New Year table setting 2020

In 2020, the White Metal Rat will come to visit us. A funny animal should be brought to its home in order to enjoy its location and protection over the long 365 days. What will the brisk guest first pay attention to? Of course, for the festive attributes, including the setting of the New Year's table 2020.

The color scheme preferred in 2020 Rats

When choosing flowers that will prevail in the decor, textiles, dishes, take a look at the festive shades. They always remain relevant and can be used in subsequent years. Choose objects in such color frames:

  • white;
  • red;
  • gold;
  • silver.

The last color refers not only to the holidays, but also corresponds to the symbol of the year, or rather to the elements - to the metal, so it can prevail, and as a complement choose burgundy, blue, lilac.

If you closely monitor all fashion trends and want to set the table accordingly, then select mint or soft green shades close to it - they are at the peak of relevance.

Tips for choosing tablecloths and napkins. Photo Samples

When choosing a tablecloth and other textiles, rely, first of all, on the style that is selected. So, if you bet on the popular Russian version, then look for panels of the corresponding design: bright, decorated with various patterns, with delicate ornaments. Most often they are immediately sold complete with napkins. Western style is characterized by minimalism. Choose a discreet tablecloth, possibly with inscriptions in English, or stylized in such a fashionable direction as Provence. This is a cute flower drawing on a white background, and lace, and natural fabrics.

You will never miss if you select a white tablecloth. It is appropriate for any holiday. If the impracticality of white stops you from such a purchase, then the way out can be found in the so-called “tracks”. These are narrow runners that cover over the main tablecloth, located in the center, on the sides, across, etc. Against this background, almost any dishes look advantageous.

Napkins are appropriate, both textile and paper, both the same with a tablecloth, and others, but always in the same style. If you choose bright dishes and no less noticeable decorative elements, then napkins are best chosen in a restrained color scheme, so that it is not too variegated and too pompous. Paper products are folded into napkin holders, while tissue products are fastened with clamps and placed either on a plate or near.

Which dishes to prefer. New Year's serving

The ideal solution is a new set in a white and silver range. Take a look at the options where minimalist patterns are present or they are not there at all - plain plates always look aesthetically pleasing. The set can be classic white, elegant red, silver solemn and relevant in the coming year. It is not necessary to choose the usual plates and salad bowls in shape, the symbol of the New Year is not a conservative animal and will be glad to see different variations, especially those that are somehow connected with the flora, for example, why not put sandwiches or cheese slices on a dish in leaf shape? In total for each guest you need to put 2 plates. The larger will be superimposed hot, and the small one is for snacks.

Cutlery. How to arrange, where to place

Depending on what dishes will be on the table, appliances are selected. This is usually a fork, knife and spoon, if soup is provided. Folding cutlery, which will be used throughout the celebration, in special cases is in fashion. For a home celebration, put the knife and spoon to the right of the plate, and the forks for salads and the main dish on the left. If dessert is provided, then put a spoon for it on top.

Decor Ideas for Chairs

The simplest but most effective option is a bow on the back of a chair. When choosing a fabric, remember that the most important thing is that it holds its shape. The following options work well:

  • organza;
  • atlas;
  • thick cotton;
  • linen.

Attach the bow to the chair with double-sided tape and it will be well fixed.

No less good option - New Year's wreaths. They are built from a variety of materials or bought ready-made, and then decorate to your liking. Attached to chairs with ribbons that stretch on the back.

Decorating dishes with your own hands. Tasty and beautiful

Even if for the first time you set out to decorate some salads with your own hands, then the “Christmas tree” option will certainly work for you. First of all, you need to put the finished dish on the salad bowl and give the mass the shape of a festive tree. Remember how you painted Christmas trees as a child and boldly wield a spoon. Cut greens, for example, dill, it has twigs with thin "needles", which is just what is needed. A star on top of the head will not be difficult to cut out of carrots or red bell peppers. Create balls from pomegranate seeds, lay the garland out of thin and long strips of Korean carrots.

