The most anticipated films of 2020

Every year in the world there are many films of different directions. Domestic cinema does not stand still. In Russia, more and more films of world scale are released. Among this variety, there are movie novelties that are already on the hearing. Spectators are looking forward to their rental. The reason for this may be: a successful cast, an interesting plot, the continuation of the acclaimed film, etc. Let us get to know what are the most anticipated films of 2020. Indeed, trailers in Russian of some movie premieres further spur interest in them.

Release Date List


  • Country: USA
  • Genre: Drama, Adventure, Fiction
  • Director: Denis Villeneuve
  • Starring: Oscar Isaac, Jason Momoa
  • Premiere in Russia: 11/20/2020


According to D. Villeneuve, he wants to make a film like Star Wars, which would surpass all previous films. In his film, the action takes place on the planet Arrakis, which is distinguished by the fact that a unique plant grows on it, helping to travel between the planets. Staying on Arrakis is very dangerous, as the planet is inhabited by huge worms. The protagonist of the film, Paul Artreides, is forced to hide in the desert, as a coup d'etat took place. There he got acquainted with the natives, who, according to his plan, would help him return to power.

Godzilla vs. King (Godzilla vs. Kong)

  • Country: USA
  • Genre: Action, Drama, Adventure, Thriller, Fantasy
  • Director: Adam Wingard
  • Starring: Asa Gonzalez, Alexander Skarsgard
  • Premiere in Russia: 03/12/2020


It has been 25 years since King Kong was defeated in New York. Despite this, the animal is still uncontrollable and it is not known what to expect from it. The government decides to get rid of the monster and sends the US army to the island where it lives. At the same time, the son of a researcher, whose father once brought a huge gorilla to New York, is sent to King Kong's place of residence. He, like his father, decided to study the monsters. When approaching the island, the research team is in a plane crash. The scientist and his colleagues are left alone with the wild. They become witnesses of the struggle for the survival of the wild world. How events will unfold further, whether the soldiers of King Kong will win, whether scientists will survive, the audience of the film will learn.

I, Robot 2 (I, Robot 2)

  • Country: USA
  • Genre fiction
  • Starring: Will Smith, Chris Sallins
  • Release Year: 2020


In the first film, viewers witnessed the fact that robots are no longer just a part of everyday life. They can be implicated in crimes, similar to what Detective Del Spooner is investigating. As it turned out, robots are already ready to plot insidious plans and implement them.

In the second film, this topic will most likely continue. So far, until the end of the storyline of the new picture is unknown. There is a hope that humanity has found a way out of this situation and the rebellion of robots is no longer feasible.

I'm Legend 2 (Untitled I Am Legend Reboot)

  • Country: USA
  • Genre: Action, Thriller, Fantasy
  • Cast: Will Smith, Alice Braga, Charlie Tahan, Sally Richardson-Whitfield, Willow Smith, Darrell Foster, April Grace, Dash Mike
  • Release Year: 2020


The main character of the film is Robert Neville. He works in a laboratory to develop new anti-cancer drugs. Once, an emergency happened in a research center - an ampoule with a little-studied vaccine crashed. As a result, a large number of people became infected. The situation was complicated by the fact that the affected people began to turn into zombie mutants. They began to attack still healthy people. The only one who dared to confront this state of affairs was Robert. He walked around the neighborhood with his only true friend - his dog and destroyed the villains. After some time, his dog also suffered. She pounced on him like a wild beast. In the end, I had to destroy it. The young man now needs to fight evil alone. How this story ended, it will become known with the start of film rental.

Bad Boys 3 (Bad Boys for Life)

  • Country: USA
  • Genre: Action, Crime, Thriller
  • Director: Adil El Arbi, Bilal Falla
  • Starring: Alexander Ludwig, Will Smith
  • Release year: January 16, 2020 (Russia, Germany), January 17, 2020 (USA)


As in the first two films, the heroes are friends Michael and Mark, who serve in the police and are engaged in solving new crimes of drug dealers. In the third series, the police, once again, get involved in a serious alteration with chases, fights and gunfights. This time, they will stop a serious gang from engaging in their profitable business. At the same time, the authorities are tired of the fact that the work of their wards leads to serious financial losses. It decided to remove the police from work. However, the mafia does not stop taking revenge and began to threaten the relatives of our heroes. What did the detectives do in this situation, the audience will know the new film.

