How to decorate an office for the New Year 2020

December is traditionally the most eventful month. In the maelstrom of annual reports, fatigue and mood decline are especially pronounced. There is a way out of this situation - to create a pleasant festive atmosphere and to decorate the office and the entire office by the New Year 2020. By devoting several hours to this business, you will delight all colleagues with the transformation of the premises where you have to spend most of the day.

The first thing to do is to choose the right assistants, because doing it yourself, especially for a large company, is time consuming and tedious. The next step is to choose the style within which you will decorate the premises.

Decor ideas for the office in the Russian style

Modern cabinets abound in technology and you can’t hide it anywhere to fully adhere to the style. Meanwhile, national motives must be present. If possible, hide from your eyes the most "high-tech" objects. In their place you need to put things, without which our ancestors can’t do without them. On the tables, certainly covered with embroidered tablecloths, you can organize small compositions:

  • figures with bears;
  • dressed up mini-trees;
  • Samovar with a garland of little bagels.

On the shelves, find a place for painted jugs and plates, put crafts made of clay, straw, wood. Floors can be covered with home-made rugs, and walls can be decorated with small paintings depicting Russian folk festivals.

Western style office. Photo examples

In many countries of Western Europe, for the New Year holidays, they acquire such domestic plants as poinsettia. They literally flood stores, offices, shopping centers, and this decor looks touching and elegant. A plant can be the main decoration, such as a tree, or serve as an additional element. Use the twigs of this chic winter flower to create compositions, flower arrangements, wreaths or garlands. A great combination: poinsettia, with its green and red leaves, white balls and thick candles. If you can’t get a real living plant, then use an artificial decor that mimics a Christmas star.

Feng Shui Office

To attract wealth, according to the eastern sages, you can use bright colors. The main concentration of a noticeable decor should be near the entrance to the room. Use wreaths with large colored balls, large lanterns, massive garlands of mistletoe or spruce. Another area that you need to pay attention to in order for money to flow into the office is the southeast. The sector is decorated with compositions of golden balls, wooden crafts, and hang garlands. The quarry should go uphill, so do not disregard the northern part of the office. Here you can put a Christmas tree and decorate in white and blue colors, hang tinsel, which also contributes to success in business.

When choosing a decor, focus on the general design of the premises and on the activities of the company.

If your company is engaged in serious business, then jewelry should be minimalistic and there should not be a lot of them. In a young company, where they work in a creative direction, you can not be afraid of experiments and let your imagination run wild.

DIY reception

The reception desk can be decorated with a garland. Paper options will look too simple, so take a look at other materials. Boring options for stretching, which are based on an electric garland or LED fringe:

  • from pieces of burlap, bright ribbons;
  • balls of rope;
  • Christmas toys;
  • juniper branches.

It is great if there is a place for a small Christmas tree at the reception. If there is no free space, consider how you can replace it. You can make the main accessory of a small size with your own hand from different materials:

  • paper cone;
  • a cardboard base on which coffee grains are pasted;
  • dense cone with fruits fixed on it;
  • woolen threads, lace, straw, and for the base - cardboard.

We decorate the corridor with paper decor

Do not recede from the chosen color scale! Use no more than 2-3 primary colors, otherwise the design will be clumsy.

If the main tree is already standing at the entrance to the office, then in other rooms you can arrange mini-copies of it. In the corridor, she can stand on a table or on wall shelves, display cases, behind glass cabinet doors. A wonderful idea for a passage where visitors often linger is to organize a Christmas tree stand with photos of all office workers. The most difficult part in such a craft is the foundation. It is best made from plywood or durable cardboard. If letters of orders or other documents in frames hang on the walls, then they can also be decorated with paper elements. What does the New Year fashion offer:

  • voluminous snowflakes, balls;
  • pendants with cones attached at the end;
  • garlands with a base of ribbons with paper stars and beads;
  • transparent Christmas balls inside which are photos of your colleagues.

Decor for the boss's office

The chief's office is best decorated in a classic style so as not to cause a surge of bewilderment by an unrestrained decor. Whether the tree is needed in the office, what size it should be, the naturalness of the main holiday tree - all these issues must definitely be solved together with the chef. Additional touches that will be appropriate:

  • transparent vases filled with Christmas balls, garlands of cones, bright beads;
  • small compositions with Christmas tree branches in baskets strewn with artificial snow;
  • outdoor decor, for example, a small living coniferous plant with a bright backlight.

