Palm Sunday in 2020

Palm Sunday - in Orthodoxy is one of the 12 fundamental and very significant holidays. Christians around the world glorify on this day the Entry of the Lord into Jerusalem. The event, fateful for the whole baptized world, has not lost its relevance to this day, and people are happy to follow old traditions.

Palm Sunday 2020: when is the holiday

Without a fixed date, the holiday is celebrated every year on different dates, like most rolling events. This Orthodox celebration always falls before Holy Week, and it is celebrated exactly seven days before Easter. Therefore, calculating which date in 2020 will be Palm Sunday (the day on which willow branches should be cut) is very simple. Since Sunday falls during Lent, believers are allowed some concessions. In particular, you can add fish dishes and seafood to the table on bright Sunday.

Palm Sunday in 2020 will be celebrated on April 12th.

With the onset of Monday, immediately after the celebration, food restrictions will take effect again. Moreover, from this moment begins the most severe abstinence.

The history of the Orthodox holiday

In Russia, this event did not take root at once, and for a long time it was called the Flower Week. And only then willow symbol. As a result of the conversion of palm branches at the entrance of the Lord to Jerusalem. When Jesus appeared in the ancient city, the locals greeted him with leaves torn from palm trees. Since triumph comes in the spring, it has often been associated with the awakening of nature. According to Christian canons, this day is associated with the resurrection of Lazarus, and the subsequent conviction of people in the divine power of the Savior.

Christ carefully invented his appearance for the Jerusalem citizens, and rode a donkey, not a horse, which was considered a manifestation of aggression. When the procession of the Son of God took place, ordinary people laid out the way for him with their robes and palm leaves. So they showed great respect and joy experienced from the coming of Christ. In Jerusalem, Jesus performed unprecedented miracles: healed the hopelessly sick, restored people's sight and ability to walk.

Tradition of celebration

Christian traditions associated with Palm Sunday require all believers to attend the temple. Christians must withstand not only the night service, but also the day service, and then listen to the sermon. It is customary to bring willow twigs to holiday services, so that later they can be blessed. Modern merchants sell holiday symbols right at the entrance to the church, but it is better to cut branches in advance. A few days before the service, the cut branches can be put into water, and they will bloom. The number of branches can not be random, but must coincide with the number of family members.

We all know that in Russia there is a tradition of beating household members with willow twigs consecrated in the church. This is done in order to bestow health, and clear of bad thoughts. Most often, children willow are guarded, but lightly, to protect them from evil eye and spoilage. When the willow is consecrated in the temple, it is brought home, allowed to dry, and left until next year. Very often, willow shoots are placed near icons and lamps. Willow branches were considered a talisman to attract wealth and prosperity to the house.

Palm Sunday Signs

If we talk about the signs of Palm Sunday, then almost all of them are associated with weather events.

  • On a festive day it rains heavily, and even rainfall, then the wheat crop will be large.
  • On holiday they hit a willow, then for the whole year they drove away any diseases and ailments.
  • If you eat a blossomed kidney from a consecrated willow, soon an important matter will be successfully resolved.
  • If you plant a houseplant on Palm Sunday, then there will be wealth in the family.

What can not be done on this day

Since the holiday is sacred, it is necessary to remember a number of restrictions throughout its duration. No homework on this day should distract from prayers, and in general it is considered a sin to work. A person should not exert physical efforts on this holiday, and even cattle should not be released into the pasture. True Christian believers do not even comb their hair that day so as not to incur divine wrath on themselves. Cooking hot dishes should also be done in advance, and not spoil the event with household chores. Remembering that there is Lent, you should not absorb dairy and meat dishes.

It is important to think only about the good, and to do good deeds. It was said that the maid of the braid does not weave on Verba, the bird does not fly nests.

You also do not need to focus on physical limitations, but think about the purity of the soul and thoughts. It is necessary to behave peacefully on this day, and not to allow scandals and quarrels in the family. Of course, cleaning and washing on this holiday is strictly prohibited. The traditions of this celebration are rooted in the distant past, and return the faithful on the day when the Savior, riding on a donkey, rode into Jerusalem. The willow prototype is palm leaves, which people greeted the procession of Christ. After Lazarus was resurrected, the Christians believed in God's power, and with incredible joy met him in the holy city.

From the video, you will learn about the folk signs and customs of Palm Sunday:

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