Fast & Furious 9

  • Country: USA
  • Genre: Action, Crime, Adventure, Thriller
  • Director: Justin Lin
  • Starring: Vin Diesel, Natalie Emmanuel
  • Premiere in Russia: 05.21.2020


The Fast and the Furious 9 tells the story of the hectic life of riders. Some time ago, the guys managed to destroy the leader of the criminal gang - Owen Sean. However, their problems did not end there. The brother of the annihilated criminal - Ian Shaw declared war on the rider Dominik and his colleagues. The criminal wants to destroy the whole team, for which he developed an insidious plan. Ian wants all racers to suffer for a long time before dying. Moreover, so that they would witness these bullying, but could not do anything to save each other. In the eyes of Dominic, several friends have already died. Will he do nothing and outwit the villain? This will be known to everyone who sees this film.

Bond 25 (Bond 25)

  • Country: USA, UK
  • Genre: Action, Adventure, Thriller
  • Director: Carey Fukunaga
  • Starring: Rami Malek, Lea Seydoux
  • Premiere in Russia: 04/07/2020


In the twenty-fifth film about Bond, the main character changes his work to a quiet family comfort. James decided to marry Madeleine Swann, whose role was played by the brilliant Leo Seydoux.

According to leaked data, Bond's family happiness will not last long. His wife will be killed and he will take revenge on the villains. It is not yet known for certain who will disturb his peace. There is an idea to make him a Russian. How this confrontation will end is unknown. However, there is no doubt that the picture will be exciting and action-packed.

Constantine 2 (Constantine 2)

  • Country: USA
  • Genre: Action, Drama, Thriller, Horror, Fantasy
  • Release Year: 2020


The dark forces have obtained the heavenly map and want to destroy the kingdom of God. Constantine always upheld justice and therefore is ready to resist unkind spirits. Many people turn to the knight, whose souls are subjected to violence from unclean forces. John is able to change the essence of people and, thus, he confronts evil.

One day, from otherworldly forces, he learns that he has to live quite a bit. John Constantine is discouraged to learn that for his good deeds, he still will not go to heaven. The reason for this is Satan himself. The hero is completely confused and does not know what to do. At the most difficult moment, God comes to his aid. He brings back faith in his own strength. Alienation to people passes, and the hero begins to fight demons again.

Best Shooter 2 (Top Gun: Maverick)

  • Country: USA
  • Genre: Action, Military
  • Director: Joseph Kosinski
  • Starring: Tom Cruise, Glen Powell
  • Premiere in Russia: 06/25/2020


As in the first film, the main character of the film is Pete Mitchell. He is no longer young and is training new recruits to fly fighters. Maverick believes it is too early to allow robots to fly planes. To prove his innocence, he sits at the helm of the aircraft. Whether the professional pilot was able to convince the authorities will be recognized by everyone who watches this film.

Wonder Woman 2 (Wonder Woman 1984)

  • Country: USA
  • Genre: Action, Cinematic, Fantasy
  • Director: Patty Jenkins
  • Starring: Chris Pine, Gal Gadot
  • Premiere in Russia: 06/04/2020


On one of the islands of the oceans lives a beautiful lady named Diana. She has strength and endurance that not even men possess.

At the beginning of the last century, a man who went through the horrors of world war took to the island. He told the Amazon what trials people had to go through from the mainland. Wonder Woman could not stay away from the troubles of mankind and came to the aid of people.

In the second film, Diana again will not remain indifferent to world problems. This time, a woman began to resolve the global conflict in the 80s of the last century. How she succeeded, we will know very soon.

Russian movie news

Just One Life or Steel

  • Country Russia
  • Genre: War Drama
  • Director: Alexander Ezhber
  • Actors: Vladimir Menshov
  • Release Date in the Russian Federation: 2020


The film is aimed at the young generation, which is currently interested mainly in computer games. The hero of the film is a teenager who is passionate about the computer game Tanks. Once a guy ends up in a forest, where he finds a tank of World War II. Climbing into it, a young man discovers a letter from past years, which was written by a simple soldier who fought for the freedom of our country. The creators of the film believe that this film will turn the mind of the younger generation and they will stop thinking only about entertainment and think about more serious things.


  • Country Russia
  • Genre: Sports melodrama
  • Director: Ilya Uchitel
  • Actors: Alexander Petrov, Victor Dobronravov
  • Release Date in the Russian Federation: 2020


The main character of the film Streltsov is a 20-year-old Soviet football player who is confidently pursuing his goal. He wants to play with the legendary Pele. However, there comes a time when his successful career may end. The young man is accused of rape. Will he be able to justify himself and how his fate will develop in the future, we will find out by watching this film.


  • Country: Russia, USA
  • Genre: Drama, Thriller
  • Director: Alexander Tarasov
  • Actors: Unknown
  • Release Date in the Russian Federation: 2020


The film shows an unusual situation when people can die because of love. The bottom line is that an accident occurs on an underwater submarine and a nuclear threat arises. To save the crew and eliminate the consequences of the emergency, the Bester bathyscaphe is sent from the American base. However, on its board as a result of a showdown between the members of the love triangle, another critical situation occurs. A deep-sea vessel may sink in a matter of time. To save people, the Russians sent their bathyscaphe called Mir to the scene of the accident. On the Bester, oxygen remained for several hours. Whether the Russian ship can overcome a huge distance in a short time will become known at the end of the film.

