Window decoration for the New Year 2020 from paper

On the threshold of the New Year 2020. People begin to carefully prepare for the holiday party. For the New Year's meeting to be bright and unforgettable, you need to: prepare original dishes and decorate the table, choose a chic outfit, buy or make gifts with your own hands, come up with a fun scenario for guests, including music, toasts and congratulations. This is an incomplete list of what needs to be done. Still need to create a themed home decor, an important part of which is the decoration of windows for the New Year 2020 from paper.

Stencils 2020 per year of the Rat

In 2020, the Chinese New Year will be held under the auspices of a white metal rat. Those who want to get good luck and prosperity need to appease the rodent for the holiday: set up a chic table without forbidden products, choose an outfit of a certain color, decorate the room, including crafts in the form of a Rat and paper figures on the windows in the form of a Rat.

Today we will talk about decorating windows with paper pictures "clippers." Such New Year’s decor is widely used not only in kindergarten and school, but also at home. He is able to create a unique atmosphere. Therefore, we selected several patterns for cutting. You can learn how to master this technique in the following video:

Print A4 templates

To create a paper composition on the windows, different stencils will be required: fairy-tale characters, New Year’s paraphernalia, snowflakes, Christmas trees, toys and much more. Choose your favorite figures from the gallery.

Ded Moroz and Snegurochka

New Year cannot do without the main fairy-tale characters, especially if you have children. They will look cool on the windows in the children's room. Kids can be involved in making clippers. This will make it possible to spend time with benefit and familiarize children with folk art.


This character should be given special attention, as he is the most beloved among the children. The assistant to Santa Claus is often the main character of New Year's cartoons, and in winter he is happy to sculpt children. The Snowman figurine is perfectly complemented by snowy houses, animals, birds and an elegant Christmas tree.

Christmas tree

Well, where without the main symbol of the New Year 2020 - the beautiful Christmas tree! By the way, how to dress up a Christmas tree in the year of the Rat can be found on our website. You can also make original crafts for room decor, prepare New Year's salads in the form of a rodent, choose greeting cards and much more. Go to the section "Everything about 2020" or open the label "Preparing for the New Year", there you will find a lot of interesting and useful.


To make a Christmas composition with forest animals, you will need a tree stencil. On the branches you can plant birds and hang Christmas toys. Under it, you can place figures of children sledding and sculpting a snowman.

Snow covered house

Originally, the windows will look like houses drowning in snow. We have selected several templates that can be printed with a printer on office paper. To house occupied an impressive part of the glass, the stencil is divided into four sheets of A4 format. Each of them needs to be cut and glued into a single pattern.

2020 numbers

To create a New Year's decor on the windows, numbers 2020 may be needed. They will fit any composition. You can also add the inscription "Happy New Year" and carved snowflakes. How to make paper snowflakes easily is shown in the following video:

Holiday paraphernalia

What is meant by festive paraphernalia? These are figures of gifts, Christmas wreaths, candles, Christmas decorations and much more. Cutters can complement any composition. Also, stencils are suitable for decorating doors, furniture, mirrors, walls, etc.

Watch the video: 2020 Fortunate Rat tutorial鼠來寶鼠来宝 (February 2020).

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