Air Force Day 2020

Military holiday Air Force Day 2020 is a professional event celebrated by domestic military pilots and other air force personnel. For the first time in Russia at the state level, when the celebration was determined by decree on the establishment of the Air Force Day in 1997. With this document, events dedicated to the air forces were scheduled for August 12.

History of the holiday

The first aircraft in modern Russia appeared in 1910, when the Russian Empire, due to the lack of its own aircraft manufacturing, but with big ambitions, began to purchase aircraft from France. As you know, military equipment without personnel is of no greater value than the materials from which it was created, and therefore, immediately after the purchase of air vehicles, pilot schools were opened, and in 1911 a school for officer flight personnel.

When the aircraft were purchased, and the personnel trained, the question arose about the formation of military units. So on August 12, 1912, the Military Department in Russia formed and signed an order on the formation of the first aviation unit, which subsequently lasted only a year. The enormous costs of maintaining this type of troops at the beginning of the last century were not worth the reputation of the aviation state, and therefore Imperial Russia decided to part with this venture. After 4 years, the First World War began in Europe. Airplanes, at the dawn of their development, were exclusively reconnaissance equipment, which in no way canceled their usefulness, while they were with the enemy, but were absent from the tsarist army. This state of affairs led to the complete tactical advantage of the enemy and the planes returned. So in 1916, the unit created in 1910 and disbanded in 1911 was restored and went into battle.

By 1933 in Moscow they were able to organize a plan not only for the restoration of tsarist aviation, but also to develop full-fledged own production that actually met the needs of the Red Army. The state simply needed motivational and ideologically correct events and remembered the holiday. Further successes of its own aircraft industry and full cooperation with fascist Germany made it possible to assign not only reconnaissance, but also combat missions to aviation. Soviet industry was so strong that from 1937 to 1940 it supplied free planes and fuel to Germany, making its air fleet the most powerful in Europe.

INTERESTING! "In the 80s, the holiday date, along with the rest of the military holidays, changed several times," jumping "from August 12 to the third Sunday of August and vice versa, which helped to increase the mobilization resource motivated by the holidays.

The last decree establishing the celebration was the order on the establishment of professional holidays for the Armed Forces, adopted in 2006 under No. 549. In 2015, the Air Force became part of the Aerospace Forces. Each of the three components has its own holiday, but on the website of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, the resources of Certified Media and just news resources, you can very often read the congratulations of the entire newly created kind of troops on the day of the Air Force.

"In Russia, all holidays have historical roots, and therefore it is very difficult to imagine that the determination of which number was not affected by the history of the holiday and that the Air Force really has a long and heroic one."

Modern military aviators

Russia assigns a number of difficult tasks to the modern air force:

  1. Intelligence activities;
  2. Air defense, by counteracting the enemy in air-to-air mode;
  3. Fire support for the country's naval and land military resources;
  4. Transportation of people, supplies and equipment;
  5. Elimination of potentially dangerous targets through precise precision airstrikes or area bombing.

IMPORTANT! "You can often hear that aviation is a job exclusively for super healthy people, but this is not entirely true, because aviation is not only pilots but also engineers, scientists and simple mechanics, thanks to whom Russia is never empty in the sky"

From Air Force Day 2020 to Air Force Day

Since August 1, 2015, in Russia there are new, far from all countries of the world, aerospace forces. This specific and to some extent futuristic military branch includes three types of troops:

  1. PVO-PRO - receiving congratulations on April 12;
  2. Air Force celebrating its day on August 12;
  3. Space Forces - annually celebrating the launch of the first satellite into space on October 4.

INTERESTING! "The main headquarters of these troops is located in Moscow on Znamenka Street, which is near Arbat"

Despite the fact that each of the units had its own holiday, on the website of the Ministry of Defense congratulations to the entire composition of the space forces are published on August 12, which, by the way, is not fixed by any state document.

Event tradition

Air Force Day 2020 is primarily a garrison event, which distinguishes it from ordinary public holidays in that it contains only a fraction of the civilian police, and the main functions of law enforcement are assigned to military police. In addition to the peculiarities of law enforcement, the celebration was influenced by other military traditions that are relevant from Soviet times to today: A typical Air Force holiday includes:

  1. The closed part of the holiday begins in the garrison palace of officers, where the command congratulates the personnel and presents awards, diplomas and titles to especially distinguished servicemen;
  2. At the exit from the military building there are children who give them home-made postcards, which the deputy commander from the educational sector annually agrees with public organizations and summer camps;
  3. After congratulations from the children, a traditional solemn procession follows from the garrison palace of officers to the gates of the unit, which are open that day;
  4. On the territory of military units involved in the holiday, arrange large excursions for children and their parents. Professional pilots speak to the public, and technicians talk about how the technique works, showing on it. Some lucky kids are always lucky to be at the helm of real technology.
  5. In honor of the holiday, the Patriot park near Moscow even hosts an air show in which sometimes up to 150 military vehicles of different times take part.
  6. Documentary and feature films about the pilots will be shown on TV, and the holiday itself will be surely covered in the evening news release.
  7. In addition to positive traditions, not a single military holiday bypasses the laying of flowers at the monuments in honor of the dead pilots.

What to give on Air Force Day 2020?

There are many inexpensive, but very pleasant gifts for the pilot. If you have a loved one whom you would like to make pleasant on this holiday, we advise you to pay attention to:

  • Detailed aircraft models, just do not exchange for consumer goods, because in this case the gift will upset, and not cause puppy delight.
  • A certificate for piloting an airplane - the fact is that even the most severe pilots always want something new, as a fun, but fleeting adventure.
  • Gifts-interests - present what a person is fond of, even if it is a gaming technique, not a real one.

What you should know about this holiday

Aviation is a complex, intensively loaded, intelligent and innovative service. It is skill and courage that make people who are fully aware of the danger of their profession fly again and again into the sky for combat missions, because, as the pilots say, "it’s really scary only after the third flight." On this day, you just need to congratulate all your friends associated with aviation, because it helps them move on and sincerely believe in the correctness of their cause.

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