of air, water and land significantly affects the health of citizens. It is worth noting that a large amount of emissions into the atmosphere entails negative consequences. For example, depending on the type of substances emitted, so-called acid rains can occur.

By the way, Rospotrebnadzor strongly discourages swimming in local waters. All of the above noticeably affects the health of people, especially children: the number of allergic diseases and children with a weakened immune system is increasing, which does not allow you to clearly adhere to the vaccination calendar. Experts are confident that adjusting the environmental situation in Chelyabinsk will reduce the number of patients.

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