The Little Humpbacked Horse

  • Country Russia
  • Genre: Adventure
  • Director: Oleg Pogodin
  • Actors: Pavel Derevyanko, Mikhail Efremov, Anton Shagin
  • Release Date in the Russian Federation: March 5, 2020


This film was created based on the literary work of Ershov. In it, the younger brother Ivan saves the Humpbacked Horse, who becomes his assistant in all matters. Once the tsar, having heard that Ivan succeeds, calls the guy to the palace and gives three tasks. If he fulfills the commission, the king gives him half the kingdom, and if he does not fulfill his wishes, then do not demolish his head. Ivan completed two tasks with the help of his assistant, but the third was beyond the power of a true friend. What the young man did to get the promise will be known to everyone who sees this film.

Travel to India

  • Country: Russia, China, India
  • Genre: Adventure Fiction
  • Director: Oleg Stepchenko
  • Actors: Jason Fleming, Mel Gibson, Shah Rukh Khan
  • Release Date in the Russian Federation: February 2020


The film Travel to India will appeal not only to travel lovers, but also to mysticism. No wonder it is called "Wiem3". This is a triquel based on the works of Gogol. Although, this is a completely different franchise. This is the third Jonathan Green travel film. The first film was dedicated to Western Ukraine, where the main character first heard about the evil spirits, the little panel, Homa Brut and Wii. The second film was shot in China, where Jonathan also encountered mysticism. In a new tape events unfold in India. Cartographer Green will leave on behalf of Peter the Great in this exotic country. Many mystical stories will also happen to him there.

Ice 2

  • Country Russia
  • Genre: Drama, Comedy
  • Director: Zhora Kryzhovnikov
  • Actors: Alexander Petrov, Aglaya Tarasova, Maria Aronova
  • Release Date in the Russian Federation: February 14, 2020


The film tells about the athlete Nadia Lapshina. Until some time, she was in great shape and became the owner of prestigious medals. At one of the competitions, her partner made an unfortunate mistake, as a result of which the girl became disabled. This fact influenced her future career. At this difficult time for the athlete, her partner left her and the girl plunged into complete despair.

In these difficult minutes, the hockey player Sasha Gorin was nearby. At first, the girl did not feel any feelings for the guy. But the constant support from the young man did his job. The figure skater found the strength in herself and returned to the sport. She broke up with her fears and again began to receive awards.

The plot of the second film is still completely unknown. According to the creators of the film, the skater is adjusting her personal life. Her chosen one is Sasha Gorin. Soon they can become young parents. As will be in fact, it will become known closer to the premiere.

Our kids

  • Country Russia
  • Genre: Comedy
  • Director: Artyom Aksenenko
  • Actors: Petr Fedorov, Oksana Akinshina, Mikhail Efremov
  • Release Date in the Russian Federation: January 2, 2020


The film tells about two girls who were faced by fate. They belong to different worlds. Sonya is growing up in a prosperous family. Her dad is the owner of a candy factory, and her mother writes fairy tales. Another girl, Katya, knows nothing about her parents. She is brought up in an orphanage with her brother. Girls are united by the fact that they love only fairy tales. One of the beautiful days they decide to swap places. What came of this, the audience will learn the new Russian film.


  • Country Russia
  • Genre: Thriller
  • Director: Yaroslava Bernadskaya
  • Actors: Anton Bessalov, Natalya Drychikova, Evgeny Chupin
  • Release Date in the Russian Federation: January 1, 2020


The main character of the film is a famous artist. For some time now, his family relations have deteriorated. His wife leaves him, and his own daughter disappears altogether in an unknown direction. To get rid of depression, Alexei goes headlong to work and talks only with his colleagues. True, this does not help much. The artist decides to restore the former harmony of life and therefore begins to search for his daughter. He became aware that there is a phenomenon of electronic voice. He is trying to figure this out to find out the whereabouts of his child. Whether this will learn from the artist is still unclear.

Trailers in Russian

We invite you to familiarize yourself with the schedule of movie premieres for 2020. Among the most anticipated films:

  • film comics;
  • fantasy;
  • actions
  • action movies.

In this list you can see not only foreign films, but also domestic ones:


Trolls 2

More about the cartoon

Minions 2

Expected Premieres 2020: Details

Also in 2020, premieres of films of various orientations are expected:

Forever and ever
Guardians of the Galaxy 3
Bloody shot
Indiana Jones 5
The croods 2
Malificent 2
Avatar 2

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