Vertical Christmas trees can be made from different products that are strung on a skewer. As a coating under a tree, you can use:

  • grated egg whites;
  • pomegranate seeds;
  • small mushrooms.

Decorative elements. Decorate the holiday table

In the center of the table, you should place either a small Christmas-tree composition, or one of the main characters of the New Year: Santa Claus, a reindeer team, an animal symbol, a snowman, etc. If there are a lot of dishes, then this figure will be enough. If you managed to compactly place all the plates and salad bowls, then near each guest you can put cute themed souvenirs:

  • candles in transparent cups with small beads for fixing in a vessel;
  • Christmas toys, cones, nuts;
  • gingerbread houses.

2020 trends. Fashionable directions in serving

For many years in our country it has been fashionable to set the table in accordance with some style. Popular styles such as rustic, Scandinavian, Japanese and some others. If the direction is decided, then do not forget that its characteristic features should be repeated when decorating the room in which the celebration will be held. Consider the most interesting styles.

Russian style

The main attribute of the new year remains in its place, in the center of the largest room, and all because in the old days in Russia spruce scared away evil spirits. Position the tree near the table, but so that its branches do not bother celebrating people with their needles.

The approximate distance from the spruce to the chairs should be at least 1 meter.

The tablecloth is preferred from natural fabrics, soft. If you want more similarities with the Russian village, then refuse textiles altogether, but in this case the table should be made of wood, not MDF. Choose dishes, ideally if it is clay, but it does not matter if there is only a good imitation. The symbol of the year cannot be what the eastern calendar tells us to do, so bake the cookie figures of ordinary animals that have been living with us since ancient times and decorate the table with them.

Western style

There are many variations of this style, but the most likely bright and close to our concept of the holiday is a positive country. Use for its recreation juicy colors of red and green, combine with white. For example, choose a tablecloth with a picture of green branches of spruce and red balls, or birds, but the background may be white. For such textiles, select dishes monochrome, preferably white. If, on the contrary, it is decided to cover the tablecloth with white, then serve the table with plates with a pattern. As decorative elements, place candy canes or winter berries near each guest. In the center you can place candles. Choose the simplest and even rude ones to match the style of the American village.

Feng Shui table setting

In the center of the table should be placed the most favorite dish, but not the owners of the house or guests, but the symbol of the year, and the dishes for him should choose elegant, for example, a wide vase with a thin leg. Place the table itself in the center of the room, cover it with a tablecloth, and lay an oval or round runner on top, so you will fulfill the indispensable conditions of oriental teaching - no sharp corners. So that friendship and understanding reign in the family, pick up wooden dishes for serving. This material symbolizes such a necessary unity. If possible, then put spoons for salads also wooden, and put the plates on the same stands. Citrus fruits beloved by all work like a magnet for gold, so find a place for them, and it’s not at all necessary to put them in a vase, put it wherever there is free space.

Year of the Rat. Decor Features

The rat is a lover of gnawing different goodies. It is worth paying a little attention to this addiction of the mistress of the year, for example, put on a table a vase with dried fruits, nuts, cinnamon sticks, spikelets of wheat.

The little house rat takes care of his home, gently nests a hole in the hole and will respect everyone who treats the table with the same scrupulousness. Try not to overload it with excess decor and extra plates and think over every little thing. If possible, make several decor elements yourself, for example, bake and decorate with the glaze of gingerbread men, paint the cones with shiny paint or make candlesticks made of fruits.

Suppose you have chosen a country style to set the table. What will you need to buy for such an idea and how much will all the purchases cost? We compose a shopping list and calculate the budget, taking into account the fact that initially there is only suitable furniture and cutlery.

ThingEstimated cost
Cotton New Year's tablecloth2.900 rub.
Set of plates (6 pcs)5.700 rub.
Salad dishes set (4 pcs)4.600 rub
A set of glasses for champagne (6 pcs)2.800 rub.
Napkin holders (2 pcs)600 rub
Coniferous composition (45 cm)1500 rub

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