Christmas trees for children 2019 - 2020 St. Petersburg

If for adults the New Year is an opportunity to have a good rest, then everything is different with children. They are waiting for the holiday with bated breath, burning eyes and undisguised sincere interest. This enthusiasm cannot be ignored, so parents try to saturate the holidays with events, give as many pleasant surprises as possible and just stay next to their kids. The entertainment program is prepared in advance, because in many places tickets are bought up 2-3 months before the premiere. So, read the information about which Christmas trees will be open for children in St. Petersburg at the end of 2019 and the beginning of 2020 and do not forget to include these events in an individual entertainment program!

New Year's performances for children of different ages

Looking through the offers of various entertainment centers, pay attention to the fact that the performance can be focused on any specific age category of children, while the organizers do not always mention this. For example, if a New Year's disco is announced under the Christmas tree, then not funny cartoon characters will perform there, but DJs and music groups. Of course, kindergarteners and primary school kids have nothing to do at such an event. If you lead to the Christmas tree very little, then make sure that the music will sound within the normal range and will not frighten it, as well as that lighting effects are not used or applied, but occasionally. Big growth dolls can scare the baby if he sees them for the first time, and the actors will also be in contact with the audience.

If you decide to take the baby to the tree for the first time, and are not sure that the traditional tree is your option, then pay attention to the centers of early development. They conduct shows with the participation of Santa Claus and the Snow Maiden for children from one and a half years

Most New Year trees are events where everyone has fun.

Where to see Santa Claus and the Snow Maiden for free

A magnificent spectacle will be played for children and their parents on Palace Square - a meeting of Santa Claus and the Snow Maiden. They come, and sometimes even fly from Veliky Ustyug on different aircraft, December 22. The good wizard, along with his granddaughter, goes on stage and the performance begins. How exactly will Santa Claus appear this year is the secret of the organizers of the show. Petersburgers will see the main performance on New Year's Eve.

The city will organize many sites that will be a little more modest than described above, but the crowds in these places will be less, which is of great importance for families with small children.

Where to go:

  1. Ostrovsky Square, where competitions and competitions will be held and amusing characters will entertain the kids;
  2. The Peter and Paul Fortress is a wonderful place where various shows for adults and children will take place and where you can ride from an ice slide;
  3. Sennaya Square, where entertaining kids and parents will be star theater actors, and the organizers promise that the audience will actively participate in the process, coming off only to take refreshments from the hands of fairy-tale characters.
  4. Nevsky Prospect is a place where traditionally many programs are organized for children. Various shows will be held until one in the morning, and after the fun will continue for adults.

No less enthusiasm for the guys will bring shows and performances that will take place on the following venues in the northern capital:

  • Gostiny Dvor;
  • Vasilievsky Island, Elagin;
  • Pionerskaya Square, Moscow;
  • Kazan Cathedral Square;
  • St. Petersburg Passage.

From traditional to newfangled: a variety of Christmas trees in St. Petersburg

The program of some shows is being developed long before their premiere. At the beginning of autumn, you can choose your favorite performance, decide on a place in the hall and pay for tickets. In many ways, such actions are justified, because by December it will be impossible to get to some shows. So, we will consider the poster of New Year's performances and at the same time we will find out the price of tickets.

New Year tree at the Concert Hall “Oktyabrsky”

The mix from the show and the musical is focused on the viewer from 6 years old and will be held on December 26-28, 2019. The play is called "The Secret of the Enchanted Book" and will allow kids to be in the world of magic and beautiful music. Ticket price from 700 - 2 600 rubles.

New Year’s performance “The Secret of the New Year’s Casket” in the Sheremetyevo Palace

Everyone will be able to look at the New Year's fairy tale, and then go to the tree and have fun with Santa Claus and the Snow Maiden. It will be possible to attend the presentation from December 21, 2019 to January 6, 2020. The cost depends on the place in the hall and ranges from 1100 - 1450 rubles.

Plushenko’s New Year's show “Swan Lake” in the Ice Palace

The performance for viewers from 6 years old combines ballet art and figure skating and will be held January 3 - 8, 2020. The organizers of the show hope to attract the special interest of young visitors with the participation of young skaters and dancers. For immersion in the atmosphere of a fairy tale, modern technologies and scenery will be used. Tickets for the show will be available for any wallet: 650 - 4500 rubles.

Big Multi-Tree "School of Wizards" at the Variety Theater

Children from 3 years old will be able to take part in a magical interactive show. You can visit the tree on December 13-14, 2019. A multimedia New Year's show will last 1 hour, and you will have to pay for a ticket from 1000 rubles or more.

Costume ball on Elagin Island

An unusual event is organized for students from 1st to 4th grade. There are no spectators at the ball, as is customary on an ordinary Christmas tree. All the children who came are participants. Young guests dress in accordance with the rules of etiquette in the appropriate outfits of the 19th century and go to dance classes from Santa Claus and Snegurochka. The date of the event is already known - December 18 - 29, 2019, and the organizers have not indicated prices yet, this needs to be clarified.

New Year's Circus "Water Show" Frozen Heart

The entertainment event will be held January 2 - 7, 2020 at KSK Tinkoff Arena. The show differs from many other performances in an incredible amount of water, as well as spectacular visual effects. The children and their parents will be able to watch the dancing fountains, the unimaginable game of laser installations and, of course, meet with Santa Claus along with the Snow Maiden. Tickets cost 500 - 1,600 rubles.

New Year's performance "The Abduction of the Christmas Tree"

The show will be held in the Palace of Culture. Gaza December 26 - 27, 2019. The organizers of the show promise that even the smallest spectators on their Christmas tree will never get bored. Before the start of the show, the children will communicate with life-size puppets and Santa Claus himself, and play and have fun directly during the action. At the end of the holiday, each young visitor is promised light souvenirs and refreshments. For the opportunity to visit the show you need to pay from 350 to 1,350 rubles.

The most popular Christmas trees in St. Petersburg

Venue and title of presentationthe date of theFeatures
Governor's Christmas tree in the Ice Palacelast week of the yearas usual, children attend a Christmas tree without parents, accompanied by teachers. Admission is free, tickets are distributed in schools.
Christmas tree on Lenfilmfrom December 21 to January 5The child participates in the show, like a real fairy tale hero. At the end of the show, a film with the participation of the baby is issued.
Pulkovo Christmas trees at the Park Inn hotelfrom December 26 to January 2A special holiday program, kept secret until the last days
Royal Christmas tree in the Nikolaevsky palacefrom December 24 to January 7The show consists of three parts: an interactive program with the participation of all children, a traditional Christmas tree with Santa Claus and the Snow Maiden, and a performance.
Joulupukki Residence (away offer)from December 31 to January 7The program consists of three parts: active games in the fresh air, a tour of the sights of the estate, tea drinking and a meeting with the wizard.

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