Workplace design

Personally, the workspace should not be overloaded with decor - get along with a minimal set of decorations. In a vase where flowers usually stand, sprinkle colorful beads, thus strengthening the Christmas tree branch. Decorate it with cones, clusters of mountain ash, bows. To the monitor, attach a light garland or tinsel. Decorate the laptop case with snowflakes. On the shelves, figures look good in the New Year's style: Santa's sleigh, tiny deer, Santa Claus. Cardboard Christmas trees with sequins glued on them can be placed between the figurines.

Doors Design tips

Recently it has become a bad manners to decorate ordinary brown doors with snowflakes. The best option is traditional wreaths. An annoyed accessory can be transformed with new details, for example:

  • ribbons bows;
  • cones painted in shiny nail polish;
  • dried orange rings;
  • large beads.

Attach the wreath on the door well so that it does not fall every time someone comes in and nothing of its decor is strewed on the entrance. An additional decoration will be a voluminous New Year sticker.

Features of wall decoration

In open-type offices, decor is placed according to the following rules:

  • focus on one wall, it should be well visible from anywhere in the room;
  • if it is impossible to decorate the whole space, then select only part of it with Christmas elements;
  • the surface should be located away from the aisles, so that the decor does not sprinkle with every unsuccessful movement;
  • do not use coniferous branches - they are sprinkled, bringing unnecessary trouble to the maintenance staff.

The most win-win option for decorating walls is a Christmas tree made of garlands. Attach electric torches with self-adhesive mounting pads or special Command hooks. Instead of a Christmas tree, you can make a congratulatory inscription, a snowman, a snowflake. If the garlands are already over, then arm yourself with the necessary office, ask your colleagues for their photos and make a collage. Build a frame of cones, Christmas balls, decorated nuts, ribbon bows.

Decor for office windows

Almost any outlet can boast of ready-made stickers in the New Year theme before the holidays, if you want an exclusive decoration and are tired of traditional snowflakes, then try to make silhouette compositions. You can fix openwork patterns or figures made of paper onto a base like a cardboard box, glass, curtains, blinds. You can supplement the composition on the window with artificial snow, an LED strip laid out on the windowsill.

If you have never worked with protruders before, give up the idea of ​​using complex stencils with many small details - they are for the pros.

To attach the composition to the glass, use a soap solution. Another way to use cut figures is to use them as a stencil, and paint the background with thick sugar syrup.

How to decorate the ceiling

If the workroom is small, then it is better not to decorate the ceilings at all, or to use a minimum of decorations so that instead of a festive mood, an oppressive mood is created due to the accumulation of tinsel and other things. If there is a lot of free space, then you can fill it with balloons, stars, inflatable Christmas trees. Stretch marks and pendants look good and always appropriate. They can be made from improvised materials:

  • threads, multi-colored paper clips, sweets, and complete the suspension with a cone, sprinkled with sparkles;
  • knitted snowflakes (if one of the colleagues wants to do needlework);
  • curly pasta connected to the composition using super-glue;
  • edible gingerbread cookies decorated with white and colorful glaze.

Fashionable colors in the year of the Rat

If you have to buy all the decor from scratch, then consider the relevance of the color scheme. The most suitable is white and silver. The hostess of the year, the metallic white Rat, chose this palette for us, however, this same combination is also considered a classic, along with golden red. If you want to add a little brightness, then buy pink jewelry.

The combination of white, gray and pink will be at the peak of fashion.

Trends and features in decorating the Christmas tree for the celebration of 2020

Take into account fashion trends so that the Christmas tree decorated by you is ultramodern. What is relevant today:

  1. Copyright jewelry. The stars, fir-trees, balls sewn from fabric. Transparent balls inside which beads, photos, sparkles are put.
  2. Natural materials. Use coffee, dried berries, cones, acorns of various spices. Discard plastic, glass.
  3. Christmas tree upside down. First attach the tree to the ceiling and only then decorate as you used to.
  4. Decorate together. Each office worker must bring his toy and decorate it with a Christmas tree.

If the office is large, then you will need a plan so as not to miss anything, for example, such.

RoomWhat to decorateDecor Cost
ReceptionRack, shelves, wallsConiferous garland - 1900 r, poinsetia 150 r., Foil garland - 150 r.
Corridorwindow, ceiling, walls, doorsa set of icicles - 300 r, a wreath - 400 r, a tree (30 cm) - 130 r, an electric garland - 480 r
Chef's officeTable, floor, windowfigured candle - 130 r, composition in a basket - 600 r.
WorkplaceTable, shelvespoinsettias in a pot (15 cm) - 160 r, artificial snow - 160 r. figure of Santa Claus - 300r.

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