Year of the Rat 2020: horoscope for all signs by Pavel Globa

Horoscope by Pavel Globa for 2020: general forecast, predictions of money, love and health by zodiac signs and year of birth.

What to expect from 2020: the predictions of Paul Globa

The next year is marked by the union of two very powerful energetic planets - Jupiter and Saturn. This situation happens once every 20 years, and always marks some significant changes, shifts in geopolitics and climate. In the same year, the era of Aquarius begins, so that the year will be rich in unpredictable, unexpected turns in the political life of the strongest countries: it is possible for a new leader to come to power with fresh views, or a change in tactics for current rulers. Natural disasters, weather vagaries, natural disasters are also possible.

As for the personal fate of each person, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with horoscopes by year of birth and zodiac sign.

Horoscope for all the signs of the zodiac from Paul Globa

Financial horoscope for Aries, Taurus and Gemini

Aries in 2020 will meet some difficulties, tension at work. Count only on your own strengths and do not rely on outside help and independently deal with your problems - then by April everything will work out.

Taurus should, on the contrary, moderate self-confidence and soberly assess their strength so as not to get involved in a dangerous adventure. The risk is especially great to take up a dangerous business in the summer. Also in the summer we should expect earnings.

With the twins, the year promises to be calm, without cardinal coups. Career will continue to develop smoothly, do not rush things - and career growth is guaranteed to you. 2020 is a great time for self-development, searching for a new hobby - expand your horizons! Lonely representatives of this sign are unlikely to find their soul mate this year, and family will maintain relations.

Love horoscope and practical tips for Cancer, Leo, Virgo

Cancer in 2020 can safely plan a wedding and replenishment in the family - the marriage will be happy and everything will work out with the children. To improve the current situation, you will need all the strength and endurance inherent in the representatives of this sign. Family affairs should be a priority, and without the support of loved ones can not do. At work, 2020 will reward you for the merits of past years.

This year, the lion will be completely absorbed in his career. He will be able to launch an interesting and profitable project, but just do not share in advance with all his plans - envious people, competitors and spiteful critics can seriously harm. Overwork can lead to health problems and some discord, so do not neglect the vacation, you need it.

In 2020, virgins should not expect a boiling of passions on the love front: relations will develop calmly and measuredly, but the lonely ones have a chance to find their love this year. Also this year, an adventure awaits you, perhaps a new hobby will appear, which over time will become an additional source of income. In May, large expenses should be abandoned - it is likely to spend too much and not rationally.

What awaits in 2020 Libra, Scorpio and Sagittarius

Libra at the beginning of the year will be depressed, despite the general optimism of the representatives of this sign, overwork will reach even them. There is a risk of quarrels and termination of communication - with your loved one, relatives, friends or colleagues. However, by the middle of summer the mood will improve, and in August cardinal changes await you.

For scorpions, the year will be very successful, they will be able to fulfill themselves both at work and in personal relationships. Those close to you will need your help and support - do not refuse, otherwise it can seriously damage the relationship. In the summer, refrain from gambling and betting - a great chance to lose an impressive amount.

Sagittarius in 2020, as never before, will feel that everything that happens is a consequence of his past actions or inaction. This year is favorable for new acquaintances and contacts, one of them can become reliable protection and support at work. It is also time to look for new hobbies - the more interesting your life, the more interesting you are for others. In the spring, try to compromise, do not quarrel with relatives and loved ones - do not forget that relationships are often more important than the opportunity to defend your point of view.

Health horoscope for Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces

Capricorn health problems are not expected. The year is favorable for financial investments, long-awaited purchases and romance. However, spending on all this should only be already earned money: loans and debts formed this year will be very difficult to repay. Be economical, but not petty, get ready to be responsible for each of your actions and decisions.

As a whole, Aquarius will have a successful year: career growth is expected at work, your family loves and appreciates you, health will not create significant problems. The year will begin even too quietly - in the first months it may seem that all development has stopped and nothing is happening around. But do not be sad and continue to work - by spring everything will come to life. The only difficulty this year is not to deprive attention of either work or family, to find a balance in this ratio.

Pisces will have a chance to drastically change their life: change jobs and the city, and possibly the country of residence, to start all over again. It will be very difficult and at first you will have neither free time, nor money, nor strength, but in the future you will be able to achieve success. Those who are not ready for such dramatic changes, expect a calm and measured year, everything will go on as usual.

Chinese horoscope (by year of birth) for 2020

This year will be held under the auspices of a white metal rat - a strict, intelligent and cunning animal. She appreciates and encourages hard work, perseverance, inner strength, and not outward gloss. In general, the rat is friendly, and if you work honestly and hard, the year will be prosperous.


Those born in these years are charming and ambitious. They are able to start a crowd, to be the leader of the revolution, but they always make rational and profitable decisions for themselves. Despite the rebellious nature, in 2020 tigers will purr, moderate their ardor and are unlikely to go to an open confrontation.


A symbol of wisdom and some arrogance, which often hides doubt in their own abilities and rightness. In 2020, snakes will constantly overcome doubts that will interfere with the adoption of the right decisions. As a way out - make up your mind quickly, the first option is the right one, and also ask and listen to advice.


As peaceful and honest as a rat, they will make friends, and next year will not bring much difficulty. Everything will go smoothly and calmly. However, if you are just starting a romantic relationship, try to react more softly to criticism - it may seem much sharper than it really is.


Straightforward and brave, but sometimes selfish and stubborn. A lot of work awaits him and a generous reward for it, success in social activities and amorous affairs. But be attentive to health, do not forget to rest and relax.

A monkey

Curious and smart, she has an excellent memory and ready advice for any occasion. In 2020, the most active of them will succeed in new creative projects, but you should carefully weigh all the risks so as not to get into trouble.


A symbol of hard work, she has incredible willpower and perseverance. It is in labor that the rat will be most able to contribute to the horses born in the year: they will have career growth, partially due to new useful acquaintances.


Born under this sign, this is your year. The work will be a joy, do not be afraid to take the initiative, not even striving for power - you will cope with many tasks better than others, and the authorities will certainly appreciate this. Creative rats will also succeed - this year's ideas and works will be especially original and successful.


Lucky and smart, with beautiful manners and delicate taste, the favorite of many. This year, you should carefully perceive all the signs that fate sends - they will have a lot of tips and help, dating will be useful, and beginnings will be productive.


Playful and fastidious, cheerful and sometimes frivolous. The rat, the patroness of the year, does not like this behavior - this year she will have to become more disciplined, then there will be an opportunity to open her own profitable business or enter into a major contract.

The Dragon

One of the brightest signs: a charismatic handsome, self-confident creative artist, he is always in the spotlight. This year will be full of vivid impressions, although not always positive, promises large long-awaited purchases.


In 2020, it will cope with all obstacles, and on its own, retaining its independence. However, success will not be as soon as we would like - do not rush to despair.


A symbol of kindness and devotion, she is unpretentious, and can become angry only if someone encroaches on her territory or property. This year she will receive an award for long patience, including financial.

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