Children's Day 2020

Children's Day is celebrated in many countries of the world, including Russia. Every year he attracts more and more attention. Perhaps this is due to the fact that the world is increasingly realizing the importance of ensuring that all children grow up healthy and happy. For most Russian schoolchildren, the holiday coincides with the start of the holidays, and therefore there are even more reasons for joy.

When will Children's Day be in 2020

Perhaps, in modern Russian society there is not a single person who does not know when this holiday is celebrated. In many states, on the first day of summer, June 1, many adults are ready to give all their time to please their daughters and sons, to organize a cheerful and bright celebration for them.

In 2020, Children's Day falls on Monday, June 1.

It should be noted that the date of the holiday does not depend on any factors, despite the fact that in 2020 this day will fall on Monday, all the same, the children will have fun and enjoy life. International Children's Day has a long history, a clear goal - to make as many children happy as possible. In every city of Russia, festive venues, concerts, theater performances, charity events in favor of orphans and children suffering from various diseases are organized annually.

Historical facts

For the first time, Children's Day was celebrated in 1950. Moreover, this happened immediately in more than 50 countries. But, as usual, the establishment of the holiday was preceded by a long history and interesting events. On June 1, 1925, the Consul General of China, while in San Francisco, decided to find the orphans who came to this American city and did not understand how they survived in it. On the occasion of the Chinese national celebration, symbolizing the onset of summer, he organized a real celebration for the children. The idea was so liked by others and everyone who found out about this holiday that they could not forget about it for a long time.

By a strange coincidence, in the same 1925 and on June 1, an international conference was held in Geneva on the problems of children. This event was significant, however, did not lead to the establishment of any official day. Everything changed in 1949. In the post-war period, many children were left without parents, and without a livelihood. They were forced to wander, beggar, steal. This has attracted public attention. A special meeting was organized in Paris. It announced the creation of International Children's Day. Its participants took an oath to fight for the happiness of every child. The very next year, the holiday was held for the first time.

In 1959, the United Nations published the Declaration of the Rights of the Child. In 1989, it was superseded by the Convention on the Rights of the Child, compliance with which was mandatory for all acceding countries. The USSR signed it in 1990.

Today, International Children's Day is celebrated in at least 60 countries. The holiday has analogues. November 20th is World Children's Day. On the recommendation of the UN, he appeared in 1956. And on the fourth of June, they remember the International Day of Innocent Children - Victims of Aggression.

Traditions of celebration in Russia

A few years ago, for the Children's Day, most of the official events were prepared - round tables, seminars, and speeches. They discussed problems related to orphans, education, and health. Performances were organized in theaters, and concerts in the parks. Now all these nascent grains of tradition have blossomed with a magnificent bouquet. Formal events seem to take on a more human face. Leaving room for discussion and solving global problems, the holiday is turning more and more towards each child.

Festive events

Traditionally, activities for children are organized by the Ministry of Education, city administrations, public organizations. They discuss new and old problems and challenges. A large place is occupied by the ideas of charity. Public organizations hold special events, concerts. Many television channels, on their own initiative, launch telethon to collect money to help orphans, sick children. On this day, they also announce the problems that society faces.

By this day, festivities are held in the parks. Concert venues are opened where both children and adults perform. The scenes show productions of famous fairy tales and stories. Serious and playful competitions and contests are organized in which young athletes perform. Parks, embankments are filled with balloons, soap bubbles, cotton candy, sweets and drinks. In some museums, zoological centers, exhibits, exhibitions telling children about history, art, animals in a language that is accessible to them are shown.

The holiday exists not only for girls and boys who have parents. Increasingly, children from orphanages are brought to events. TV channels on this day are dedicated to small viewers. They show old, new children's films, cartoons. The celebration lasts all day. Children's voices in the streets sometimes fall silent with darkness.

Holiday symbols

Children's Day has its own symbolism. The main symbol is a green flag with children, painted in different colors, standing on the planet. Each of the images is symbolic. The background in green indicates harmony, the desire to give the outside world the right and opportunity to develop freely. The blue planet is an image of a house where everyone can live. Color testifies to the unity that can be achieved if you love and understand each other. The different colors in which the children are depicted symbolize tolerance for diversity. The legs of the kids supporting the planet form a star. It is a symbol of radiance and light, which gives way to every child.

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