What to celebrate New Year 2020 on the signs of the zodiac

New Year's Eve will lose a drop of its magic if celebrated in old clothes that have long become boring. Of course, it is not at all necessary, although desirable, to purchase new clothes specially for the holiday, just a few new accessories and the image will be more fresh and festive. If there is an opportunity and desire to buy an outfit, then why not find out how to celebrate the 2020 New Year of the Rat and not make an purchase according to your zodiac sign?

General recommendations of astrologers. What you should pay attention to and what is better to refuse

The 12-year cycle is nearing completion, as the Chinese calendar tells us. The White Metal Rat will begin a new dozen years. By cunning and cunning, she managed to achieve first place among animal totems. This means that in life, the little deceiver will seek to weave intrigues and come up with tricks for everyone she does not like. To prevent this from happening, carefully consider in what attire to meet the year of the Rat.

If you do not take into account the element of the year, Metal, then at the behest of the Rat, clothes should be selected seriously and thoroughly, as well as everything that you will do in 2020 to achieve success. If you observe the animal in living nature or under the conditions of the cage, you can see what kind of troubles, cleanlings and hostess it is - this is what dictates the first condition in the selection of the outfit. Regarding the style, it is better to stick to the classics, choose expensive fabrics, make sure that all the seams are neat.

Tips for choosing clothes for men. Set for the New Year's party in a restaurant, country club, corporate party

Men can opt for a good classic kit:

  • slightly fitted jacket;
  • straight cut pants (you can choose a little narrowed);
  • sleeve length slightly below the wrist;
  • minimum details.

Fashion is changeable, and the classic is eternal, so you should give preference to a suit made of woolen fabric, especially if you do not intend to make such an expensive purchase again in the near future. More budgetary, but also more elegant due to its brilliance, polyester will also be appropriate if you do not go to a too pathos party.

Choosing clothes for a woman

For women, the ideal option is a dress. The rat does not welcome special liberties, therefore, if you are not a young girl who is in search of a groom, then do not cause aggression of the mistress of the year with a short skirt and too deep neckline - be moderate in everything. It is also worth abandoning the beloved by many fine knitwear - it too clearly emphasizes all the flaws of the figure.

When choosing a dress, pay attention to:

  • length, let it be a palm higher from the knees or lower;
  • a neckline that is acceptable that matches the shape of the face;
  • sleeves, in the fashion of "bat", asymmetry.
  • material, relevant is everything that glitters and resembles metal (satin, satin, sequin fabric, crash, taffeta, brocade);
  • style, acceptable "case", A-shaped, oversized.

Trendy colors of the year. Successful and unhappy shades according to astrologers

Fashion dictates its own rules - in a trend, all those shades that can be distinguished by peering into the expanse of the ocean. The blue-green gamut, however, will not be considered the only acceptable one. Specialists in the field of color research, also propose to actively use the entire gamut of brown, not to ignore the mysterious black, delicate shades of sand.

If you focus on the opinion of astrologers, then they call to celebrate the New Year in a chic white outfit. This option is recognized as the most acceptable due to the fact that the symbol of the year itself has the same color. If a faceless whiteness does not suit you, then choose its warm or cold shades. In addition to white, all the colors that surround the Rat in everyday life are welcome: green, blue, all shades of pastel.

Unlucky colors include brown and yellow. Also, one should not forget that the rat has many enemies in nature, so all those prints that mimic the skins of predators are strictly prohibited. All kinds of “leopards”, “tigers”, “snakes” and “crocodiles” are not acceptable even on accessories.

What to celebrate New Year in the signs of the zodiac

It is known that people brought up under the same conditions have completely different ideas about clothes. The taste is influenced by many different factors and some are even of extraterrestrial origin. Astrologers claim that the zodiac signs influence the formation of style in clothes, and it feels like an inner voice: “Yes, in this dress you will be irresistible!” As a rule, such a flair, not clouded by other people's opinions, turns out to be unmistakable: a person is really good Looks in the dress you like and certainly feels comfort and convenience. Consider what the zodiac signs suggest regarding New Year's Eve.


Freedom of movement is what is a prerequisite when choosing clothes for Aries. They feel as comfortable as possible in sports sets, however, for the holiday their fashion preferences need to be slightly adjusted and choose something from the style of sport-chic. So you will feel at ease, and at the same time you will not shock others with a sweatshirt and pants with stripes, which are completely unsuitable for the New Year's party, along with sneakers.


