New Year's Greetings Video 2020

New Year is a holiday that generously gives away emotions. We smile more often, more enjoy pleasant trifles and feel the desire to share a piece of good with our relatives, friends and acquaintances. One of the interesting ways to warmly, originally, and cheerfully wish your loved ones a Happy New Year 2020 is to send them a video greeting.

General recommendations and tips

It is necessary to engage in the selection of video cards in advance so that this issue does not suddenly arise on December 31, when worries and hassle are enough. First think and decide who will be appropriate to congratulate in this way. Please note that it is possible that someone from your loved ones does not have constant access to a computer or does not always access the social network through which you want to send a congratulatory video. If there are a lot of friends and relatives, then perhaps it is worth compiling a list so as not to miss anyone and remember which format of congratulations is appropriate.

For the closest and loved ones, you can even record a small video greeting yourself. This will be a real surprise, especially an expensive gift, which they will definitely save on your computer as something personal and very pleasant. Such videos are often re-watched in order to evoke bright joy and good emotions in the heart. To record such a video card, special knowledge and skills are not needed, only an original idea and a mobile phone with a camera will be required. It will be possible to send the message in its original form, but if there is an opportunity and desire, then you can slightly improve your congratulations in a video editor:

  • iMovie;
  • Sony Vegas
  • Adobe Premier

Funny and funny video cards made using special programs

Why not make your loved ones laugh with a merry greeting with a slide show? To create such a video, you must have access to the photo archive, where native people would be captured in different situations, for example, in nature, at a banquet, at a city holiday. These photos will need to be processed using any suitable utility.

Do not worry that creating a slide show will be too complicated - a couple of clicks and the desired video will be ready!

Most of these programs are easy to use and have very detailed instructions, where each stage of the primitive "editing" video from photos is clearly painted. All you need to do is download the utility to your computer and take some time to create the video.

What utilities can I use to make a slide show without special knowledge and skills:

  • Movavi Slide SHOW;
  • PhotosHOW PRO;
  • Photoshow Pro.

The congratulatory video clip in each of these programs can be equipped with suitable music, enhance the image using different filters, add funny effects and captions or comments with your own voice.

Short greetings ideas for kids named

Children are bored of listening to simple congratulations, but there is a way to surprise these fidgets - send them a video congratulation from their favorite characters from films or cartoons. To do this, you will need to rent a costume for the character whom your fidget admires there. Then come up with what exactly the hero will say and who will play him. It’s great if you persuade you to say a congratulatory speech to a person whose voice is not very familiar to your child. How can I congratulate the baby:

Hi, Nikita! I, the famous Iron Man! I found out that you have been an obedient boy all year and studied well at school and decided to whisper Santa Claus about you so that he does not skimp on presents! I wish you to be as strong and healthy as I am! Never doubt yourself, be confident, always cheerful and do not forget about studying. I will monitor your progress. Happy New Year!

Hi, Nastya! I'm Rapunzel, did you recognize me? Today I decided to escape from my fairy tale to wish you a happy new year. I wish you to always love your mom and dad, cherish all your relatives, never lose heart and keep up in all subjects at school!

Congratulations for the whole family from Santa Claus and Snow Maiden in the year of the Rat

Many parents invite Santa Claus and Snegurochka for their kids, picking up ads and agencies. You can use this and ask the actors to record video greetings for friends for an additional fee.

Think of the congratulation text yourself so that the holiday message is as personal as possible, special, and not impersonal. It can be like this:

“I came to you with my granddaughter from distant places in order to rejoice with you together with you and give a miracle. I beat with my staff and commanding blizzards and frosts, adversities and troubles to bypass your family. Let joyful voices constantly sound in your life, as now, glasses full of champagne are ringing, laughter is pouring and sparkling with joy eyes! The rat, the mistress of the year, will certainly be merciful to you - I command her! ”

To the ready-made congratulations of Santa Claus, you can record your own audio track. You will get a unique video card that can be sent to friends’s mobile devices right under the chiming clock.

Ready-made comic videos and free greetings for adults

There are many resources that are ready to offer their guests hundreds of various video greetings on New Year's theme. They can be downloaded to your computer.
and then send it to all friends and relatives through social networks, to phones, electronic almost, etc. The most extensive extensive, of course, YouTube. We offer you a selection of cool video greetings.

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