Nut Spas in 2020

Savior Orekhovy - the last of the August national church holidays. Like the two previous Savior, Honey and Apple, it was associated with the harvest - on this day they collected nuts, finished harvesting wheat. This date is associated with the preparation of bread from the new crop. Other names for the holiday - Bread, Canvas, Third. Walnut Savior await just like the other two holidays. Century traditions, rites, signs are interwoven in it. Customs is associated with harvesting, the hope of a good year, faith in divine power.

When will the Nut Savior in 2020

The date of this Savior is strictly defined. It does not change from year to year, like Easter and other holidays associated with it. In 2020, the holiday will be held on August 29th. The day will mark the end of the Assumption Lent, which began at Honey Spas.

In 2020, Walnut Spas falls on Saturday, August 29.

The basis of most public holidays are intertwined Christian legends and tales, beliefs transmitted by the people from generation to generation. Nut Spas is no exception. It has long been associated with the ripening and harvesting of hazelnuts and wheat. It is not for nothing that the proverb “The Third Savior of the bread has been preserved” has survived to this day. With the advent of Christianity, the holiday was filled with divine meaning.

On August 29, the Orthodox asked the martyr Diomede for recovery. On the same day they bow to the Fedorov Icon of the Mother of God. Women came to her to ask for peace in the family, easy pregnancy, trouble-free birth.

Tradition of celebration

In Russia, the holiday always began with prayer. The hostesses put bread, pastries, honey, fruits, nuts, wheat ears in baskets and went with them to the church for consecration. Water was also sanctified, and not only in the church. The priests came to the wells, which they did not have time to consecrate on August 14. After the men went to the field. Three sheaves were stacked on a cart, on top of them were bags of rye. It was believed that by the Bread Savior the entire crop in the fields should already be harvested. While there were no men, women went for nuts and mushrooms. First, the woman who was most respected in the village came into the forest, the rest followed her. This is due to the fact that on this day it was dangerous to go to the forest. Upon their return, the women canned vegetables, compotes were prepared.

The housewives were also engaged in the preparation of festive dishes - pies from new flour with mushrooms. Fasting for this day was already ending, so it was not forbidden to eat meat and fish, cooked and porridge. Table decoration was apples, honey. Upon the return of the men, everyone sat down at the table. The remains of food were not thrown away, even the crumbs were given to the birds. On the same day, the housewives made a useful tincture of nuts. Its properties helped to cure a cold. Necessarily held fairs. They sold canvases, trinkets. Some made bread for the poor and distributed it. They gave close ones small gifts. It could be a towel, nuts, muffin.

History of the holiday

There is a legend about the ruler of the Mesopotamian city of Edessa, Avgar, who lived at the time when Christ was alive and was sick with leprosy. The doctors who tried to heal him were just shaking hands, unable to help him. Hugar recognized the miracles that Jesus Christ did. He wrote a message to him and sent his subject, the artist Ananias, with him. The choice fell on the painter, because the governor thought that if the Savior refuses to go to him, he will draw a portrait that will heal him. In Jerusalem Ananias for a long time could not find a moment suitable for a conversation with the Son of God. He was constantly surrounded by people. Finally, Jesus himself called him and, having read the letter, saw in the request of Hagar faith in him and hope for healing.

The artist tried to draw the face of Christ, but he did not succeed in doing this. Seeing the artist’s futile attempts, the Son of God washed himself and wiped his face with canvas. Imagine the surprise of Ananias when he saw the Face of Jesus imprinted on a towel. Touching the canvas to the body immediately relieved Avgar of leprosy. There were only small traces on the face. They disappeared after the prayer uttered by the disciple of Jesus, St. Thaddeus. The apostle came to the city with Ananias and baptized Avgar and the people who lived in Edessa.

Later, the ruler of Edessa hung a canvas with Likes in front of the entrance to the city for protection from enemies. They removed him only when the great-grandson of Avgar, preaching paganism, gained power over the city. And again they remembered in 545 the King of Persia at that time began the war and planned to capture Edessa. The Virgin Mary came to one of the clergy, indicating that only the Face of the Son of God would save the city. After the priests walked the walls with the Image of the Miraculous, the enemies retreated. The Byzantine Emperor Konstantin Bagryanorodny in 944 ordered to transport the canvas with the Miraculous Image to Constantinople. This happened on August 29th. Since that day, Spas is celebrated on canvas.

Signs of Nut Savior

The desire of people to see the future led to the fact that they often noticed some natural features that made it possible to predict the onset of cold weather, rain and harvest next year. So with the Nut Savior. For this day, the people know a lot of signs:

• Refused to treat the poor on this day - he himself will feel the need.

• Swearing will return to the person who told them.

• Birds flying away - by the fall.

• If cranes flew to the Savior, winter will be cold.

• A rich harvest of nuts is a sign of a generous grain harvest for next year.

• A broom prepared for this day from a hazel bath will drive away the disease. And a house broom will free the whole house from them.

• A person who at the festive meal will try every dish is waiting for prosperity.

Some signs are directly related to the symbol of the festival - nuts. For example, a nut found grown from two had to be put into the wallet with the left hand. So a person will ensure a comfortable life next year.

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