Most representatives of this sign are somewhat conservative in their choice of clothing. Their choice is timeless classic. They adore expensive, causing a pleasant sensation from touching the body of the fabric. In 2020, these addictions will be very relevant, so Taurus can safely pay for the holiday outfit, relying on their own taste.


The constancy of style is not about Gemini. Today they like romance and frivolous semi-transparent outfits, and for tomorrow you will not be able to recognize them in a crude military kit. If you still do not consider yourself an elderly person and at least internally feel youthful, then choose the appropriate clothes for the party - modern, a little daring, intriguing with various small details.

Astrologers do not recommend fundamentally changing their views on their own style and offer each person under any sign of the zodiac to remain true to their preferences. However, they also do not discourage from unexpected fashion experiments on the New Year.


Cancer greed does not allow them to buy cheap things. They always strive to buy high-quality clothing, which is nice to touch. Cancers categorically do not like to change their wardrobe and they do it extremely rarely. If you still decide to change your habits, and surprise all the guests of the party in your new way, then look at the dresses in the Empire style. It is rare for any of the signs that these outfits with skirts from the chest go so well.


Lions tend to be extravagant and creative outfits. They love to be in the spotlight and devote a lot of time to choosing the right clothes for the wardrobe. The desire to shine and overshadow is not always beneficial for Lviv, because it is so simple to step over the line where creativity turns into bad taste. For the holiday, astrologers recommend choosing a classic. In a simple dress or pantsuit, you can also remain a party star, if you pay attention to accessories, make a beautiful hairstyle, and apply professional makeup.


Modesty and conservatism - this is what distinguishes Dev from other signs. They know everything about fashion, but rare representatives of Dev follow it, because most preferable to the familiar classic. Going to buy clothes, they dream of finding the perfect thing in all respects, and when they discover this, they tremble carefully. Change your interests and dress up for the New Year into something flashy and daring is not worth it, but to revive the image a little with boring details - yes.


They love to measure new outfits, and of completely different styles, they spin for a long time in the fitting rooms, but purchases may not be completed or acquire some interesting accessory. In everyday life, they try to violate the office dress code, and it suits them in a wave. For the holidays, they look after clothes, mainly in a classic style. With monotony, it is worth fighting and acquiring something no longer traditional for your usual style, for example, choose instead of a trouser suit a jumpsuit made of flowing delicate fabric and this will already be a gap in patterns.


This sign adores unusual things and with pleasure acquires them for its far from modest wardrobe. The inconvenience of some clothes he liked, for example, a narrow leather skirt, does not bother the Scorpions. They believe that truly beautiful things can cause discomfort to their owners and put up with it perfectly. If it still seems that the chosen style for the holiday does not seem elegant enough or has not formed at all, then follow the advice of stylists and choose a party dress with translucent inserts with asymmetric sleeves that will be fashionable in the coming year. Men can stay in a country style if you celebrate at home or choose a spectacular costume, a purple suit with a white shirt.


They do not tolerate clothes that can interfere with something in a sock. They refuse to buy prim suits and ties and tight dresses and are happy to wear casual clothes. As usual, they do not divide clothes into festive and everyday clothes and can go to a party in the same way as they went to work yesterday. Often they copy the style that is acceptable for their social group, so as not to catch the eye with their non-triviality. For the holiday, they can be advised to add notes of romanticism. You can choose a dress with a fluffy skirt for a lady, and for a man - an unusual cardigan with oriental motifs, skinny jeans, a fashionable long scarf.


If we talk about people of influence and status, they will not fail to emphasize their high position with appropriate clothing. Women love jewelry and often there are too many of these accessories, which from the outside looks at least eccentric. Men choosing clothes often look for the option that would correspond to the concept of “simple but with taste”. By the New Year, they are advised to choose a quality set of dense fabric that correctly "outlines" the figure. Very addictive will be women’s addiction to jewelry, they can compensate for the severity of style.


Aquarians are not afraid to stand out with clothing from the crowd. They prefer to choose what they like and do not look at fashion trends. For the holiday you can choose something futuristic and avant-garde.


Their wardrobe can hardly be attributed to any style. In the cabinets, Pisces has romantic little things, and those that are retro-style or sporty. Representatives of the sign love to dress up as the mood suggests. It is wonderful if by the New Year it will be perky and Pisces will be able to dress something bright and sparkling.

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