Happy New Year 2020 video

New Year holidays will begin soon. For many, this is the most long-awaited time, but in the beginning there is a festive vanity: you need to decorate the house, choose a delicious menu, choose a chic outfit, come up with a fun scenario for guests, buy or make gifts with your own hands, and much more. Also among important matters is to prepare original congratulations for those who will not be able to attend the party. A great option would be a video with the New Year 2020. Beautiful and cool videos can be sent to friends on a social network, instant messengers or by mail. Therefore, we picked up several music video cards.

New Year's greetings in the year of the Rat

In 2020, according to the Chinese calendar, the boar transfers its rights to a white metal rat. To get her favor, and with it good luck and prosperity, you need to fulfill several conditions: make the right menu (including product bans), decorate the room in the original way by adding mouse figures, choose a special outfit link_webnavoz special outfit / link_webnavoz. In the interior and clothing it is recommended to use the color of the symbol. White is a symbol of purity, peace, justice, success and happiness. At the festive table you can serve dishes in the form of a mouse. Also, the rodent loves attention and he will definitely like cool video greetings.

Video greetings for popular instant messengers

Now, lovers of online communication, in addition to standard correspondence, exchange stickers, emoticons, pictures and video clips. Therefore, the messenger can be a great option for Happy New Year 2020 to any person from your contact list.

Cool videos for Viber

More and more people are switching to free types of mobile communication and the Viber application is one of the most popular means of communication. We offer you to download several original videos for free to congratulate your friends, relatives, colleagues and just acquaintances. Also, music cards are suitable for social networks.

Beautiful videos for WatSap

This program is one of the most popular in Russia. It is used by more than 70% of Muscovites and 59% of smartphone owners across the country. Therefore, a rat’s Happy New Year 2020 video can be sent in a WhatsApp message. We also offer to consider other options: New Year's cards, playcasts and animated pictures.

Top YouTube Videos

At the moment, the bulk of the video content is on the YouTube service. Every day, users upload thousands of videos, including colorful Happy New Year greetings. Among them, you can choose jokes, beautiful videos with congratulations, for friends, colleagues and relatives.

Fun for the New Year

Many people want to cheer up each other during the holidays, so they send funny videos. So that you do not look for jokes on the network, we suggest viewing our small selection. You may like some videos and send them to your friends, relatives and acquaintances.

For colleagues

In the last days of the year, almost every company spends a corporate evening. Employees are going to take stock of the year, reward excellence, congratulate everyone on the upcoming and just have fun. After the party, an 8-day weekend begins. Holidays are held with family and close friends. To pay attention to colleagues, you need to wish them a Happy New Year. You can call by phone, or you can send a video with the New Year 2020 to the social network.

For children

Children, even more than adults, love attention. After the New Year's morning parties on vacation, they actively spend time playing games and on social networks. This makes it possible to send a message to a fidget with a cool video on Vkontakte, Odnoklassniki, Facebook. You can also congratulate them through Vatsap or Viber.

Watch the video: happy new year 2020 countdown (April 2020).

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